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Pop Rocks

Is Adam Lambert too gay to win Idol, or is he too good?

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

Mess with American Idol's myth, and there's gonna be trouble ...Read the full article

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  1. G Mac from Canada writes: Too gay for Idol? Two words for Lynn Crosbie, Clay Aiken.
  2. Linda Jean from Boston, MA, United States writes: Thanks for the well written article Lynn. I found your piece very insightful and I think you nailed it. I believe Adam Lambert is too good for American Idol. It will be difficult in coming years for other contestants to live up to his standard. It's unfortunate but sometimes when you are struggling to make it you need a show like American Idol to be seen and heard. Now he is seen and heard and people are responding. There are some negative journalists as you mentioned in your article. Those who use negative euphemisms to describe Adam's performance because they cannot deal with their own bigotry. Hopefully though America will finally get it right and vote through the most talented.
    Last Wednesday's show was a disappointment to a lot of people. You don't know if people didn't vote because they were holding on to negative stereotypes or if American Idol played around with the order of the contestants for dramatic effect. Either way it should never have happened. That performance of feeling good made everyone else's performance seem like a kindergarten play.
  3. Fred Ruthke from Edgewood, Md., United States writes: How dare you refer to Kellie Pickler as 'trash'. Apparently, you don't know her or anything about her. Besides her phenomenal talent as a Country Music performer, Kellie is the kindest, big-hearted, friendliest and the most inwardly beautiful person anyone has ever met.

    I suggest you do your homework before printing such nonsense about someone you know nothing about.

    Shame on you!
  4. strider 643 from Canada writes: I agree Adam Lambert is head and shoulders above his competition. He makes AI must see TV. He's in a different league with his powerful Mad World peformance. Who cares if he's gay or not. Well many Christian do, but many of them are hyprocrites. I hope Adam wins it all, he deserves it or is he too good for AI? We'll soon see.
  5. Wayne Young from Victoria BC, Canada writes: Adam is quite simply one of the most unique and artistic performers I have seen in years. I can't wait to see and hear what he does next. His Ring Of Fire made Johnny C. situp and applaud - he is almost indefinable as how do you categorize someone like this - and that's the the rub you can't slot him into a nice little package .. they are trying to though as you can see by the latest result the ' G ' word - yep too talented must be gay = Good Grief folks who cares the kid is extraordinary leave it that sit back and be entertained.
  6. Barb V from Toronto, Canada writes: I don't watch Idol (only clips on occasion), so looked up Mr. Lambert singing Mad World on Youtube. If his interpretation of this song is representative of his ability to evoke a passionate reaction in the listener, I don't understand why the contest continues.

    Mr. Skip Bologna: I'm afraid your first sentence after quoting Ms. Crosbie reads like a dependent clause, and a rather clumsy one at that. Those of us who read the 'G&M' would be ever so grateful if you'd find another set of eyes to proofread your missives before you hit the 'send' button. As for Ms. Crosbie's article, I am unable to find 'bizarre sentences' and 'undergrad errors.' Perhaps it's a matter of level of comprehension.

  7. Sherry Stanley from Staunton, VA, United States writes: Thanks for saying what no one else has. Adam is, no doubt, a dream crusher, not only because of his talent but also because the perfection of that talent has required discipline and years of hard work and risk-taking. No overnight success for Adam and the viewers get that. Also, where in the world would they get that charm?
  8. Emery Cawsey from writes: I think for mainstream media as highlighted so well by the author of this articles polemical words, Gokey is to 'Christian' to win American Idol. In our cultural mosaic it is no longer seen as problematic to be homosexual, certainly not in the artistic realm. Just look at the generalized popularity of Ellen. The general reaction is now against those with defined religious beliefs like Mr. Gokey. I think it is interesting how the general angst that the sophisticated secular writers are having with Gokey is not meshing with his popularity with the 'great unwashed' (as one writer mentioned). It seems to me that this again reveals the separation of thecertified intelligencia of the media world with the generalized views of most people that exist in the culture as a whole. It is just interesting that it takes a popularized show like American Idol to reveal this separation. From the perspective of the great unwashed I like Danny, (is it one n or two?) not because he lost a wife, nor because he is a evangelical Christian or because he is not 'gay' but because he is accessible, and enjoyable to listen to and watch. Adam on the other hand really has talent but he really does have an edge to him, whether he was 'gay' or not that simply said borders on theatrics. Also it is stunning that this author is so detached from the knowlege of how grief works that she would so crassly see herself as able to judge the level of a persons grief. I found these words borderline offensive.
  9. Gabrielle Beecher from Davie, United States writes: While you are very articulate, Lynn, you also tend to contradict yourself numerous times throughout this selection. I am quite flabbergasted, to be frank, about your true stance on Adam Lambert - do you simply like him, or detest him? You commence your article by bestowing upon him the title of 'Blue Angel', but go on to criticize some of his performances and song choices in latter stanzas.
    I - an active Glambert, Krumpert, LBP, and Minion of the Dark Lord - happen to love everything about the man. The question is, do you?
  10. Job Patstone from Quebec City, Canada writes: Win or lose, I think Adam Lambert will be Americas new superstar.
    There was Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presely and now there will be Adam Lambert. I don't think it's confirmed he's gay so that is open to discussion. Elvis Presely had some weird 'sexy' moves and a questionable love life, but it was OK. A sensational singer, will always be sensational.
  11. Re Avonquil from Innisfil, Canada writes: With the current avalanche of troublesome news and a deepening sense of crisis in the United States and by extension in Canada too, and the innumerable heartbreaking stories of personal loss and suffering and of individual tragedies woven into forming the clouds, Adam Lambert's honesty and integrity in portraying his raw emotions through his singing connects with both the broken hearted and those who are afraid and often desperate.
    He cannot emote such emotions without having experienced the pain of them himself. I believe our hopes for him to achieve well deserved universal success and recognition are borne out of our need to believe that things can and will get better.
    Adam is not a saviour. He is a shining symbol of what needs to be rekindled in the hearts of America, of North America.
    Adam is hope wrapped in brilliance crowned with humility.
  12. Sydney Goldberg from Canada writes: Lynn Crosbie why does the Globe N Mail not have a feature bio about you. I wondered because you present yourself as such an expert on music. Adam Lambert's sexual orientation is not the reason he will lose or win American Idol. The reason is that his music is appealing to a particular group of people, who know doubt enjoy it. You found his version of Ring Of Fire original and I found it a complete insult to the late great Johnny Cash. He may still win if the approval of the normal, clean cut female crowd that views and votes on American Idol talent decides they like his music. By the way Danny Gokey's performance on the Standard Tribute night was right on in the way he sang the song and presented himself. I find some of Adam Lamberts performances quite solid and others on the level of Marilyn Manson. Kellie Picklar is doing quite well selling country music, Fantasia Burrino has done a couple of successful Broadway Shows with out the need for your approval. Please in the future back your expert comments, with a resume of your own musical training or accomplishments. Do you have a degree in music performance or arrangement. Can I buy a copy of your latest CD or for that matter what instrument do you play and where can you be seen performing. You see in my book if it is necessary to make insulting comments about other performers who have graced American Idols stage a little information to back up you opinions would be helpful. I have a lot of respect for anyone who has the nerve and willing personality to not only put up with four judges, but the comments of people who in many cases are much less talented than they are. As someone who sings in two choirs I understand that it is not quite as easy or simple to do. I'm sure Adam will have a career on the stage and perhaps a very successful music career. I also wish him luck and agree he is a talented show person and offers an interesting take on music although not mine. Sydney Joel Goldberg
  13. Joan Austin from Upper Marlboro, United States writes: Adam Lambert is an exceptionally attractive, intelligent, humorous, interesting young man. All remarkable in one person, but it is when he is on stage that some quality emerges in his performances that are completely mesmerizing. That quality is what makes him a star and will continue to captivate his audiences. And whether some mediocrity wins this popularity contest is irrelevant to Adam's career - he's the only unforgettable contestant in AI's run.
  14. rob brown from Canada writes: This was the worst piece of drivel I have ever read in the G&M.

