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Balsillie offers to buy Coyotes

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

Research In Motion co-CEO wants to bail out team and then move it to Southern Ontario ...Read the full article

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  1. Tom H from Canada writes: Good luck! Here's hoping Bettman is capable of making a rational decision...
  2. j q from Canada writes: The 'Blackberry Knight' comes thru again. I wonder if the 'Bettman' will walk away from another gift to the League. The prospect of Gretzky coming back to the area near his hometown of Brantford seems like karma.
  3. EJ Ravensbud from Canada writes: Gee, someone with real money, honest and no criminal record wants to buy an NHL team. Does this meet the NHL criteria for ownership?
  4. Darcy O'Neil from London, Canada writes: This would be great since it's unlikely I'll ever be able to take my son to a Leafs game, without a second mortgage. Maybe I'll go buy a Blackberry.
  5. Paul I from United States writes: E J- great post. Watch how Bettman screws this up. Perhaps Balsille should change his name to 'Boots' Balsille and promise to put the team in Kansas City or the other American hockey hotbed, Las Vegas.
  6. Mike Witcher from Montreal, Canada writes: What Basille needs to realize is that Bettman needs to 'go missing'
    for this to happen. With the money he has this shouldn't be too much of a problem. I'm sure his people could call some people who know a guy perfect for the job.
  7. Steve A from United States writes: This makes so much sense, for everyone involved. Therefore it won't happen, period. Bettman is an idiot, and therefore will not be able to accept something that makes sense.
  8. Ian Winsor from Milton, ON, writes: Go Jim Go!!!
  9. D. MacKay from Atlantic, Canada writes:

    This should be all the incentive Bettman needs to approve the bid ....

    But then again ...
  10. duff bourassa from Canada writes: this will be a watershed moment.......bettman will do his best to stop this....and it will cost him his job.....u heard it here 1st.....bettman is gone in the next 12 months
  11. EJ Ravensbud from Canada writes: This attempt by Jim may have legs as he was asked to put in an offer by the present Phoenix owners. Bettman may finally be in a tight corner as Phoenix is one of four teams that is in big trouble. My old Jets may finally be returning to Canada, two thousand km east of where they started.
  12. Cactus Puck from Canada writes: Hmm, I'm sure Bettman is pleased; he's probably calling every hog farmer in Arkansas with money about buying the team and moving it out of Phoenix. Notice there was no mention of Hamilton though, so maybe Balsillie's thinking outside of the Leafs/Sabres territories to appease Bettman.

    It will get interesting if Bettman can't find a buyer because the other owners are not too keen about paying the Coyotes' bills and obviously the owner in Phoenix wants out.
  13. Boom Boom from Canada writes: Get 'er done. No reason to stay in Phx. How about 10 games per year in Winnipeg though?
  14. ente EighteenEightyEight from Canada writes: Bettman is already missing: common sense, any kind of strategy, the boat containing a wealthy new owner for the league.

    I'm eager to see if Gary makes the league fold the team or if the rest of the Givenors are tired of sending good money after bad in those weak US markets.

  15. Barry wd from Burlington, Canada writes: I LOVE THIS MAN! Another franchise in the GTA would go like gangbusters...
  16. pete . from kw, Canada writes: Go Jim Go! I'm a Leafs fan but I'd be happy to switch over to the Waterloo Blackberries or Hamilton Tigers!
  17. Justin Stamross from Canada writes: This guy really wants his own team. What a beauty. Good for him and good luck Balsillie, hopefully the giant doucher Buttman smartens the hell up and realizes the team would flourish in Ontario.
  18. Richard Jenkins from Boomer NC, United States writes: This could be a great day for hockey. But don't count your chickens until the ink dries. Bettman, Daly and cronies are no doubt working the phones trying to find a sucker(whoops, meant buyer) to take the 'Yotes and leave them in PHX or move them to KC.
  19. Doctor Demento from Canada writes:

    So the Winnipeg Jets may end up in London or Kitchener . . . ?
  20. Just Wondering from Canada writes: yea! Good Luck and Keep It Real with the community

