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Big pharma's hunt for the big O

Globe and Mail Update

A pink Viagra remains as elusive as its goal. A new documentary reveals why. Zosia Bielski speaks with its director ...Read the full article

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  1. Edward Eh from Bathurst, NB, Canada writes: It's all in their darling minds. Can we talk?
  2. John Melnick from Canada writes: Sooooo, with swine flu raging, all big pharma can think of is to try and develop boner pills and female orgasm drugs?

    Good to know that their priorities are straight.
  3. Barrack Osama from Canada writes: Big Pharma is ALWAYS thinking of how to make the next pill to solve some of our live's problems, whether that's even possible to solve chemically like that or not (which is usually the case)... they gotta make their billions somehow ;)
  4. Ruby Christal from Edmonton, Canada writes: In parts of Europe, MDMA is used as a 'marriage therapy' drug.

    I think it does two things-

    First MDMA removes all anxiety from the situation, including performance anxiety, which after all is what this article seems to be about. Sisters have been doing it for themselves since forever. This is not an equipment problem.

    Second, MDMA promotes a greatly increased sense of intimacy between sex partners. The result is the opposite of wham, bam, thank you ma'm. And isn't intimacy what women really need to synchronize with men?

    I would say that sex for women involves a dramatically larger percentage of our skins, than is the case for most men. Start by kissing us all over our bodies, and then take us some place we've never been before. That would be my advice!

    BTW the street name for MDMA is Ecstacy. I would not touch the street garbage, as it is at best an uncharacterized substance and at worst a poison, but pharmaceutical-grade MDMA is a great idea. Lives are lost because of the lack of quality control on the street. This is one more reason to end the foolish, failed War on Drugs.
  5. SusieQ 321 from Canada writes: So the question becomes if there is no way to cause an orgasm... is there a way to stimulate the blood flow to those areas that need to be affected to make them more sensitive?

    Beyond that education and changing the stigma that surrounds sex for women would be interesting!
  6. BoB ImamI from Canada writes: ..//

    Wait one minute.

    The blue pill, for men is 'blood pressure' pill that had a side effect. The side effect was erection. The side effect wasn't O. There s no pill for either male or female that does that.

    Zosia, you said 'Since Viagra came on the market in 1998, companies have been racing to produce an equivalent for women'

    Since O in men was not part of the intent of the blue pill, why do you equate sustained hydraulics in men with O in women. They have NOTHING to do with each other. There is no equivalent erection necessity or state in women. The O you are talking about is elusive in men also, and not the purpose of the blue pill.

    Why de you equate hydraulics in men to O in women? This article makes women look stupid.

  7. Mark H from United States writes: 'John Melnick from Canada writes: Sooooo, with swine flu raging, all big pharma can think of is to try and develop boner pills and female orgasm drugs?

    Good to know that their priorities are straight. '

    Their priority is making money for the people who hold their stock in their RRSP's and 401(k)'s.
  8. Lee Turner from Canada writes: Isn't this the way with products marketed to women?

    First, tell women they are fat, ugly, old or unsexy (or any combination there of, in this case it's 'unsexy'), tell them they have a problem (do this through repeated bombardment in magazines with articles such as 'are you at risk for X' and 'medical experts' on talk shows), then offer the magic pill that solves everything in the same forum (big glossy ads in the same magazines, or that Charlatan Oprah can hawk your wares).

    Creating and preying on the insecurities of women is a multi-billion dollar industry, from drugs to cosmetics to weight loss to magazines.

    At least with men, all you have to do is suggest that buying product X will get them women. If I use the proper razor while drinking the right beer, women will be all over me, frollicking and caressing my face
  9. Edward Eh from Bathurst, NB, Canada writes: Hey Rev Dr BillyBob; What the hey are you afraid of? We are not pigs because we want the big O. Thanks to ONE WEEK on anti-depressants at the tender age of 65, Libido and the big O are strangers to me... Thank you Big Pharma!

    After all, the spoken love of a few lady friends over a couple of years was all I needed to heal.

    You know where you can put your accusations because I wish I could still share the 'gift' with a soul-mate as before.

    Ruby Christal: Very interesting post. May I add that I wasn't jesting with the first post. Seduction begins between her ears, and it has been demonstrated that we can give 'her' enormous pleasure, the big O included, without so much as touching her. It takes a special, caring mind of course.