    Wow. What an critical pile of poo.

    Adam Lambert probably won't win because he is just a lounge singer on a bigger stage. His Ring of Fire was neat. Like a song jingle for a car commercial neat. Not something to go out and buy.

    I am sure he will sell many albums in his life. He deserves to. He makes some people happy, all the people left on the show do.

    But he won't be the idol. Not because he is gay, but because he doesn't make most AI viewers as gushy as you.

    Its ok to love something on tv. So much that you will rant for 500 words on it in near poetic adoration... but please keep it to a community forum or fansite. Not in my newspaper. I prefer to read it before I put it in the birdcage to get poo all over it.
  15. Joan Austin from Upper Marlboro, United States writes: To Rob Brown - not a very classy response. Pot/kettle, etc.
  16. cindy streeter from temperance, United States writes: gee, rob brown, i guess you only like to read things that agree with your opinion??? and do you own the newspaper---as you do call it 'yours'.
  17. sherry smith from Canada writes: Sydney Goldberg said it very well, on the subject of Lynn's judgement calls on both Kellie Picklar and Fantasia Burrino. I am also a musician and at my old age of 63 am almost finished a CD of my own songs that has taken me all this time to find the means and confidence to pull it off. Never say never, and also like Sydney I have sang in choirs of various types from school to church and always loved it. In my humble opinion I loved Fantasia's voice and ability and she moved me to tears a number of times. Her story is also quite interesting and like Stanley I also would like to know your creditials that give you the right to call people 'trash' or to judge the performances so cruelly. Who actually do you think you are? I have met some great performers and musicians in my travels and the ones I admired the most, did not call down or judge others the way that you did. Adam reminds me a little of Freddy Mercury, who was very reluctant to come out of the closet at the time, as he felt it might hurt the rest of the band. He also has shades of Elvis, as well as the looks of a young Kurt Russel. He deserves to win as he has poise, confidence, and is always polite and grateful to his peers. Besides the fact that even though some of his performances are a little over the top, he deserves to win on talent alone, never mind the other obvious attributes. Danny Gokey has a great voice and is also very talented as is the young Allison. Chris is Okay but would not be my pick if I was on the Judge panel. Most of the time I think Simon is right but not always and on those times, he acts like he's constipated and is unnecessarily cruel. I guess it gets viewers, I don't know. I just found Lynn's referring to either the gay thing or the religion thing very silly as most people don't judge talent that way. I will be very surprised if Adam doesn't win. By the way, Lynn, Mad World is one of the best songs ever written and it doesn't matter who's version you like.
  18. Laura Pitcairn from Canada writes: I liked Adam Lambert at first, but after a while most of what he sings starts to sound the same, especially in his higher register. The song that the writer is raving about, his performance of Tears for Fears 'Mad World' has been done before too, so don't be so impressed by that interpretation. Check out Gary Jules version of Mad World from a few years back (I first heard it on an episode of CSI and was mesmerized by it!). I'm cheering for Alison. She's what the show really exemplifies.
  19. Baad Daddy from small town somewhere, Canada writes: It's Slash tomorrow night!! Adam has been too theatrical these last two weeks and he knows it. Watch for Adam to pull out all the stops and simply sing tomorrow night. Adam should nail this, the others only try to keep up.
  20. H B from s.e. pa, United States writes: Speaking for many 49 and above women, not only do we want a gay/bisexual idol- we demand it!
    Part of the process of this stupid country growing the f - up.
    BTW- speaking as a non-delusional straight female, Adam is the sexiest performer I've seen in many decades. Ask any gender, gay or straight, teen, twenty or fifty something (me) - we love, love, love him!
    Go Adam!!!!!!
  21. leo bloom from radisson, sask, canada, Canada writes: It's called 'Pop Rocks' and Crosbie just rolls in it and I say good on her. Here's a little hint for all the whine-bags 'trolling' down this creek - if you don't at least throttle'er up a little, then you'll just go around and around and around...Concentric? Maybe. Conceited, oh don'cha know it! Pop Rocks, not Pulitzer's Corner...Geez Louise! Nevertheless, Crosbie seems to have caught her limit in Americans tonight - caught her limit in Americans and the angst of the ubiquitous Wide-Mouthed Speckle-Backed Cay-nuck Sucker: bottom feeders usually, according to Hinterland Who's Who, but they're jumpin' at all the bait in here tonight. Maybe they're swimmin' up stream? Sucker run? Hahaha....I wonder if Crosbie'll wrap this booty in rob brown's newspaper or if she'll be humane and catch and release? Hahaha...It's a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world, eh Lola Lola?
  22. leo bloom from radisson, sask, canada, Canada writes: Well there you have it - Barb V? Go stand in the corner and give Skippy the chalk - yes, yes, Skippy, yer a big boy and smarter than Barb....
  23. Cizeria of the Rockies from Alberta, Canada writes: Listen folks, Adam Lambert to my ears sounds absolutely terrible - There was one evening where he did not sound too bad... at least he is managing to keep his tongue in his mouth and the flickering of the tongue in earlier performances - yuk! He has finally figured out that most voters just are not into GOTH! ..and that makes him sound better.
    These final contestants represent the spectrum of the American public and they are ALL great singers.
    They should just get rid of the judges and have guest judges who have some objectivity; as it is these young people singing their hearts out who make this program so great.
  24. Canadian Pragmatist from Canada writes: Adam's performance last week was very good, just not AI good. It was Broadway good. That was the problem last week. He didn't let his singing do the work. Ring of Fire, Mad World, those were amazing vocal performances. As for Jonny Cash loving it, can't say... I don't talk to the dead.....

    Allison and Danny deserved the 1 and 2 spots based on their singing last week. I thought Adam was better than Chris though so I was suprised Adam was in 4th. It could also have been just that his supporters slacked off last week. Who knows. The right person went home though.

    It will be interesting to see what Adam shows up tomorrow, the singer or the Broadway star.
  25. little miss sunshine from BC, Canada writes: adam's singing is not to my taste, and danny's is. i have a bachelor's degree in music, vocal major. if i were a theatre major, i may have a different opinion. this article was poorly written in my opinion and would be more appropriate in the context of a blog. mtv's writers on the subject are more insightful. fluff is fluff, let it be so. that is what i like about it. this is not a deep subject. it does not belong in the G&M.
  26. Heather Geverding from Canada writes: Music is of course highly subjective. I won't accuse Ms. Crosbie of bad taste then, except perhaps for agreeing to generate a story that is almost certainly aimed in part at grabbing the G & M some traffic from Lambert's high Google rate. Given the number of comments from American visitors, I'd say that's succeeded.

