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Poll shows high mistrust of Campbell

Globe and Mail Update

But voters still see Liberal Leader as best choice to handle province's economic problems ...Read the full article

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  1. Rick Jones from The Rock, Canada writes: Both Campbell and James are the biggest detriments to both their parties.
  2. Richard Sharp from Gatineau, Canada writes: I've been out here for most of the week. The Libs are in front by 10 points. There are no Tories left/running. No Socreds either. Only the NDP and the Greens.

    The NDP have placed some devastating ads about Campbell government corruption. Real corruption but the truth is like water off a sea otter. Mr. Campbell is all smiles on am TV and all is well.

    There are ads all over the place against proportional representation. No identifiable sponsors.

    If you want to buy an election, BC is the place to come.

  3. Some Guy from Canada writes: ' Rick Jones from The Rock, Canada writes: Both Campbell and James are the biggest detriments to both their parties.'
    Agreed, that's why I'm voting Green.
  4. Real Westerner from Canada writes: What bothers me is Campbell trying to privatize BC Hydro, if you want to see what you would pay for Hydro just look at Alberta.. Also the prospect of him selling power to the US, and next it will be water then it will be come part of NAFTA and we will be $crewed. I am not an NDPer but dont trust this Campbell guy he will sell us down the river...........ANYONE BUT CAMPBELL How much did he know about BC rail. What are his plans to privatize BC Hydro , what are his plans to sell water to the US?? Dont trust this man!!!!!
  5. Some Guy from Canada writes: The funniest thing about this whole election to me is the thought Michael Sharp will probably wind up voting in favour of the carbon tax.
  6. globefan Eh from Canada writes: As Rafe Mair, former Environment Minister for the Socreds, said, we won't recognise BC after four more years of Campbell. It will have been sold to the highest bidder.
  7. Walter K from Victoria, Canada writes: A this moment, there are two very large cruise ships docked at Ogden Point here in James Bay Victoria. They are spewing out thousands of pounds of toxic emissions over a densely populated community for their entire ten hour stay.

    These emissions loaded with sulphur, are carbon tax exempt from Campbell's energy tax initiative and the residents of James Bay are paying the price of having our quality of air and life degraded. There is no facility to plug these cruise ship into onshore power so they generate their own.

    Campbell refuses to address or even acknowledge this issue along with the complicity of Transport Canada. These marine emissions from dirty fuel, are hazardous to human health and no one in Campbell's government seems to give a $hit.
  8. Laura Labelle from Ladysmith, Canada writes: I look forward to Cambell's next mug shot, will it be

    A) when he's dui's on the way home in drunken stupor after losing on May 12 ?


    B) after he's found guilty in the BC rail scandal ?
  9. Brian G from Canada writes: Single Transferable Vote - STV. That's all that matters in this election.
  10. Hope not such a bad thing from Canada writes:
    The Liberals have done a great job with the economy, I think that selling BC rail was the right thing to do. I my opinion the government has no business running anything but the purest of natural monopolies. BC Hydro can certainly handle having private competitors. The idea that there is no place in the future for private power production is just plain ignorant. The future is all about green renewable power, it is time to attracted companies that do this.

    Rivers are not being sold they are being leased, that is what government should do, manage resources. The idea that there are no evirormental evaluations is ridiculous. Check out federal fisheries regulations to start.

    The NDP are grasping at straws, nothing but fluff, all the "alleged" issues regarding BC rail are a joke.
  11. Phil Gardner from Canada writes:

    This always happens just before an election in BC and it especially happens when the Campbell Liberals are going to go down to defeat like what will happen next Tuesday.
    Yes and the big business group which is NOT dominated by small business but rather by BIG BUSINESS much of it American owned, always tries to damage the chances of a change in government just before a BC election.

    The large corporate interests including the foreign owned forest companies in BC who own Gordon Campbell because they have bought and paid for Campbell a long time ago, do this character assassination stuff against the NDP just before the vote because they know the Liberals are vulnerable and going to be defeated next Tuesday.