  10. N J from Canada writes: As this article points out, it seems the real issue is a lack of proper sex education & an overwhelming ignorance of sexuality. How did that one woman not know that the majority of women don't climax without clitoral stimulation? How did her husband not know that? How is it even remotely acceptable that the anatomy lesson in sex ed classrooms still frequently omits the clitoris? Women are being played here by Big Pharma- when you don't know that much about your body & how it works, it's easy to believe there's something 'wrong' with you that a little pill should fix. Pills are for biological things like a blood pressure issue that creates problems with blood flow to the genitals (some women do experience that, but it certainly isn't half the female population!); pills will not fix ignorance of one's own sexuality. And that's a truth for both men & women.
  11. meca Forbes from JonesTown, Canada writes: Just exercise more and your boners and other tuff will be there. We are all too sedentary.
  12. Paul Pedersen from Ottawa, Canada writes: So 'spanish fly' turned out to be an urban myth after all.
  13. Susan Rogan from Canada writes: Orgasm starts and finishes in your mind. In fact, you can have an orgasm without any touching at all. You need to feel comfortable and sexy and good about yourself, and you pretty much have to have an object of desire. I'm not sure anyone's going to put all that in a pill.
  14. John Lansing from Canada writes: Susan speaks the truth. I'm suddenly reminded of some of my favourite passages from 'Beautiful Losers', as well. Thanks, Susan. :)
  15. Rob C from Canada writes: I remember learning the 'secret' about (most) women needing specific stimulation to get there - I had a hard time accepting there wasn't something wrong between us (or with me)...But here's another question related to the article: Why do we need a pill for this? Why don't all women have sex toys? They seem pretty popular and must be effective (go on any porn site to see them in action). They loom pretty fun 9for both partners - for guys to witness, for women to use) I maintain if they made them for men, you could buy them at any convenience store or gas station.
  16. Namidagawa Kizuna from Vancouver, Canada writes: Mikey Gault from The Moral Highground, Canada writes: Who cares? Women don't need orgasms to have kids. That's all that matters.

    Mikey, I don't know what to say... you owe all the women an apology (especially your mum who gave birth to you) and then undergo genital mutilation... then maybe you will see how absurd your sexist comments are.
  17. Feminism_Is_ A_Sickness from Canada writes: Affirmative Action is a racist and discriminatory process. Girls that get accepted into university are so dumb, they cannot even understand basic calculus. These logically stunted girls will be leading the world based on emotions and not sound logic. Larry Summers (Harvard) spoke out and was removed from a place of higher learning. When Free Thinking is not allowed in a university, and the students must blindly follow the sexist feminist oppression, the value of education is worthless.
  18. Feminism_Is_ A_Sickness from Canada writes: Girls were designed to be impregnated to becomes host for babies. Girls don't need to achieve orgasm. If girls want to lead happier lives, they need to reject the feminist hate. Feminists die angry, lonely, and with bitterness. After 40 years of feminist hate propaganda the general population has been brain-washed to blindly vilify anyone who criticizes the bigoted feminist hate policies. The brain dead will crawl out of the cracks to regurgitate the sexist feminist misandrist hate propaganda like gospel. The sexist feminist gender biased laws against men, and the abuse of the media are proof that the feminist hate is systemic. Feminism is a CULT that is based on sexist misandrist hate.
  19. Mikey Gault from The Moral Highground, Canada writes: Hey FeminismIs A_Sickness from Canada, you are a joke. My post was far more effective in being a troll than yours and I did it 90% fewer words. Get yourself an education!
  20. Sue Hickey from Grand Falls-Windsor, Canada writes: Funny ha-ha, Mr. Feminism Is A Sickness. Either the gentleman was just trying to be funny (and failed) or in a more ominous turn of phrase, is in the wrong country. Perhaps he should go to Afghanistan and join up with the xenophobic and misogynist Taliban. I know and understand calculus and I'm a girl. I study quantum physics and I'm a girl. I know people with Ph.D's in mathematics and they're girls. Perhaps Mr. Feminism should volunteer to be shut up in a box like Schroedinger's Cat and we can deduce after an hour, if the prussic acid is released, if he's dead or not. Take that, sir, and shove your derivatives up your limit - and tell me, have you stopped beating your wife or girlfriend yet? BTW, yet another argument for the Globe to insist that people have to post using their real names instead of stupid monikers.
  21. Jim Cohoon from Chilliwack, Canada writes: When subjects based in 'sex' like this come up (as they do more and more in postmodern culture), I am reminded of a few quotes. As 1960s feminist Betty Friedan lamented: 'The sellers have sexed the sex out of sex.' She was echoing what curmudgeon philosopher Malcolm Muggeridge also saw from that era of the 'sexual revolution': 'The orgasm has replaced the Cross as the focus of longing and the image of fulfilment.' All of which may have led to this observation by writer Philip Wylie: 'The USA is technically insane in the matter of sex.' The immediate sexual 'problem' of the postmodern era was possibly identified by Freud: 'It can be easily shown that the psychical value of erotic needs is reduced as soon as their satisfaction becomes easy.' This 'sexual dilemma' for humans (individually and collectively) may work itself out in neurotic ways, as implied by Viktor Frankl: 'Sexual libido most often becomes rampant in an existential vacuum', and by the 'dissident' feminist Camille Paglia: 'In sex, man is driven into the very abyss from which he flees.' A far existential cry from this from Wilhelm Reich: 'The core of happiness in life is sexual happiness', or from birthing guru Frederick Leboyer: 'To make love is to return to paradise.' Together, the quotes may validate this observation from Morris Berman: 'The modern Western preocupation with sex is really a symptom of continuum rupture. The search for a universe that is loving is the real issue here.' Ah yes, original sexologist Havelock Ellis may have been right, sex is the 'central problem of life.' In more ways than one.
  22. Stephen Dedalus from Canada writes: Lee Turner from Canada writes: 'At least with men, all you have to do is suggest that buying product X will get them women. If I use the proper razor while drinking the right beer, women will be all over me, frollicking and caressing my face.'