    Music is a passion for me. Is is odd then that I find myself completely unmoved by Adam Lambert? Despite his powerful instrument and masterful presence, I am utterly indifferent. He is for me a highly skilled technician and actor. I feel nothing.
  27. Nadia Cordray from United States writes: 'adam clearly has the most talent and will succeed whether he wins or not. I just hope his sexuality, whatever it is, does not dictate people's votes.
  28. mark sia from new york, United States writes: Lynn, I agree with your comments, well said. And to Fred Ruthke, when Lynn says Kellie is a trash, that is all about her singing and not her as a person, so relax. And to Rob 'poo' Brown, this is a free world, so if you don't like this article, then never say a word, otherwise you are in the same league.
  29. Colleen Ferryman from United States writes: I think he actually is way too good for American about Global Idol instead? Despite the fact that he is too good, I still want him to win by a landslide.

    Adam Lambert really transcends what you would expect from this type of talent search. Just on looks and delivery alone, he blows any potential threats to his awesomeness right out of the water.

    I am a middle-aged woman who does not typically watch realilty shows because they seem so contrived and trivial. Since the advent of Adam, I can hardly wait until Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

    His personal choices have no bearing for me as I watch him as an entertainer. His so-called 'sashaying' lent itself to the dramatic segue of that particular song. He is very much his own person and does not hesitate to confidently share his wonderful and unique personality with his fellow contestants, the judges and viewers alike.

    Good luck to Adam now and in his promising future.
  30. Sam Harris from Nova Scotia, United States writes: Nothing quite as ironic as pointing out the possibility of stereotypes influencing voters whilst Crosbie calls Pickler 'trash'.
    Back to the New York Times.
  31. Ryan Ginger from Canada writes: Well, I think Skip Bologna has the best comment, still.

    The only thing I'll add is the notion that Crosbie's columns are so bafflegabish because her stakes are so low.
  32. Child of the North in Canada from Canada writes: Loved Adam Lambert's singing of Mad World. It lead me to Gary Jule's version which led me to Donnie Darko (what a great movie). I enjoy the cover versions that I've been introduced to on AI: Cook's copy of Chris Cornell's version of Billie Jean and Lambert's Mad World.

    I believe Kellie Pickler was on the show a few week's back. She was dreadful - painful to listen to.

    It will be hard to eliminate anybody going forward. I think they are all good, although Adam Lambert certainly has that star quality.
  33. V Patterson from Fredericton, Canada writes: I wondered after watching that last performance if it was too theatrical for Idol's target audience. Clay's sexual preference was not as well known during his idol run, plus he didnt ooze drama and flare like Adam does. That being said Adams is a better singer and probably deserves to win.
  34. The Lord of the Nazgul from Markham, Canada writes: I agree with this article on one thing - Adam is head and shoulders above everyone who is left in the competition. The article fails to consider the marketability factor, however. Ruben Studdard was seen as more 'marketable' than Clay, although Clay was more talented. In this case, I think the talent and marketability are present in Adam Lambert.

    I was shocked to see him in the bottom three. Perhaps it was good for Adam. It may have shown him that he is not invincible and his victory is not a foregone conclusion, which may make him work even harder for the win. it's hard to predict these things when you have the masses vote for anything.

    As for Gokey, he is surely not as talented a singer as Adam, but he and Kris are both 'safer' bets.

    I don't rate Allison at all. I think she's one-dimensional compared to the others, but is very good in that dimension.

    In the end, I think the singer who SHOULD win will win. But then again, I thought Alexis Grace would go further than Lil'....
  35. Marilynne Snider from Coldwater Ont, Canada writes: I am a senior citizen and have been watching AI since season two. Without exception, Adam is the best performer/singer ever. My taste in music leans to the Divas so I loved Fantasia and was ever so happy to see Jennifer Hudson vindicated with her oscar win.

    I was shocked at Adam's ranking last week and believe that maybe some of his fans were too complacent and didn't vote enough. There can be no other reason other than the show is fixed.

    That being said, I believe most of those who vote are the younger teenie booper girls who vote for the cutest heart throb and the twenty-ish male who vote for the all american blonde. Occassionlly they get it right as in Carrie Underwood.

    As for Adam, my husband and I can't wait to see what he will sing/do next. My fervent prayer is that he will do an 'Elvis ' ballad. He has the sexiest eyes ever.

    By the way, my second choice is Alliston who also has a unique voice and a stage presence that is awesome inspite of her young years. Danny is a 'run of a mill' voice and I could not distinguish him from a host of others.

    Adam is a true STAR.
  36. Rodger Harding from Canada writes: The persecution of excellence...!

    A thought provoking article... The herd always tends to be more comfortable with mediocrity.... Sort of 'third rate glorified by the fourth rate' deal....
  37. Kevin Burn from Canada writes: In today's canadina world we would say its a nonsense article because being gay has been recognized by law. BUT in nonsense - asseptic - abbrasive USA where the freedom is a concept so deviant from the genesis; Adam Lambert may not win.
    However, Adam Lambert has talent . no doubt ! But for theatrical venues. Sings well, but ok, for a market that doesn't buy theatres music. The masse market buys Kris Allen type voice.
    Allen has better vocal, sweet as honey-feelgood-warm-blanket. I tend to call him Honer ( for honey voice and crooner )
    Désolé, but If Lambert wins i wish him the best of course. should being gay having nothing to do with it.
  38. Stan Duptall from Canada writes: Seriously?!?! He's gay?
  39. Pierre Dionne from Toronto, Canada writes: We've never watched AI at home until this year. We think Adam is way better than the other singers, and were wondering how many such talented singers we missed in the earlier season. Judging from the comments above, the answer is none.

    I don't think Adam was 4th last week. The fact that they kept him hanging until the end was for TV rating. I knew he wouldn't be declared safe first, because too many people love him. But the fact that he was in the bottom three was shocking.

    Finally, I don't know if it's just me, but Gokey reminds me of the Barnaked Ladies' singer.
  40. Bill Hopkins from London, Canada writes: I agree with Fred Ruthke from Edgewood, Md., United States. Kellie Pickler may be dumb as a door knob, but she has a great country voice and is doing very well, thank you very much. That ain't trash!
  41. Child of the North in Canada from Canada writes: Pierre Dionne: I started watching AI last year and I thought David Cooke was very good. They have taken all the live performances of AI off of Youtube, which is unfortunate, because he had some great performances worth watching.

    I think Adam was in the bottom three because he took crooner week and pushed it over the top. Those beautiful ballads need to be sung simply and need no embellishing. I think Simon Cowell was right to tell Lambert that his performance was too 'broadway' and cabaret-like.
  42. Bang the Drum from Toronto, Canada writes: I've never watched American Idol before seeing Lambert's version of Mad World. He does make the original look like a cover, and the original was damned good. The boy is a special talent. Losing American Idol seems to be a better career move, though, so let's hope he almost makes it. What a voice. What a talent. Good piece, Lynn, you did nail it, despite all the whiners and cranks. (I don't think she's ever tried to pass herself off as a 'musical expert', btw.)
  43. Mark H from United States writes: I parsed this screed through my Universal Translator, and came up with: 'Adam Lambert is hands-off, but I'll rip on everyone else however I please'. It was the literary equivalent of throwing acid in the other people's faces.