    This time Campbell and his BC fiberals have hurt too many people in BC while they pay back their big business corporate buddies. Campbell is a phoney and a desperate man who has clearly lost the confidence of the average person in BC.
    This was clear to all of us by watching the TV debate last week.

    Next Tuesday Vote for a real change and TAKE BACK YOUR BC.

    Bye bye Gordon Campbell !
  12. Winston Smith from Canada writes: Funny voters still believe provincial politicians have much to do with economic performance when in reality it is a function of global economic trends.
  13. Black Gold from Canada writes: Quite frankly, I am very comfortable with BC Rail being sold. If it weren't sold, we'd be bailing it's sorry carcass out right now, kinda like a mini-Chrysler. Similarly, I see nothing wrong in BC Hydro being run by private enterprise - for profit. Resources like rivers, are being leased, not sold out as the NDP would have you believe - nothing wrong in that either. Crown land which was leased for logging in the past is now being leased for development which will be taxed at higher rates, generating more revenue. The BC Libs are managing the provincial economy just fine.
    A lot of BC'ers including myself saw right through James' smoke, mirrors and attack ads and realized that the empress was naked - and what a dreadful sight that was!
  14. Laura Labelle from Ladysmith, Canada writes: Black Gold

    I'd like to hear your spew your forest comments in a bar filled with unemployed forestry workers whose mills are shut down. Campbell sold their jobs out to the forest companies by changing forest legislation so these former forest companies became real estate developers.

    Over 10,000 jobs lost in this industry and you think he's doing a grand job. It's idiots like you that keep working people poor.
  15. Black Gold from Canada writes: Walter K from Victoria - the work on those cruise ships is generating tens if not hundreds of jobs for residents of Victoria. And they are not emitting any sulphur-laden diesel exhaust when in drydock because they don't idle their engines just for fun.
    Phil Gardner - For your information, you will be surprised at how much support Campbell actually has. Of course the truth will be in the pudding next week. Just as an example, on Sunday, I was passing through a mining/logging town in the interior, in a local paper, there was an Elections BC ad with declarations of support for all parties. The NDP had a few supporters who identified themselves as students, retired, unemployed and some local residents. THe BC Libs had the endorsement of local residents, mining company management, logging company owner, small business owners, tradesmen and even the union president of a USW local.
    People are not as dumb as the NDP think, they know that Carole James' policies will decimate the economy.
  16. Black Gold from Canada writes: Laura Labelle - No, it isn't "people like me" that keep working people poor. It's the little fact that some unemployed forestry workers are wasting money at a bar that is keeping them poor.
    In the mean time, there are many former forestry workers who have retrained and/or moved on to better, more sustainable employment.
  17. Watcher 1983 from Canada writes: The BC Liberals exasperate me with their global warming nonsense and their racial guilt policies but they are not total economic illiterates like the NDP and Greens who think that pie-in-the-sky feel good policies can trump economic reality. Yes We Can! Arrgh...
  18. Justin Kase from Victoria, Canada writes: Phil Gardner: care to make it interesting? $100 says you are wrong. Campbell will win.
  19. Adam Apple from Vancouver, Canada writes: BC is a lame place. After 20 years here, I'm happy to have plans to leave soon. A beautiful place on the surface but peel back the veneer and it's pure rot. Corruption in all walks of life. People just walk on by, turn a blind eye to scandals, injustice, homelessness, etc., which is what helps the problems fester. The result of Tuesday's election won't mean squat.
  20. Point Blank from Vancouver-Fairview, Canada writes: Unlike the Federal Conservatives the right leaning BC Liberals have been very controlled in their spending and have maneuvered through these difficult economic times rather well.

