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Charting the right course through an outbreak

From Monday's Globe and Mail

How can Infonaut build a market for a unique infection mapping system without appearing to exploit the flu outbreak? ...Read the full article

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  1. Watcher 1983 from Canada writes: This is stupid. Infonaut is offering a valuable service not exploiting a disease anymore than a nurse or a doctor is exploiting disease or injuries. This is a sad example of the marxist not for profit brain washing that is going on in this country. Infonaut's service is an example of how private initiative, free markets, and capitalism are supposed to work. On the other hand if Infonaut is consumed by guilt over doing a good and proper job why don't they just give the product of their labours away?
  2. Matthew D. from United States writes: Don't apologize for doing great work!
  3. marlene stobbart from High River, Canada writes: Map or chart the clusters but this isn't a century and half ago. This is the now. I predict for the next flu it shall be far worse then the one presently being experience but - will have similar aspects, and will be here by this fall. It will explode in the major cities wherein lies the greatest population.

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