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Fuelling the sales pitch

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

Shaw Communications' risky proposal pays off to the tune of $1-million for SalesFuel ...Read the full article

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  1. Space Cadet from Immortal, Canada writes: Bravo to these two for winning the business, but after reading this, I would not buy from Shaw. They have put the support business in the hands of marketeers, not support technicians. Any model that doesn`t solve problems at first line, can seriously damage customer reputation. Shaw might be saving short term cash with this model, but will long term damage their reputation, and eventually, their business.
  2. North Star from Canada writes: Pretty much any company will hire a salesman that you only have to pay a cut if they deliver.
  3. Keith Barto from Toronto, Canada writes: Not the first company to do this in Canada for Telecom. At least the 3rd. Nothing new here.
  4. Mikey Gault from The Moral Highground, Canada writes: The above posters are why women can't make it in business. For shame.
  5. Michael Bluth from Edmonton, Canada writes: The area code in Edmonton is 780, not 403.

    Maybe if you want to keep doing business with the hinterlands perhaps it is best to respect those you are doing business with when illustrating your success.
  6. james mcintyre from Canada writes: Cute, GM or these gals didn't like the post, so it is censored! Only in Canada! Pity.
  7. Mikey Gault from The Moral Highground, Canada writes: hey, now my post makes no sense, darn censors.
  8. Milburn McLean from Toronto, Canada writes: SalesFuel are acting like commissioned sales agents. The food service equipment industry is pretty well 75% sales agents with fewer and fewer manufacturers keeping their own sales team. These agents will represent 4 or 5 or even a dozen factories. Each factory "shares" the sales agent and their time while the agents have no real commitment to the factories. After sale service and support generally suffers.
    But GOOD for SalesFuel, I wouldn't mind working for them myself.
  9. Hornsworth Portswiler from Canada writes: Wow, so exciting to read about people who have no center selling generic services for generic clients to unnamed customers. Chase those generic dollars. We have a lot to aspire to.
  10. Darwin Fish from Kitchener, Canada writes: Can't fault them, they obviously outperformed existing expectations and should be commended for it irregardless that Shaw was the client.

    Surprised by the area code comment, would have assumed these people would use some kind of de-localized Skype/VOIP type scheme?

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