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Some traders are all a'twitter over Twitter

From Monday's Globe and Mail

'Think of it as a human stock ticker' ...Read the full article

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  1. Craig Cooper from Toronto, writes: That is the dumbest thing I ever read.
  2. Hernando Villanueva from Andalucia, Canada writes: “I like to try and be trendy and keep up with senseless cultural events, and Twitter is another channel,” is what he meant....
  3. Mandip Kaur Sandher from Morriston, (near Guelph), Canada writes: re: 'who are trying to figure out how to use Twitter to tap into the collective consciousness of market participants and communicate more directly with clients'

    Twitter may appear 'trendy' the real juice is the 'collective consciousness' potential. True visionaries will see the potential of 'real time' market research and with the right algorithmic data analysis be able to apply the results to their business or environment.

    Traditional Focus Groups move over ... a whole new twist or should I say 'Twister' is emerging in market intelligence!
  4. Did you Know Canada?!? from Canada writes: Home pages, blogs, Myspace, Facebook and now Twitter! soon we will have mini Twitter called Dumpwitter.
  5. Hernando Villanueva from Andalucia, Canada writes: Mandip Kaur Sandher from Morriston , I appreciate where you're going with this and do not disagree, but an algorhithmic or higher level mathematics application to data that is incomplete and largely tripe still yields tripe.
  6. Overtaxed and underlaid from Canada writes: Yet another way to get someone else to do your work for you. E.G.:

    "“This guy trolls all the websites and reads things about Satyam [Computer Services Inc.] that would take me five days to go through. He finds summaries and posts them on Twitter,” says Mr. Liston, the Toronto-based director of research at Versant Partners."

    So Mr. Research Analyst, I hope your employer is paying you to cut and paste other people's research, because it's obvious you don't do any of your own.

    Yet another reason I don't trust a thing I read or hear from Bay St or Wall St.
  7. James Ford from Canada writes: Bearish on gold eh? It's up $14 today....

    Nice twits you listen to.
  8. Shades of Grey from Whitehorse, Canada writes: Sounds like a lot of noise.
  9. The Economic Hitman jr. from Vancouver, Canada writes: It seems pretty obvious that none of the above posters know the 1st thing about twitter.

    Stay ignorant, that's your plan?
  10. Hernando Villanueva from Andalucia, Canada writes: Hitman, seems pretty obvious you know nothing about business, mathematics, algorhithms, data sufficiency etc etc etc

    Stay focused on vapid nothings from twitter? Thats your plan?
  11. L T from Canada writes: Good post Overtaxed and underlaid from Canada. Maybe Mr. Liston is an MCPP... Micr0s0ft Copy & Paste Professional?
  12. Layne Lives On from Canada writes: Great, the stock market goes out of control because too much was happening to fast.

    So what is the plan?

    Lets go faster!!!!!!

    These guys are going to slit all our throats with their "cutting edge" excuses for greed.
  13. Cheryl Ratizzi from United States Outlying writes: See twitter/ipo_invest for a discussion of US, Canadian and Australian initial public offerings. About 160 followers including 2 billionaires.
  14. bagoverhead guy from Canada writes: I trade (and make money at it)...I don't have time during the trading day to be reading a bunch of anonymous chatter that might (or likely isn't) be relevant to what really is going on with a stock. Even if a twitter has some information deemed 'important'...they are not the 'market makers' who can move an issue with the click of a mouse.
  15. David Cesarini from Vancouver, Canada writes: Any mention of StockTwits should include a mention of, the service that allows you to share stock charts on Twitter
  16. Mark Holoubek from Ottawa, writes: Rumours are circulating that Apple is offering $700 million cash for Twitter...of course, we've heard all this before...
  17. F T from Toronto, Canada writes: Many pros are actually turning to twitter and not just in finance.
  18. Brian Bishop from Somewhere inside your mind, Canada writes: When it's suggested Twitter is "gaining traction among professional traders", who exactly are theses professional traders?

    Do they provide in depth financial details of their portfolios, is this information verified by anyone?

    Or are these professional traders simply people claiming to be such?

    I'm up over 95% since Jan 01, made close to 75 trades in that time, does that qualify me as a professional trader?

    Whether it does or doesn't matters not, I base my trading on valid information only, it's called the news, statistics & the economy.

    The day I start listening to Internet stock gossip, is the day I better start looking for a real job!
  19. Rational Voice from Canada writes: Tom - someone NOT to invest with. Believing crap someone tweets? Really smart plan... using a reliable source you can two way communicate with is far better.

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