    Unemployment throughout the province and taxes have been reduced throughout the last 8 years under Campbell. Is Gordon an a-typical sleezy politician... yes. But is he generally a very good representative for the province... yes. I'm sorry for Carol James, if times were good and this was 2006 or 2007, I would have given her a chance to build up a repour and background in running the province. But to start from scratch in the middle of the biggest world recession in generations, I just cannot.

    Gordon has also at least seemed to try to move to the centre on issues of housing and certainly the environment. I think like many in the province, the BC Liberals are just a hair above the BC NDP especially when the leaders' credentials are taken into account.

    That said, I'm not going to lement on the outcome one way or the other.
  21. Zachary Blair from Surrey, Canada writes: I have to give the Liberals some credit for holding the upcoming BC-STV referendum. Perhaps, if we vote yes to BC-STV, we might actually be able to vote our consciences, rather than being forced to vote strategically for candidates we don't really have confidence in.
  22. Tee Kay from Vancouver, Canada writes: Both of the major parties are riddled with corruption. We're tired of having to vote against one weasel, only to get another one.

    Vote "Yes" to STV! Let's get more parties and hold these crooks to account.
  23. Geoff Virgo from Vancouver, BC, Canada writes: Richard Sharp from Gatineau, Canada writes: "There are ads all over the place against proportional representation. No identifiable sponsors."

    There are also ads all over the place for proportional representation without any identifiable sponsors...... it's because both the prop and con sides of the STV debate were given equal amounts of money by the provincial gov't to advocate their positions. Ultimately the only people that care about STV are those that are advocating for or against it....... in the last poll from a week and a half ago 4 of 5 British Columbian's didn't even realize this referendum was back on the ballot again. Unlike in 2005, electoral reform is hardly a hot button issue for most people anymore. It won't get anywhere near the same level as support as 2005 which will mean we can finally put this ridiculous STV scheme in it's grave on the night of the 12th.
  24. Geoff Virgo from Vancouver, BC, Canada writes: Brian G from Canada writes: "Single Transferable Vote - STV. That's all that matters in this election."

    I agree.... defeating the idiotic electoral scheme called BC-STV is very important. I would argue though that it's honestly not as important as preventing a return to the NDP with all the mismanagement based on flawed social maniuplation they stand for. Look at what the NDP did to this province over the course of one of the single most prosperous decades the world has ever known, they made us into a have-not province. Give them the reins in a recession? Christ, that sends cold shivers down my spine.

    Electoral reform in the form of proportional rep (PR) may very well be a good thing, but STV IS NOT the way to go with it. There are several other forms of PR that who be much better for BC, mixed member for example, but we are not being given any choice whatsoever on what form of PR would be best. That was decided for us by a panel of 160 people with no specific qualifications other than they were choosen at random from the voters list.

    Of all PR electoral systems STV is the most complex and the most likely to produce ineffective and fragmented gov'ts. It is also the least likely systme to ensure that some MLA's are elected from the ranks of the "fringe" parties and the independants. It's also least adopted through the world.

    That our system is likely far from optimum is hardly a shock to anyone, however changing to another system that is just as flawed is a stupid idea of the first order. Different does not necessarily equal better, just different.
  25. Tee Kay from Vancouver, Canada writes: Geoff Virgo, what then of the 15-35% of voters that are never represented?
    You can bet the 40% that don't even bother know that their vote will be thrown out anyway if they don't vote for the two completely corrupt established parties.

    It's all well and good to sit on your high horse and dismiss change, but the alternative is killing our democracy.
  26. Siavosh Jalili from Vancouver, Canada writes: STV is a sham? The real sham is that in 1996 despite Liberals winning more popular vote than NDP, they lost the election! Or that in 2001, 43% of us were represented by only 3% of the Legislative Assembly's seats.

    Young voters like myself are not going to put up with the old frogs' system where the votes and voters are ridiculed rather than represented

    First Past the Poll is an affront to our intelligence and our democracy. If we're going to vote one way and the result turns out the other, why should we even bother? If we are under-represented (or in case of Green supporters not represented at all), why should we take part in this charade?