    And btw, that 'Tears for Fears' cover, wasn't. It was an outright copy of the Gary Jules version, which can be found variously on the Donnie Darko soundtrack or his album Trading Snake Oil for Wolf Tickets.
  44. Daniel Froidevaux from Canada writes: So, Lynn Crosbie, you decided to be high minded and spew an amorphous canvas of personal opinions on one of the worst shows on television, wrap it up with a bow and call it an article? really? you want to be paid for that, or is this just cross platform marketing CTVglobemedia's programming? in which case you should be what you are an advertiser, not a journalist.
  45. Lilli Star from Australia writes: 'And a rendition of Tears for Fears's Mad World, performed in a haze of white light, that was so haunting, so ingenious, it made the original seem like a mawkish cover....'

    A rendition that was actually done in 2003 by Gary Jules for the Donnie Darko soundtrack.

    'Each week, his costume, performance style and singing is different, as if he is presenting us with discrete, different, luminous portraits of this artist as a young man...'

    If screaming each song like a cat in heat is 'different'...
  46. Maureen O'Rourke from Eastcoast, Canada writes: '...trash like Kellie Pickler, plainly disturbing screakers like Fantasia Barrino, and plankton-eaters like Ruben Studdard...'

    Insults like this are juvenile, offensive, and simply not called for, as is the comment about Danny Gokey's grief. Shame on you for writing them, shame on the editor for allowing them.

    As for whether Adam Lambert will win American Idol, I don't know if that will happen, but the thing is, from this point on, it's a numbers game. There are a finite number of voters, and they have their favourites. Once their favourite is eliminated, some of those voters will throw votes to one of the other contestants, others will quit voting.

    The question is, how many of those votes will Adam gain? I think it is possible that if those voters were fond of Adam, they would have been voting for him already. The more mainstream performers may benefit more from this phenomenon at this point, and we will see Danny and Kris' popularity rise the next couple of weeks.
  47. Robert MacDonald from Canada writes: I think it'll come down to Gokey and Lambert. Gokey is a better singer. Lambert is a better showman.
  48. Salt Springer from Canada writes: Right on! Or, if the right wing audience has a problem with him, he could do what all talent has done in Hollywood and beyond - hide in plain sight. Adam Lambert is an amazing talent - he won't disappear like so many.
  49. M G from Canada writes: I am constantly amazed at how harsh this writer is (in this case how previous contestant are described; trash, screaker(?) and plankton-eater-unless that was just about a rhyme. BTW I cannot spell today.

    I can be a pretty cynical and mean spirited person at times, but I would really have to work hard to come out with such putdowns on a regular basis.

    Every time I decide to read the column, I am amazed at how the photo accompanying the article seems to accurately reflect the writer's apparent harsh and snatchy attitude. This, in turn, makes me giggle a little and makes reading the column in the first place worth.
  50. paulo the seer from waterloo, Canada writes:
    Gokey Go Home!

    Nobody with a name like that deserves to win.
    And it's not being namist.

    Evangelical christian.
    All that old testament gibberish.
  51. D G from Canada writes: The reason Gokey is still going strong is because threw their influence behind him. They always try to eff up the results by encouraging america to vote for someone they feel is a lousy singer and/or would be a nightmare to market (hello, Taylor Hicks, Sanjaya). It's basically a backlash against the show because the early episodes are all devoted to making fun of terrible singers.
  52. Robert MacDonald from Canada writes: paulo the seer from waterloo, Canada writes:
    Gokey Go Home!

    Nobody with a name like that deserves to win.
    And it's not being namist.

    Evangelical christian.
    All that old testament gibberish.

    ----> Our Prime Minister is an Evangelical christian... when will he go home
  53. paulo the seer from waterloo, Canada writes: Did throw their weight behind Harper?

    Old testament gibberish.
    Piano playing nerd.
    The big hair, side parting and glasses.

    I am not a conspiracy theorist, but ........
  54. Philosopher King from Ivory Tower, Canada writes: Just come out with it and give us your preference Lynn. Enough with the cloak and dagger. Sheesh. LOL

    My wife watches this show, and while I think they're all good singers, I hardly consider one of them an artist. In the same way there are lots of good trumpet players, but only a few Dizzy Gillespie's or Miles Davis'.

    Lambert's 'Sebastien Bach' impression got old day two. If I want to revisit the 80s I'll pull out the dusty records and play a little Skid Row, KISS, Motley Crew etc etc, but I doubt that's going to happen.

    As far as gay, I'm pretty sure the girls voting for him don't care. In fact it makes him a safe object of affection for the little teenboppers.

    In any case, who can take this sh!t seriously? ROTFLMAO
  55. Pepper Gee from Toronto, Canada writes: Adam is the most theatrical and the prettiest, no doubt. He can wrangle a tune to submission but he is not the second coming... please!
  56. instant karma from Burlington, Canada writes: Definitely not too good...

    His versions of; Satisfaction, Born to Be Wild and Ring of Fire were awful. Every song is like the last song before intermission in a Broadway play. No way I could I sit through a 60 minute concert of him performing songs back to back.

    His performances are way over the top. There is no emotional connection, it's all acting.

    As mentioned previously his version of Mad World was actually someone else's. So much for his originality.

    As a recording artist, I think his appeal is limited, I believe his strength would be as a Broadway performer.

    Now is American Idol supposed to deliver recording artists or Broadway performers?
  57. Dr Batte from Bangor, Maine, United States writes: It never ceases to amaze me how emotionally involved some people can get with trivial things. 1) AI -- Jeezum, people, it's only a reality TV show; 2) a newspaper review/critique article -- It's going to be critical of something in some way, and it often will be superficial and biased; 3) personal slurs involving gender, religion, etc. -- one of the areas current critical writing tends to exploit (no suprise there.)

    I am unamused by personal attacks on any of the AI contestants who made the final group in any season. If they got that far, they had talent. No utter losers were chosen. They were all visibly highlighted in the try-out phase. I am unamused by anyone's gender or religious slurs. Although I am none of the following, I have very close and dear friends who are 'born-again' Christians and very close and dear friends who are gay, Lesbian, bisexual, and transgender. Even if I did not, no one should be singled out and either vilified or lauded on the strength of their gendeer preferences or religious beliefs.

    Get a life, people!
  58. paulo the seer from waterloo, Canada writes:
    My wife watches this show, and while I think they're all good singers, I hardly consider one of them an artist.

    It's my wife that watches it.
    I just happen to have an opinion on the singers, but I don't watch it.

  59. David Forbes from Canada writes: Adam Lambert's sexuality has nothing to do with what he is doing on American Idol. Drop it. The show is about entertainment. So if he is doing his best to entertain, then that is great. There's no business like show business. Consider all these people, who are/were gay who have brought so much joy through music and entertainment:

    Yes, the list is blank. Because it doesn't matter.
  60. Tribe of Ben from Canada writes: I think, like, Adam is soooo, like, awesome?

    He's like totally okay? Like whatever if he's gay, you know? It's like, okay, it's like it shouldn't matter?
  61. kevin o'connor from Canada writes: This is the high brow version of Steve Carell screaming 'Kelly Clarkson!' in the 40 year old Virgin.
    And there is absolutely nothing the matter with that.
    So please over 40 female crowd, stop the disapproving looks when I sneak a peak at a pretty young female. We can all do it, it's harmless, and I hate getting called a pig and a perv. It hurts me deep in my sensitive little soul.
  62. Mike G from Canada writes: Emery Cawsey from writes: In our cultural mosaic it is no longer seen as problematic to be homosexual, certainly not in the artistic realm. Just look at the generalized popularity of Ellen. The general reaction is now against those with defined religious beliefs like Mr. Gokey.


