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A quick way to better screenshots, resize windows with ease and a way to peek beneath those shortened urls ...Read the full article

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  1. tOM Trottier from Ottawa, Canada writes: Skitch is Mac. For Windows, use Zscreen and set it to save to a temp directory and open an image editor like Irfanview. Zscreen can also automagically ftp the file.

  2. Tony . from Waterloo, Canada writes:
    I've had pretty good luck with Gadwin Printscreen as a screen capture tool for Windows. Pretty easy to use but sufficient options to do the job for me. It is also free (as in beer) software.

    To go along with it I use GIMP to edit images as needed. For those that are not familiar with GIMP it is a free (both as in 'speech' and as in 'beer') image editing tool of a similar style to Photoshop. It is most commonly used on Linux systems but it also available for Windows and OS X.

    For the short URL thing, one quick solution for those that don't want to (or can't) install a extension is to just use the TinyURL preview feature. Instead of just going to URL link of '' go instead to ''. For example, I've made a TinyURL to this article:

    To preview that link go to:

    This will show you the full URL and reduce the risk that it will send you somewhere bad.
  3. Akbar M from Canada writes: The Long URL please addon is wonderful. I've been just avoiding them up til now but now I can quickly see where they originate. Excellent.
  4. David Harrison from Canada writes: Long URL Please is also terrific for readers of the Globe and Mail, where shortened URLs have been showing up on the home page, for no apparent good reason. Perhaps the site designers might be asked to read this article?
  5. dan leo from guelph, Canada writes: As a comparable software to Skitch for Windows is Jing ( Not only can you annotate your screen snapshots you can also do record video straight to flash.

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