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Beware of Twitter porn-star name game: privacy commissioner

The Canadian Press

TORONTO — The blog of Canada's privacy commissioner suggests you should think twice about Twittering your porn name.

A recent post by commission staffers recommends that users of Twitter — a website used to publicly send and receive short messages — opt out of playing a game that's making the rounds.

Users combine their first pet's name with the name of the first street they lived on to come up with a personalized adult-film star pseudonym.

Problem is, hackers may be mining those nicknames to target people for identity theft, gaining access to e-mail and bank accounts.

Experts say many Internet users pick their pet's name as the answer to the security question on password-protected websites.

Hackers can use that knowledge to try to get into the Twitter user's e-mail account and potentially do more damage.

But it appears Twitter users are getting the message, as most porn-name posts are now displaying warnings about the potential scam.

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