    Which explains why there are so many openly gay actors and such, and certainly few with Christian beliefs.

    What hogwash this is.
  63. Mike G from Canada writes: Alison Moore Smith from Boca Raton, United States writes: Aren't you just stunned how the older generation of people hiding in bunkers from gays could even hear his voice over their screaming and cross-burning?


    While I may agree with your overall point, it is important to note that your self-selected sample size of one is statistically insignificant. Thank you.
  64. Alfred Schick from Canada writes: What I learned reading this article: (1) Lynn Crosbie has a crush on Adam Lambert, and (2) if you're a Christian or sing country music then you have no talent and you might even be trash. Thanks for the enlightening article.
  65. Art Vandelai from Burlington, Canada writes: This year's show is probably the most interesting dynamic American Idol has ever had.

    Adam is head and shoulders above the others when it comes to artistry and talent. Although some of his approach has been borrowed (Mad World), and somewhat theatrical, the man knows how to entertain. Danny, however is the best singer, and likely the sentimental favourite. He reminds me of Michael Bolton. I pray he proves me wrong, the last thing the music world needs is another Michael Bolton.

    The real winner is Simon Cowell and his entertainment company...first the British opera singer thing, now maybe a faux outrage about Adam Lambert getting the boot prematurely.
  66. F H from Ottawa, Canada writes: Well, I'm over 40 and I think Adam is INCREDIBLE. Speaking as a professional signer, the only one who springs to mind is a fellow bi-sexual, flamboyant, octave-breaking, show-stealer, Freddie Mercury.

    Trust me when I say I have never compared a singer/performer to him before, Freddie being the patron god of most singers.

    I really think we're past the time of homophobia and can simply enjoy the incredible new versions of songs that Adam has shown with style, flair and bravery.
  67. F H from Ottawa, Canada writes: 'at least he is managing to keep his tongue in his mouth and the flickering of the tongue in earlier performances - yuk!'

    That is a vocal technique when a singer wants to hit a particularly high note without using falsetto. Yes, it's a tad distracting, but I'm pleased to see Adam is far more interested in giving an exceptional performance than in keeping his face 'pretty' throughout a show.

    BTW, I'm also a big fan of Danny and Allison. All three of these performers have maturity, control and, most important of all, their own sound. I'll be happy if any of them win and know that all three will have a good musical future ahead of them.
  68. F H from Ottawa, Canada writes: 'Although I'm still trying to figure out what it is about homosexuals that apparently makes me run screaming through the streets.'

    The majority of homophobes who react your way usually have gay leanings themselves so instead of either accepting that in themselves or hating themselves, instead externalize it and hate others for what they, themselves, are actually feeling.
  69. Jim S from vancouver, Canada writes: Who writes the headlines in G&M? The letter (not 'article') is not even about Lambert's sexuality, it's more of a rambling gushy love letter by one of the 'over 40's' she refers to. Drivel.

    However, Lambert deserves to win. I'm not sure how Gokey made it this far!
  70. elaine Berns from Toronto, Canada writes: I have never watched this wretched show before - but my sister said that I had to here this guy sing (Adam) and I must admit it was stunned and touched at this talent!
    I don't believe for a moment that sexuality isn't an issue here - hey folks this is the U.S. where homophobia is still a big issue and the Christian right has much power!
    I just watched a video from Haa''retz (An Israeli progressive paper) with him singing a Hebrew prayer at Temple with a Cantor and also singing the famous Hebrew peace song with a group and I had tears in my eyes - it was amazing! Rabin sang some of this song before he was assassinated! I encourage anyone to go to their website to hear him. Perhaps it has even made it to You Tube by now. Whether he wins or loses he is special and makes the others look like amateurs! Shalom Adam
  71. Mikey Gault from The Moral Highground, Canada writes: He'll win simply because he is gay. People like Lynn Crosbie will cry 'homophobia' if people don't vote for Adam because he is clearly so much better than the 'trash'. People like Lynn Crosbie make me sick.
  72. Skip Bologna from Canada writes: Interesting that the G&M saw fit to delete both of my comments. I guess Russell intervened and convinced the censors that they were, like, too hip for print, maaan.
  73. AU GT from United States writes: I've never been able to watch AI; its boring. Everyone sings, but EVERYONE CAN SING. I want to see people sing and tap dance or sing and juggle.
  74. F H from Ottawa, Canada writes: AU, try telling that to my mother. I remember her going for vocal lessons as she loves music and she was so bad they literally had to lock their dog in the basement and it wouldn't stop howling whenever she tried. In between bouts of laughter, I felt pretty sorry for her. Some, no matter how hard they want to sing or how many lessons they take, simply can't as they are tone deaf.
  75. Michele K from Ottawa, Canada writes: 'Music is a passion for me. Is is odd then that I find myself completely unmoved by Adam Lambert? Despite his powerful instrument and masterful presence, I am utterly indifferent.'

    Some people seem to forget that this is a pop idol contest, and not only about musicianship.

    Adam has it all - he can sing, dance, exudes charisma, plus he looks and appeals very much like a young Elvis (Mom says he's actually a little better looking than Elvis was in his prime), and has all the theatrical genius of Freddie Mercury.

    He may be gay, but it doesn't dampen his sexual appeal to this middle-aged straight woman one bit.

    Oh, I like Danny Gokey and Allison, but the real star is Adam Lambert, regardless of whether he wins American Idol.

    There hasn't been anyone on Idol with anywhere near that kind of star power since Fantasia Barino (and perhaps, Chris Daughtrive (sp???), and really, Fantasia pales by comparison, while Chris D and David Cook are just talented band frontmen (not pop idols).

    My husband thinks Adam L is set to become the next lead singer of INXS.

    Me, I think he could aim higher - if it were 20 years ago (has it been that long since Freddie died? I remember exactly where I was that day, but not the year), he would be the ideal candidate to fill Freddie Mercury's otherwise-unfillable spot in Queen.
  76. Michele K from Ottawa, Canada writes: Mikey Gault from The Moral Highground, Canada writes: 'He'll win simply because he is gay.'