    It takes a mature electorate to digest and support STV and proportional representation, and I hope BC will prove to be one.
  27. ginny smith from Canada writes: Some posters claim that Gordon Campbell has done a good job with the economy. This is, of course, why BC has the highest child poverty rate in the country. yes, the highest. After all those 'poor cousin' atlantic provinces.

    BC's biggest promise for the rest of the country is BC-STV. It's been thoroughly researched by a group of citizens from around the province, who spent almost a year examining different voting systems, and it's the best option for this province. But it's also the first crinkle in the first-past-the-post system that just doesn't serve our purposes well at all. BC's 'polarised politics' are a case in point. Under STV, we'd have a range of parties who would represent a range of views, rather than the 'vote parking' or apathy we see now. And these parties would have to work together to make things happen, which can only be a good thing.

    (and don't even begin to trot out Italy to counter this; it is, in many ways, the exception that proves the rule).

    BC, the rest of us are counting on you to make it happen - vote for BC-STV!
  28. Mitch hourigan from Canada writes: Trust Campbell, you have got to be joking.
    I would put as much trust in a rabid psycho/sociopath.
  29. Anti Fascist from Canada writes: The NDP fiscal record:

    NDP 1999: 52 million surplus
    NDP 2000: 1.3 billion surplus
    NDP 2001: 1.5 billion surplus

    Fiberal 2002: 5 billion deficit!!!!

    The Gordocchio record
  30. Happy Canadian from Brantford, Canada writes: When I think of Gordon Campbell, I think of his Hawaii "mug shot".
  31. hangin right from Van, Canada writes: I've said it before and I will say it again..
    if Gordo wasn't such a slimey dirty creepy guy/politician, it would be alot easier to vote for his party.
  33. T Rogers from Vanc, Canada writes: Like many, I will hold my nose and vote Libs.. what other choice do I have???
  34. Bill W James Writes from Canada writes: I see all the usual BC. Liberal party hackers are out spewing the same old Gordon Campbell talking points.

    There is good reason why Gordon Campbell is not trusted, the guy is nothing but a front man for US. Corporation's.

    Corporation's want NAFTA type control over British Columbia's rivers as well as the Provence's valuable assets and resource's.

    Gordon Campbell's government is nothing but a wealth transfer station. Moving what has been publicly owned wealth to corporate control.

    Another four years of Campbell well spell disaster for BC.
  35. Dan B from Vancouver Island, Canada writes: I can't believe after all the scandals and 8 years of complete disregard for the forest industry the best reason Campbell can come up with for voting Liberal is they will stay the course. That's the last thing we need. This government still seems to believe if you give big business everything they will pass some of it along to workers, that's just been rejected in the biggest economy in the world the USA.Time to move forward, vote anything NDP.
  36. Zando Lee from Vancouver, Canada writes: ...and Gordo richly deserves to be so mistrusted....he has earned this reputation honestly.....
  37. Ensign Deadmeat from Campbell is whacked, Canada writes: Gordon Campbell couldn't set a priority for his life. He brings in the referendum on treaties in his first term and then totally ignores it bringing in legislation that basically turns the keys to the province over to a few thousand aboriginals. He brings in a carbon tax after he gets religion on green issues. He has a ministry whose job it is to nag us on healthy eating. He finishes no job he starts and jumps from whacko position to whacko position. No one trusts him because we haven't a clue what whacky idea he'll come up with next. The only thing that might save him is that NDP is worse. Unfortunately for all of us Campbell's Liberals have a highly concentrated vote and may well win the popular vote and lose the election. This election sucks because I have no one to vote for but Liberal. I am seriously thinking of voting for some obscure independent and accept the consequences.
  38. Alice B from Langley, Canada writes: I would like to see electoral reform, but STV is not a good system. As far as I can tell, the result will be affected by the order in which the ballot boxes are opened, and you won't know the way in which your vote was counted. However, to be fair to the citizens group that proposed it, they were not allowed to add any MLAs to the current number. It would be better to have party lists so that a certain number of MLAs are elected based on the overall popular vote. But then we would have to pay for more MLAS. You just can't win.
  39. lary waldman from Qualicum Beach, Canada writes: People vote their wallet, but no where else in Canada is that more true then British Columbia. People here are busy doing the things overly self righteous people do. Looking after themselves and perhaps a family member or two. Come election day, if it seems that you have more to gain from James you will vote James regardless of the circumstance, in fact people here, mostly don't even know what the circumstances are. It can take 20 years for a court case to travel through to conclusion here. After all , skiing, sailing, visiting the remote cottage, are our priorities, for the most part people don't care about Campbell vrs. James, is is a disturbance that affects watching the Canucks. So don't expect enlightenment from BC, that's left to others, here we only think about what makes us feel good.