    This would be a very good move for the NHL and Canada (hockey fans)
  21. Derek Holtom from Swan River, MB, Canada writes: how about they just fold? league's too watered down as it is
  22. Carl Hansen from Canada writes: The Yotes should be returned to Winnipeg. We wasted 212 million on some stupid project this year but maybe we can find another 212 million.
  23. Political Junkie from Canada writes: If Kitchener gets a major league hockey team, Toronto will want one too!
  24. t killian from Canada writes: calm down people. bettman will not allow this to happen. he hates canada for whatever reason and inexplicably has the power over the board of governors to prevent this from happening. how many times does bettman have to reject balsillie and thus canada before we get the message.
  25. Knuckles Muldoon from Etobicoke, Canada writes: Gary Bettman would rather see franchises fold or even the league collapse than admit he's wrong.
  26. Pamphleteer . from Canada writes: This will never work. A wealthy bllionaire wants to buy a bankrupt team, move it where people will buy tickets and make the organization profitable. I'm sorry, Balsillie, but this is the NHL. Success is not their mantra.
  27. dave charleston from toronto, Canada writes: go jays, hockey is slowly dying
  28. M F from GTA, Canada writes: Bettman has to let this one go for sure. He might try to stop it, but how many others are out there right now throwing $200 million plus at toys? The other owners will hang him if they have to keep supporting Phoenix. Since they filed for bankruptcy, I think the courts have the right to assign the team to ensure creditors get the best bang for their buck. Unless someone offers more, the team will be his.
  29. Anyone but Ignatieff; Rae and LeBlanc. or Duceppe for the new Liberal Leader. from Canada writes: What rivalry that would be. In soccer we have these common market franchises everywhere. Why not in Toronto. How long can the NHL Govenors keep their heads in the sand on this issue?
  30. Mani Pulated from Canada writes: This is great news! It would be nice to be sitting in an arena without the corporate suits and their collogen lipped ladies who, couldn't give two hoots about the game.

    Hopefully, corporate seating won't ruin the next venue for hockey and concerts. I also hope that management, improves for the Leafs, realizing that they have competition and maybe they can't fill every seat.
  31. R Miller from Halifax, Canada writes: Good luck to M. Balsillie here...

    Slainte Mhath
  32. Sask Resident from Regina, Canada writes: How about in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, close enough to Buffalo for some inter league rivalry, and Toronto for the new team to get some points in the win column. TSN could open an office in Waterloo for the mid-week games.

    The Laffs will kill it though, competition will make them look even worse.
  33. EJ Ravensbud from Canada writes: Doc, if this indeed comes to pass, it means a whole new set of fans to trash the Habs.
    Let us hope your Habs advance a bit further next year. There is a certain void in my life not being able to give a shot or two to the Habs or their fans.
  34. DRGREYCUP ... from Vancouver, Canada writes: Bring it on JimmyB!!!! Drag Bettman's pointed little head into fiscal reality, this is where the game will sell. And beat the Make BeLeafs into a bland paste for being such a useless waste of time
  35. Craig Cooper from writes: Yes, please.

    Phoenix -- can they even keep ice in their drinks there?
  36. bruce t from Boston, United States writes: Jim is great for hockey, and is just what the NHL needs. Bettman needs to capitulate for the sake of Canadians. The US southern teams are crumbling, and the answer isn't to move them to another southern city. Everyone should go to and make your voice heard!
  37. R. M. from Regina, Canada writes: I think this team should come to Winnipeg because we are reading out here about the devastating recession in Toronto and area and surely they could not possibly handle another NHL hockey franchise, esp. another weak sister team.
  38. Desmond Whitton from Canada writes: it would be a crime to give it to any other city but Hamilton. that town has been dying for a team for decades. they deserve it.
  39. S Thompson from Oakville, Canada writes: I think if he locates the franchise on the campus of the University of Waterloo, it would be outside of the 50-mile radius of Toronto.
  40. Daniel Plainview from Canada writes: Another failed attempt. Bettman's ego wouldnt be able to handle this.
  41. Cyrus Of Persia from Canada writes: S Thompson, I think the 50-mile radius only pertains to games, played between teams other than the local team, taking place within 50 miles of the local team, not to another team locating within the 50 miles.

    For example, if Edmonton and Montreal were to play a game in Hamilton, they would need the Leafs' (and maybe the Sabres', in this example) permission.

    But I don't think the Leafs have any legal grounds against another team setting up shop within the 50 miles. I don't think the radius bylaw addresses team location at all.
  42. Dude Love from Canada writes: Having another revenue generating team in Canada will kill the remaining marginal sunbelt teams as it will raise the salary cap beyond their means.
  43. Vic Sphyncter from Uranus, Canada writes: The Leafs are the most profitable team in the league.

    It is undoubtedlt them that will block any attempt to put a team in SW Ontario - Bettman will only be acting on their behalf when Balsille gets shut out again.

    The Leafs have a license to print money and they know it. It is the only place on earth that could ice a perrenial loser (42 years and counting) and still sell out every game
  44. Billy Elliot from Canada writes: "Gee, someone with real money, honest and no criminal record wants to buy an NHL team. Does this meet the NHL criteria for ownership?"

    No, because he doesn't want to move the team to some random place in the Southern USA which doesn't care about hockey.