    Kind of like Barack Obama won the US presidency simply because he's black, huh?
  77. Child of the North in Canada from Canada writes: Michele K: Adam will never replace Freddie Mercury because he simply isn't as creative as Freddie. When Adam has written a couple of dozen hits like Freddie, and hits that are still wonderful to listen to, then maybe....As for singing Freddie:
  78. F H from Ottawa, Canada writes: Well said, Michele K :-)
  79. Corey Hamilton from Waterloo, Canada writes: C'mon Lynn. Are you even suitable to be writing an article like this? Do you have any music background? I think you also missed part of the premise of the show which is will the "buying" public go out and purchase your music if/when it is released. In other your style/sound popular or pop music. I'll give Adam alot of credit for beeing a great singer, but his constant screaming ang wagging of his tongue is way too glam band/hair rock for me and obviously alot of america. that went out in the late 90's. FYI...Adams rendition of Mad World had already been done by Gary Jules. Adam perfomred it exactly the same, so try to do some research before proclaiming "his rendition" to be so great. It was also showcased on an Xbox commercail last year for gears of war. Oh won commercial of the year, so I guess the song must have been good already...what a chance Adam took to copy it (sarcasm). I also agree that Allision is an amazing singer, but she's way better than Adam is. Your description of Danny is rediculous. He's just as good of a singer, if not, better than Adam. The tone and sound of his voice is the kind that distiguishes your from the pack and allows you to stand out from the pack. His song last week was one of the best I've ever heard on American Idol, while Adam ruined and amazing song "feeling good" by screaming and trying to gain points on drama. remember it's a singing and popularity contest. Although I'm sure your mom told you it wasn't important that you weren't popular, in this case it matters.
  80. Kim Philby from Canada writes: Not that there's anything wrong with it...
  81. Michele K from Ottawa, Canada writes: Child of the North - I'll grant you that Freddie Mercury was a one-of-a-kind genius who can never really be replaced, but in this day of replacement frontmen, Adam comes the closest, IMHO.
  82. Nicole Druery from Canada writes: How exactly is Kellie Pickler "trash"?? Are you kidding me? Lyn Crosbie, your pathetic judgements make me sick. What a terrible article.
  83. Pat T from Canada writes: I'm a senior citizen and I think Adam "rocks"! I love to listen to him, to watch him, and I don't care if he's gay. He can sing and he can entertain! The others are also talented, but he outperforms them all!
  84. non believer from Calgary, Canada writes: Adam Lambert is by far the best in my eyes, but the bashing of other contestants in rude and in poor taste. Can't you just accept people who watch might have different taste? Come on!
  85. s c from Canada writes: Robert MacDonald from Canada writes: I think it'll come down to Gokey and Lambert. Gokey is a better singer. Lambert is a better showman.


    Completely agree - too bad the two can't be combined into one. I would like to see Gokey win - he's got the pipes and the showmanship will come.

    Lambert is good but I don't see him getting any better.
  86. F H from Ottawa, Canada writes: Personally, I'd love to see Danny and Adam be in the same band and trade off vocals like in Alice in Chains or Deep Purple. They're both diametrically opposite each other in vocal technique and strengths so would sound amazing together.

    At this point, someone good is BOUND to be in the bottom three, so let's knock off the bashing of any remaining contestants. They're all good and (for once) completely different from each other. Let's enjoy the variety and remember that not everyone's musical tastes are identical. That doesn't make anyone wrong. They just have their own opinions about what they like or don't like. It's all a matter of personal taste.
  87. Opinionated Person from Canada writes: I think it is not considered cool to admit to watching AI, but I love it and Adam Lambert is a reason to watch and if he had an album out I would buy it and if he were in concert... A few years ago on Canadian Idol a guy named Jason Hogarth (sp?) similarly rocked the world. He lost but fronts a band called Hedley (sp) which is a Juno nominee and a recognized force in the music biz.
    It's exciting to see a guy so talented and mesmerizing as Adam L.
  88. Opinionated Person from Canada writes: I forgot to say that I challenge anyone to name a winner of Canadian Idol, but Jason Hogarth is well known.
    It's wonderful to see raw talent stand out! Winning the contest might not be the best thing, just getting the exposure's gotta be good!
  89. Matt C from GTA, Canada writes: What a ridiculous article. If Adam is too "gay" for American Idol, what was Clay Aiken? Adam had sailed through up until last week. If people were really that biased against him he would have struggled from the start. It's not as if his style has changed. As for the "too good" argument, I think that's all relative. Adam is undoubtedly a talented performer but he essentially has two performance styles that are predictable based on his clothing and lighting chioces: Suited, dark lit Adam will sing a stripped down balled. Big lights and stylish outfit Adam is going to scream his head off in falsetto. He's not quite the revelation that the author seems to suggest... Not everyone digs the constant screaming and theatrical, over the topness that Adam brings to his "big lights" performances. Some people really dig it, others find it a bit camp. I personally don't mind it and find him entertaining but I know many that don't feel that way. They aren't homophobes, they just prefer a more restrained style of performance. AI is down to one of the most talented final fours that they have ever had and it's going to be tough sledding for anyone at this piont. No one is safe, Adam included. That's it. There is nothing sinister here...
  90. G Kelly from Canada writes: I can appreciate that Adam has worked hard all his life to become a good singer, I must say, his style is just NOT my cup of tea. Each song, I just sit there waiting for that giant pink tongue to come creeping out while he wails (accurately, yes, absolutely) the sistained high notes. It just makes me to "ugh! this again?" God, even if he did "I'm a little tea pot", he'd be up squealing and shrieking. Enough already. How about some versatility?

    So, I will definitely give it to him: he's incredibly skilled at what he does! I'm just pretty tired of hearing it every week.
  91. G Kelly from Canada writes: I can appreciate that Adam has worked hard all his life to become a good singer, I must say, his style is just NOT my cup of tea. Each song, I just sit there waiting for that giant pink tongue to come creeping out while he wails (accurately, yes, absolutely) the sustained high notes. It just makes me say "ugh! this again?" God, even if he did "I'm a little tea pot", he'd be up squealing and shrieking. Enough already. How about some versatility?

    So, I will definitely give it to him: he's incredibly skilled at what he does! I'm just pretty tired of hearing it every week.
  92. F H from Ottawa, Canada writes: Opinionated, Theo Tams.
  93. Bernard Fitzpatrick from Toronto, Canada writes: I would like to thank Lynn Crosbie for acknowledging the possibility that Adam might be bisexual.

    Almost uniformly when someone is seen in a same-sex relationship they're immediately identified as "gay".

    When someone is seen in an opposite-sex relationship, they're immediately labelled as "straight".

    Which is, of course, quite frustrating if you're bisexual.

    The media typically like to present everything as simple as possible, including sexuality. But a lot of people simply don't fall into either simplistic category.

    I would like to think this is the beginning of the end of bisexual erasure.
  94. F H from Ottawa, Canada writes: "Big lights and stylish outfit Adam is going to scream his head off in falsetto."

    Actually, he's never once sang falsetto. Much like Freddie Mercury, he is able to hit high notes with an full voice, thus is not singing falsetto. The way he manages this is to stick his tongue out a bit, thus opening his throat. Is this vocal technique pretty? No. Does it work? Yep!

    That being said, the song he impressed me the most with was Wild World. Yes, it's been done before but it's very, very difficult to sing a quiet song and fill it as full of feeling without emoting all over the place like Celine Dion does .
  95. Opinionated Person from Canada writes: Ok, FH, you did it, but I cannot remember one thing about him at all and had to google it to make sure you were right. Your name is not Mrs. Feo Hams is it? Joking!
    I think Adam is amazing and outstanding and I don't think it matters if he wins, because he will most likely have a big time musical career. it's a fun show to watch, not scary, enjoyable, no swearing or anything and lots of music. Ben Elton had a novel out about the UK version called Chart Throb and it was right on the money!
    I don't mind that i like it corny or not: that's entertainment!
  96. True Patriot from Canada writes: "Matt C from GTA, Canada writes: What a ridiculous article. If Adam is too "gay" for American Idol, what was Clay Aiken?"

    Did you, Matt C, even bother to read the article, which was about the ridiculous changes going on at AI and NOT about Mr. Lambert's sexuality (notwithstanding the headline) or what you personally think of him? I suggest you read before posting, or, more likely, have someone read articles to you.
  97. Sheamus D. from Canada writes: Great piece Ms. Crosbie, as much of the vitriolic commentary in this thread suggests! I don't usually agree with you but I appreciate your sense of irony and your ability do deliver a finely tuned insult.