    Lary Waldman
  40. Walter K from Victoria, Canada writes: Black Gold from Canada. My comments are not in reference to the cruise ships in a local dry dock here for maintenance. The ships I am referring to are the cruise ships Mariner of the Seas and Carnival Splendor that sailed into Ogden Point yesterday in Victoria.
    Over two hundred more ships will follow these two over the next several months.

    Cruise ships docked in Ogden Point need to generate their own electricity necessitating them to run highly polluting engines and generators for their entire duration of stay. The ensuing pollutants which are high in Sulphur are spewed into the air environment over residential communities. Unless we abandon our homes we have no choice but to inhale the contaminated air.

    The cruise ship port of Ogden Point has no electrification infrastructure to enable the ships to access onshore hydro. Campbell's government is aware of the environmental degradation being inflicted but they refuse to acknowledge or assist in rectifying this issue which should be interpreted as an act of criminal negligence.
  41. June from BC from Canada writes: Splitting the vote in areas where BC Conservatives are running is the biggest concern for this election if you are a center right voter. This gave the NDP the election in 1996. But the best campaign announcement for Gordon Campbell would be to state his retirement after the Olympics. The NDP has been such an ineffectual opposition, how in the world would they govern through this economic recession? They haven't a clue and neither do we..........
  42. Bill W James Writes from Canada writes: The Citizens Assembly on Electoral Reform (153 members) on our behalf took 10 months out of their lives to study all political systems in the world as well held 50 public meetings through the province.
    Plus received 1600 written submissions from the public.
    After all that the Assembly voted 146 in favour of recommending a yes for a three election try of STV.
    And then a referendum to either stay with STV or go back to First Past the Post.
    I for one feel the present FPTP system has served us up a continuous supply of dictatorial style governments and feel that STV is worth a try.
  43. thomson gary from Canada writes: When Walker attributes BC voters' mistrust of Campbell to familiarity and a few decisions that we disagree with, he is stepping way out of his pay grade and insulting the intelligence of us all. Campbell is mistrusted by so many because he frequently does exactly what he claimed he wouldn't do, calls his policies by misleading titles, has close ties to several people that have broken the gov't's own ethical guideline, and gave himself a pay raise of about 50% while allowing BC gov't workers 2-3%. Campbell has been caught doing things he so roundly criticized while in Opposition that the classic media 'moment' of contrasting sound bites has become common place. Campbell is mistrusted by so many BC voters, including those that vote BC Liberal, because he is has proven to be untrustworthy. No spin necessary.
  44. hangin right from Van, Canada writes: well with all this stuff and things and games going on and the mistrust of Gordo and the leariness of Carole on economy and the whole carbon tax spat(which should be dropped--the fighting over it that is).