    Or Mexico City. Lets bring the NHL to Mexico.
  45. jp6635 trojan from toronto, Canada writes: i have always believed that the canadian hockey owners sold their soul by preventing the nashville team from coming to southern's up to them to make things right. I would like to see the leafs, senators, canadiens, canucks, oilers and flames owners stand up and be counted...their fans are keeping this league afloat with the help of 5-6 U.S. cities. if the canadian owners want this to happen it will happen...if not, i don't need hockey that bad..there are too many other options.
  46. Shiyam Pillai from Mississauga, Canada writes: I'll believe that now is an "exciting time for professional hockey in Southern Ontario" when MLSE comes out and supports such a proposal.

    Good luck with that Mr. Balsillie.

    Why would a monopoly with 1 of the 2 most famous brands in hockey break up it's own base?

    Leafs for life.
  47. J H from Toronto, Canada writes: Desmond Whitton from Canada writes: it would be a crime to give it to any other city but Hamilton. that town has been dying for a team for decades. they deserve it.

    Poor choice of words, Desmond. Crime isn't exactly a problem for these people.
  48. K D from Canada writes:
    I wonder if Bettman has the balls to lock Southern Ontario out of a franchise yet again. The guy is such a tool, refuses to give the people who love Hockey what they want but will stick with looser cities in the south endlessly.

    I really hope this happens. I am sick of the Leafs and to be honest, the competition will do them some good. They will be just fine even if the team is in Hamilton!
  49. O The Hypocrites from calgary, Canada writes: Lets add some reality to these comments...- the Canadian teams will not allow this move because it would mean splitting the CBC and other media revenues 7 ways instead of 6--the Leafs will vehemently oppose it because of proximity to their gold mine- Gretzky will never return to Canada -Balsillie will probably screw this up again,seems like he is all talk - give Bettman some credit,he saved the franchises in Edmonton and Calgary...... I must admit though,the Hamilton Tigers sounds cool.......
  50. S Thompson from Oakville, Canada writes: Cyrus Of Persia, I hate to disagree but.....
  51. Tim N from Canada writes: As a former Winnipegger and Jets fan, now living in Kitchener - I would be pretty happy about this!
  52. John LaBattaglia from Toronto, Canada writes: ok, good for Mr Balsillie to put a bid for the coyotes.
    Why would he not put an offer in for the Habs, a Canadian Team (although based in Quebec).
    He'd be a he.ll of a lt better than Celine Dion and Rene Angelil.
    Just a thought
  53. R Miller from Halifax, Canada writes: EJ Ravensbud from Canada :


    Hockey Wars on these threads just haven't been the same since the Leafs and Habs made their early exits...

    But should this come to pass, it will also give all those poor, captive hockey fans in Southern Ontario a decent young, up and coming team to cheer for...

    I favour the Hamilton Steelers, but that's just me..

    Good luck to Balsillie...

    Slainte Mhath
  54. fred johnson from Canada writes: A US bankrupcy judge will decide the fate of the Coyotes.
  55. R Miller from Halifax, Canada writes: John LaBattaglia from Toronto, Canada :

    I had the same thought as yours @ 9:09 PM...

    Wouldn't mind seeing Balsillie, a Canadian owner with deep pockets and a proven track record of business success, owning les Habitants...

    Slainte Mhath
  56. S D from Canada writes: Hmm, I wonder how much say the bankruptcy courts have in this. If they've got a 200 million cash deal on the table (plus a Blackberry Pearl for only $49.95 a month for 2 years) the NHL might be hard pressed to argue some 8 way conditional financing deal from Idaho is better.
  57. fred johnson from Canada writes: If this goes to a full bankrupcy, the courts only course of action will be to accept an offer that pays off all the creditors. This will trump the NHL unless the NHL decides to buy the Coyotes. This looks to be Jim's best shot so far at getting his team.Good luck Jim
  58. George BrownIII from Christmas Island writes: Off course gary "the dwarf" bettmann is gonna be deadset against moving any failed NHL team to Canada.
    Hey Mr Basille your rich enough to own a whole Pro Canadian Hockey league and give the NHL-monopoly maffia a run for their money.
  59. EJ Ravensbud from Canada writes: Doc, Jim is not bilingual.
  60. Alex Churchman from Toronto, Canada writes: Bobby Hull I belive after getting stiffed decided that the country could and would support a new league. The New York idiots failed to cull runts out of the system, but to this day cry poor while subsdizing the current runts.

    Rise up. Jim and wallet contain the required seed money, to start a new league, given the breath of pretend talent, that cities will support, and I could afford to buy 3 tickets to take my grand kids to a real hockey game. Not the crap that's iced today. Think about it!
  61. R Miller from Halifax, Canada writes: EJ Ravensbud from Canada writes :

    "Doc, Jim is not bilingual."