    Ps. to those of you who are going nuts over this piece (ie. "shame on you!", etc etc), don't you realize that she gets paid to provoke this kind of reaction? Sheesh.
  98. Chris M from Vancouver, writes: Is this article really serious? If you want to guarantee this talented guy gets his butt kicked in the finals, don't say I didn't tell you so. We don't come to a place in society of social equality what a "gay guy" wins American Idol or a black man becomes the leader of the free world. When we are indifferent to such things and we stop scapegoating others for our own perils and difficulties in life, we'll have true equality. All these symbols of equality are just a smoke-screen. If you turn out your bedroom light, does that make your bed disappear? The fact that we're still having this discussion demonstrates we're far more backward than we'd like to believe. This conversation is as ridiculous as asking if a vegetarian can be accepted in Texas. And anyway, it's a singing competition. What I respect about Adam is that he personally hasn't made this about anything else. He recognizes that he's just a guy who wants to perform. He doesn't want to be a hero of a non-musical movement, nor is he pretending to be something other than what he is. No matter how you slice it, it's amazing to me how we're so quick to undermine our own values, and then when that invariably doesn't work for us, we look for someone to blame. If Adam Lambert doesn't win AI (horror of horrors, I know) and even if sexual preference is a factor, it won't just be because of social conservatives. In a competition you're judged on a certain basis. When you change the rules of engagement by, in this example, making a singing competition about whether Adam likes guys, then you undermine and devalue both the cause of social equality and a competition that, as a television program and little more than a pastime for the idle, doesn't need any help in that area. When you pull that crap, you might as well vote for William Hung to win it all. It's an issue of talent and we don't need the supreme court or a political referendum or scapegoating for it. Shut up and let the man do what he does.
  99. Matt C from GTA, Canada writes: True Patriot, I believe there was a lot more to my post than the snippet you conveniently quoted but thanks for trying to bait me into over reacting.
  100. dick brown from missy, Canada writes: Why has the gay lobby taken it upon themselves to "insert" their sexual preference in every facet of everyone else's life. I could care less who this guy sodomizes. Be gay, get one cares, really!
  101. Bernard Fitzpatrick from Toronto, Canada writes: Dear Dick Brown,

    If you don't care, why are you reading this column?

    Adam hasn't done anything to "insert" his sexual preference into our lives - the media did that. And you encourage them by consuming their product.
  102. Jack F from Canada writes: While Adam is a tremendous singer I don't think middle America will vote for him if it comes down to him and Danny or him and Chris. I'd love to see Adam against Alison in the finale. Two power voices with creativity would be the best follow up to last year. Oh by the way, Adam's cover of Ring of Fire wasn't original. The same arrangement was performed by Dilana (sp?) on Rockstar Supernova a couple of years ago.
  103. M. O'R from Canada writes: "Opinionated Person from Canada writes: I forgot to say that I challenge anyone to name a winner of Canadian Idol, but Jason Hogarth is well known. "

    Ryan Malcolm, Kalan Porter, Melissa O'Neil, Eva Avila, Brian Melo, Theo Tams. In order, off the top of my head.

    By the way.... It's "Jacob Hoggard", not "Jason Hogarth. :-)
  104. True Patriot from Canada writes: "Matt C from GTA, Canada writes: True Patriot, I believe there was a lot more to my post than the snippet you conveniently quoted but thanks for trying to bait me into over reacting."

    And thank you for not denying that you did not read the article.
  105. Joel Parkes from Peterborough, Canada writes: It doesn't matter who wins the show, it's what the contestants do with the promotion they've received. Many contestants who didn't win went on to bigger and better things and some winners fell off the radar completely. Adam Lambert is an amazing talent, a 21st Century Elvis meets Freddy Mercury. He will have no trouble getting a recording contract and, in a way, he will gain street cred if he gets the boot. As for him being gay, who cares? This is 2009. My wife and I and our two kids love Adam for the talent that he is.
  106. bruce desjardins from Windsor, Canada writes: I think the question is "Would the public be more likely to see Adam on Broadway, or to buy an album with songs sung at glass-breaking pitch."
    His style is tiresome, and a throwback to David Bowie and Iggy Pop. He won't sell records if he wins; it's been a dull season for American Idol, maybe their second-last.
  107. Julie Demon from Canada writes: I read your column about Adam Lambert and I wonder what planet issued you a visa (no offense). I think you got it all wrong. The reason he is in the bottom 3 is either people thought he did not need their votes, or for the Rocky Horror-Theatrical comments.

    Sure he is excellent and very accomplished but he does run in the vain of musical-theatre-yet-difficult-to-catagorize performance artist. He is not very marketable -- people do not know what kind of musical style he belongs to-- certainly nothing mainstream if you watch his online videos-- as many viewers have no doubt.

    I certainly would much rather listen to an hour of Gokey singing with his bluesy subtle tones, than to Lambert screeching a la Steven Tyler, even if it is in tune and powerful. Who has the better voice? if you are looking for subtley-- Gokey and Alison. If you are into admiring very accomplished (and yes, talented) performance artists, then Lambert. But you are WAY off the mark with most of what you said.

    Your negative comment about Barino-- I just don't get it--and neither do most people, since she won. I could listen to her accomplished voice all night. And your telling of the Tears for Fears cover Adam did-- please-- he was only copying an already existing alternative version of it. He was not being original. The lighting of course was fantastic, his voice on that song the same. Kudos for that, but not for the arrangement. And calling Pickler trash? that was strangely harsh (I am no fan of hers though).

    People read G&M for opinions they can relate too and writing that sees things clearly-- they don't want to read columns that are out in left field in January. Perhaps it is a case of love causing blindness? lol
  108. F H from Ottawa, Canada writes: "dick brown from missy, Canada writes: Why has the gay lobby taken it upon themselves to "insert" their sexual preference in every facet of everyone else's life."

    Adam has done no such thing. He's never once mentioned it on the show. He let's his talent do the talking.

    BTW, there's no such thing as a "gay lobby". That's just your homophobia speaking.
  109. dick brown from missy, Canada writes: No such thing as a gay lobby? Are you joking? It is the gay lobby who tags anybody and everybody who is gay or lesbian a beacon of's narcissistic, like many gays. I am not homophobic, I could care less about whether you pitch or catch.

    No one cares gay, love, are talented because of your success and accomplisments, not who you sleep with.
  110. Stewart Mawdsley from Canada writes: Lynn this was a horrible, trashy and quite frankly libellious article. Seriously, calling Ruben Studdard a 'plankton-eater'? Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. It's funny you would deride Fantasia Barrino's voice because in my mind she's extremely similar to Adam Lambert - brilliant and inspired but definitely not everyone's cup of tea (Adam being shrill and Fantasia being gravelly). Looking at the other top 4, they're extremely talented. Chris, even though he's obviously got the short end in terms of raw talent, is very strong musician and probably uses what he's got more efficiently than anyone I've ever seen on the show. Very enjoyable to listen to. Danny Gokey has an absurdly sexy voice, Paula was right on the money. He hasn't been very original, but the way he sings the standards is enthralling. Allison is a female rock prodigy, it's hard to conceive of a 16 year old with her voice. Adam's voice, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so, can only be compared to Freddy Mercury. However! If Adam wants to win he needs to choice more melodic songs like those of Queen. As of right now I and a lot of other viewers are turned off as he errs on the side of shrieking rather than using his incredible instrument to sing something more appealing. I don't usually agree with Simon's description of a song as 'indulgent' (case in point, he was WAY off last year calling Carly Smithson's Blackbird indulgent), but last week Adam was definitely indulgent. Sing something the people want to hear if you want to win.
  111. Paul Sheridan from Hawkestone, ON, Canada writes:'s a TV show. That's all folks!
  112. An Thornton from Canada writes: What a horribly written article!!! What Lynn said about Danny Gokey, Kelly Pickler and Adam Lambert is unfair and hateful.

