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Ruby Dhalla's matter is not one for committees

Globe and Mail Update

It is hard to imagine a serious matter being treated more farcically by parliamentarians than last year's ethics committee hearings into the Mulroney-Schreiber affair. But the immigration committee may set a new standard.

Allegations that the family of the Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla mistreated two live-in caregivers may require legal action. There may also be matters for the Department of Immigration to pursue. But this has little more to do with Parliament than any other allegations of misconduct by individuals. That renders moot Ms. Dhalla's own attempts to clear her name by having the Ethics Commissioner investigate. This is not a matter in which other politicians need to involve themselves, as Conservative members of the immigration committee propose to do by calling Ms. Dhalla and the complainants before it.

David Tilson, the committee's chair, claims this is par for the course as the committee studies the issue of migrant workers. That is nonsense; any serious discussion would be sidelined by the partisan fracas the moment any of the witnesses arrived.

Ms. Dhalla has properly resigned her opposition critic's portfolio, pending the resolution of the allegations. Her political opponents should stop overplaying their hand.

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