    I would suggest plugging yur noses and make whatever decision ya need to , give Gordo a minority government and then he won't have much choice but to behave and listen considering we are in a recession and there are priorities that need to be taken care of like health care,homelessness,addiction , harm reduction ,detox, rehab, recovery, education , environment that need immediate attention and taking care of.
    No more time for bullshit games and snarky politicians looking out for their rich buddies .
  45. rick jackson from Cordoba, Argentina, writes: How did Gordon Campbell become a pawn for American Corporations? Which large American Corporations? Do these large American Corporations also own his brother Micheal Campbell? He seems to believe in many of the same economic policies as Gordon. Are you accusing them of taking money from these coroporations, in order to promote policies they otherwise would be against. This is quite a conspiracy, could it be that they honestly believe a free enterprise society is better off then a quasi state enterprise. No, who could honestly believe that? The majority of voters in BC believe the same. That someone believes in private business over gov't ineficiancy does not make them corrupt, it makes them intelligent. The NDP of this province would make the Karl Rove's of this world proud with their character attacks in place of policy alternatives.
  46. thomson gary from Canada writes: The STV is a fraud. It could not possibly achieve all the results, often contradictory, that its snake oil salesmen claim. It will, however, allow the BC Liberals to use their massive majorities in most ridings in the North, the Fraser Valley, the Interior and some suburbs of Vancouver, to overwhelm neighbouring NDP enclaves. It will not help elect minor party candidates. Think about it, if Campbell and the BC Liberals didn;t support this, the STV would have been quietly killed ages ago. People are allowing their frustration with BC's dismal political scene to be used by the very people responsible for it, in order to perpetuate it.
  47. rick jackson from Cordoba, Argentina, writes: The STV does mean minority gov'ts in every election. The Liberals and NDP will be the big two, with the greens to the Left and some new party to the right of the liberals. It would be more democratic, but i do not know if it could effectively govern the province. Italy's record is a good example. You do not think the marijuana party could not win a few porcent of the vote here. How about the BC independence party? Not to mention old standbyes like the Comunist party or Fascist Party of course with different names. It would be entertaining everyone would have a voice no matter how crazy.
  48. No Party party from VanCity, Canada writes: Will be voting NDP for the simple fact that 8 years of running rampant is enough. Profitable public businesses should be kept in the public's hands, environmental record is horrid...time for a change. James is the best there is right now (I don't think she's a leader), and I don't want to wait & see what kind of shape the province is in 4 more years. Too much back room scheming & lying for me.
  49. Rick Jones from The Rock, Canada writes: Ensign Deadmeat from Campbell is whacked, Canada writes: Gordon Campbell couldn't set a priority for his life. He brings in the referendum on treaties in his first term and then totally ignores it bringing in legislation that basically turns the keys to the province over to a few thousand aboriginals. He brings in a carbon tax after he gets religion on green issues. He has a ministry whose job it is to nag us on healthy eating. He finishes no job he starts and jumps from whacko position to whacko position. No one trusts him because we haven't a clue what whacky idea he'll come up with next. The only thing that might save him is that NDP is worse. Unfortunately for all of us Campbell's Liberals have a highly concentrated vote and may well win the popular vote and lose the election. This election sucks because I have no one to vote for but Liberal. I am seriously thinking of voting for some obscure independent and accept the consequences.
    Wow - I thought I might have wrote that post....

    I'm still debating though whether the NDP is truly worse. My patriotism tells me they won't sell us out like Campbell did/is/will continue to...
  50. rick jackson from Cordoba, Argentina, writes: "Profitable public businesses should be kept in the publics hands"
    Two questions name the profitable public businesses that were sold. BC Rail consistently lost money so it was not one.
    Second Why not sell things that are outside of gov't expertise and interest. What does running a railroad have to do with governing this province. One of the oldest private companies in Canada is CN rail, no one has suggested we should nationalize it, so why shouldn't we sell BC rail?
    BC gov't already owns a part of every profitable business in the province thru taxes. They are the shareholder who gets paid first. That includes those companies that are producing power on our waterways. Private capital that produces public money is far better that public capital which needs more public money because it is poorly run.
    You think that it is "profitable public companies" that fund this province. No it is profitable private companies that fund the social programs of this province.

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