    I can't believe that the G&M agreed to print this!!!
  113. Mr Canoehead from Canada writes: "I have grieved goldfish longer than him." Ouch...kind of harsh don't you think? How would you know how Danny Gokey is grieving. Evaluating people's grieving process isn't really yours to measure. That comment was definitely below the line.
  114. F H from Ottawa, Canada writes: Well, if nothing else, he brought Led Zepplin's "Whole Lotta Love" and Foghat's "Slowride" onto AI and who'd have ever thought that day would come?

    Great duet with Allison.
  115. Grey Geese from Canada writes: Adam Lambert is an anomaly on american idol because those attracted to idol don't have very good taste
  116. Bob Cajun from Canada writes: Agree with F.H. The knock agains Lambert "was" that he was too Broadway. Well, this Tuesday, all AI fans got see Lambert do something other than turning a cover song into something right off Broadway.
  117. Kelly Fraser from Edmonton, Canada writes: Since I can Remember I have had a passion for music and Singing......And when you hear an AMAZING VOCALIST LIKE ADAM you cant help but get goose bumps,Now there is no Doubt in my mind that ADAM LAMBERT will win this years AMERICAN IDOL but it will be a close call between him and ALLISON,However I DO NOT AGREE WITH THE AMREICAN AUDIANCE , sending ADAM to the bottom three last week,SINCE WHEN DOES YOUR SEXUALITY HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ............RAW UNDENIABLE TALENT??????? Isnt that what AMERIAN IDOL IS ABOUT????
  118. ann in Van from vancouver, Canada writes: It's 2009: Do people actually still care about someone's sexuality? Oh, that Christian Right thing. I didn't know they were such big Idol fans.
  119. r ee from Vancouver, Canada writes: Lynn - Concerning your comments about Pickler ("trash"), Studdard (a whale) and Gokey (the goldfish comment, and "No one grieves by auditioning for American Idol"), I do not understand why you thought blatantly uninformed and/or nasty comments about these three people would be worthwhile to include in your article. By describing these people as you did, your writing took on the tone of personal bitterness, and seemed ill-suited for the Globe & Mail. As a result, instead of resonating like a polished Adam Lambert, you sounded more like a "disturbing screaker" (aka Fantasia Barrino - is "screaker an actual word?).
  120. Sandi Madore from Ottawa, Canada writes: AI premise is copy/paste on steriods. The trick is to mask the copy/paste sufficiently to recreate the un-recreatable, if you will. Accept the fact none of the performances are going to be original and you're OK.
    My prediction to AI Week 1 was Danny Gokey winner, Adam Lambert second place. My reason is simple. Danny evokes joy of effort, likeability, safety. Adam shakes us up in ways we may not want to be shaken. Adam projects sensuality, feeling, daring you to respond. His authenticity comes to us full throttle, nothing held back but his apparent vulnerability. He's got power and he knows how to use it. I absolutely love the guy!!! He moves me and I want a performer to move me. It's lovely to see someone willingly putting themselves out there, tearing off the facade, throwing it all down on the stage. Good for him.
    It's not until he's finished singing you see the tenderness in his eyes, the soft side. Wonderful - a person with honest emotions.

    Adam's artistry, honed by a professional background on stage, leaves the others in the dust. He's put all that experience together in a very marketable package. If you want to know the truth, he reminds me very much of an Elvis type persona - engaging, daring, passionate, gifted.
    As an Adam fan my support of him as an artist is uncluttered by sexual persuasion. I don't care about an artist sexual persuasion, I do care if the performance is clouded by that artist projecting their sexual persuasion ahead of the art making the audience uncomfortable.
    Think of artists today we adore without consideration of their sexual persuasion - kd lang, Sir Elton John.
    Adam's ability to engage an audience is stellar. He'll be a huge star.
    When I was a kid, we used to watch Liberace - loved him. Why? Because he was a performer, plain and simple. He made you feel. We didn't feel uncomfortable about his sexuality, we loved his gift as an artist.
    So back off the gay thing. Relax and enjoy the show.
  121. Keating Gun from Canada writes: You cannot separate the man from his music. His complexity is what makes him truly a great talent, possibly the greatest talent any of us can name. He is an immensely gifted, disciplined, determined performed. I can't wait to hear his first record, his first album, his 2nd, 5th, 10th........
  122. Ted Ross from Miramichi, Canada writes: If he is queer he is definitely too queer!!
  123. leo bloom from radisson, sask, canada, Canada writes: Oh enough about the AI contestants - yo-yo dawgs! What about the judges? How does Simon square his head so? How does the new girl fall down a worm-hole as soon as she opens her mouth yet still manage to make your skin crawl? How does Randy J manage to mumble-fudge 'habitual be'? I mean really, that's some pitchy dope, dude. But most importantly, who let Paula out on that stage - in Joan Collins' legs, no less? Who told her she could sing? Wow! Now that was dreadful - reminds me of cougar karaoke at a Canada day, all the swish you can handle, beach-blanket bingo! Yeeeccchhhh!!!!
  124. Amanda Roberts from Canada writes: What a load of crap. Derogatory. Insensitive. This is Globe and Mail journalism? Shame on you editor!
  125. Chris Carss from chemainus bc, Canada writes: The problem with Adam Lambert is he isn't too good or too gay, but too old and experienced. If he's pushing 30 and has already played lead roles on broadway, he doesn't belong on Idol. The idea of him completing with a 17 year old schoolgirl is absurd. Lambert should have been competing on this show at least 5 years ago. I say lower the upper age limit to no more than 25, or maybe even 21. Give the "Idol" shows back to the kids who are just starting out.
  126. dave humeniuk from thunder bay, Canada writes: I did think Adam stood out from the rest group but i was beginning to think Allison was better and now she got voted off. To sound like Randy Jackson, i feel Adam sounds pitchy, lol and a little shrill at times. HE always does the same thing with his voice in every song. The only difference was mad world and that was a direct copy of a previous cover version that went to number one in the U.K. He did not come up with that version. I also cant believe the bitter comments about previous contestants. Sounds like a columnist had their karaoke dreams of stardom shattered and now likes to hack everyone who has achieved what she couldn't . I also don't think she should be so righteous as to describe anybodies grieving process
  127. Leonard Rowe from United Kingdom writes: Ok Adam is the best of this years bunch but the same things he gets praised for Fantasia got slammed for and she did it better and more convincingly . However the demographic in America is readier to accept a vaguely chubby gay guy screaming than to accept a black woman without weaves and skin lightening doing the same thing . Adam's last performances have been so over the top they've been almost comical , at least when Fantasia did it she delivered with passion and didn't appear to be using it as a showcase for her vocal runs . And Ruben a plankton eater ? I guess I know to some degree where the sentiments in this article are coming from.

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