    No, but his money is...

    I don't think that Gillett was bilingual...

    Could be wrong about that...

    Slainte Mhath
  62. Jeffrey 93 from Canada writes: Wow, am I a prophet or what?

    As soon as the league loaned Phoenix some money I predicted this....I told everyone that you will be hearing from Mr. Balsillie shortly.

    Hamilton deserves's about time!
  63. Contemplative Neurons from Canada writes: On the league revenue side, Canadian teams going to the Conf finals or beyond has been pretty rare lately. I don't know the composition of league revenue, but i have to think the league would generate substantially more playoff TV and other revenue if there were more Canadian teams in the the contracts for those series would no doubt be exponentially more valuable given we are far more hockey mad up here. Making it seven just increases that probability. I'm not sure Anaheim Carolina draws the same. As for the Leafs, I have no doubt that even with a second team in Southern Ontario the season ticket waiting list will still be 10 years, the corps will still buy the boxes, since they can walk to ACC, but it's harder to walk down the Street to Hamilton or Waterloo. I don't know enough about the way the TV contract is set up to know the impact on the Leafs there. I for one think it would be great to have a "team for the people" somewhere in the West end (Ham/Waterloo, wherever) and the continuing "team for the suits" down at the Hangar. The rivalry could end up coming close to Habs Leafs in not time if it ever got competitive. Those worried about it possible that if the Bills and football are having a tough time scratching a living out in Buffalo, hockey can't be far behind. I would think that Southern Ontario fans are a reasonable part of their attendance base, so my guess is the League is more worried about Buffalo than the Leafs.(other than the Leafs themselves of course !!!)
  64. Mr. Coffee from Victoria, Canada writes: If Gary Bettman can't see where this is headed, then he needs to get a cat-scan on his brain. Jim Balsaillie WILL acquire this dead-horse franchise and move it BACK to Canada.
  65. kraft werk from Canada writes: Bettman already fighting this: NHL has taken control of the Coyotes and is "set to challenge the very notion that the troubled NHL franchise is bankrupt."

    Here we go again. FU Bettman. Who else is going to put up this kind of cash for one of your sunbelt teams?? Jim: get it done!!!!!
  66. EJ Ravensbud from Canada writes: Doc, I was making a joke about the Quebec mentality.
  67. Jeffrey 93 from Canada writes: Hamilton Steelhawks
    Est. 2010

    I like the sounds of that. I wonder if there are any rumblings at City Hall in Hamilton about the sale of Copps Coliseum and Hamilton Place to Balsillie.....since I believe they still had an agreement this would occur when Mr. Balsillie acquired an NHL franchise.
  68. Herbert J. MuffinFluffer from Moosehorn, Mb, Canada writes: It'll never happen. It makes too much sense.
  69. Turning Right from Somewhere in Ontario, Canada writes: Jim is my hero is he pulls this off.
    But of course Bettmen does not want anymore teams in Canada, he rather put them in losing U.S. markets.
  70. K M from Kitchener, Canada writes: It's only about Bettman's control not the league's best interest. Every transaction with Bettman is a power transaction where someone must win and . . .
  71. PC Montreal from Canada writes: duff bourassa from Canada writes: this will be a watershed moment.......bettman will do his best to stop this....and it will cost him his job.....u heard it here 1st.....bettman is gone in the next 12 months

    Sound prediction: I believe you may be right. Hold on ladies & gents, the next few weeks will undoubtedly be a wild ride.
  72. Stephen P from Cambridge, Canada writes: The existing team owners should approve this for no other reason than it gives an objective 3rd party value to an NHL franchise should any of them contemplate selling or re-financing their teams. If, however, the league decides it would prefer to fold the franchise rather than do business with Balsillie, one can guess what the value of franchises such as Atlanta, Nashville and others in the sunbelt will be the next day. As to the objections of the Leafs, they would have to prove that the fans in southern Ontario are in fact Leaf prperty. Good luck with that one....
  73. madison` graham from mesa, United States writes: Bettman will stop this, it doesn't really make any sense. Candian teams can't even make it to the playoff, the Coyotes are slowly getting better. It's a new team and they're still growing. They have great potential here and many fans. Once they get some new coaching they can do great things. Canada doesn't need more hockey teams, the Coyotes should stay where they are at. They have a brand new arena that was just built for them, they have great potential here and they SHOULD NOT be moved. GO BETTMAN!
  74. Stephen P from Cambridge, Canada writes: madison` graham from mesa, United States we have news for you. The coyotes haven't made post season play since 2002 amd before that didn't last more than a single playoff round from 1996-2001. Tell me, how is this getting better? dumb f*ck wad

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