    I don't think I'm using the proper face, then. Anyway, this is a filthy, filthy thread. Orgasms shouldn't be discussed in public. They should be discussed only in bedrooms, phone booths and alleys, unless you happen to be somewhere else.
  23. Feminism_Is_ A_Sickness from Canada writes: Standards in North America are so low from Affirmative Action that any dumb girl can pass because no one will dare fail a dumb girl. That is the main reason why North America lags behind the rest of the world. Dumb girls are too dumb to know they are dumb. When logically stunted, emotionally unstable, and irrational girls are given PhDs, the future has no hope. Girls cannot control their emotions and will always behave like little children.
  24. Erbil K. from Germany writes: a pill that increases female desire - i sought this clooney guy does it ...
  25. mike hunt from Canada writes: female orgasm is a myth... no sense worrying too much about it.
  26. Alan xxxx from Canada writes: Erbil K.... very good. Reminds of the Raymond episode with 'preheating'
  27. Michele Foster from Toronto, Canada writes: Testosterone may increase libido and sexual functioning in women, but it often doesn't do so without side effects. Not all women with sexual 'trouble' have a deficiency in testosterone, and women in these situations who take testosterone sprays or pills, thereby having it enter the bloodstream, are at risk for having too much testosterone in their system. This results in side effects such as acne, hirsutism (hair growth - facial, body etc), hair loss on the head, and an increase in aggression. The side effects can be similar to steroids. The article irresponsibly neglects to mention this and makes these testosterone-based treatments sound like a possible miracle to sufferers, but the truth behind them is far more grim, and likely demonstrates why they have yet to be released, let alone FDA approved.
  28. Namidagawa Kizuna from vancouver, Canada writes: I think Sue Hickey is just trying to voice her opinions as a female... whether you like it or not, the female gender is still the oppressed gender in many parts of the world, even in Canada

    And yes, girls have wombs so that they can bear children, but let's stop that 'girls are just here to bear children and they don't need the joy or orgasm' mindset because girls are humans as well, not means to an end
  29. Alex C from Ottawa, Canada writes: Why look for love when there's better things to do!
  30. Tee Kay from Vancouver, Canada writes: Ruby Christal, MDMA is very sensual, but it's all but impossible to have sex on it if you require an erect penis.

    It may provide the answer for gay women though.
  31. N J from Canada writes: Namidagawa Kizuna- I applaud you for speaking up, but the poster who continues returning to these boards with juvenile sexist rants is just a troll. He's trying to make his day (life?) eventful by going to boards & simply posting whatever he thinks will upset people, then hoping to have fun watching everyone respond angrily. I doubt he even believes the stuff he's posting- it's more likely just a copy & paste job from some anti-Feminist website. You can bet he (or she perhaps) is on several other boards today (& every day) posting equally ridiculous rants on a number of random subjects- can't say I understand the appeal myself, but some people apparently get off on that kind of thing.
  32. Warren Reinhart from London, Canada writes: Many of the above poster have hit the nail on the head, the sexual satisfaction of a woman seems facilitated by emotional intimacy.

    Another factor which I find contributes to female sexual satisfaction is being comfortable with their own sexuality. In my experience women who admit to masturbating regularly reach orgasm more easily.

    Perhaps the best advice I have ever received is to preface intercourse with oral sex (on her ;). Works almost always, and facilitates multiple orgasms.
  33. Valkyrie 23 from Guelph, Canada writes: FeminismIs A_Sickness... Darling, you are such liar. You are not a misogynist, nor are you actually an adult. You are a teenager trying to get a rise out of people. Either that, or you are sad sad man with some deep-seated mommy issues. As a woman, and a feminist (in the original, true sense of the word, the word denoting a movement that was created to create equality for EVERYONE), I will only argue you on one point. You said that 'Feminists die angry, lonely, and with bitterness'... um, not really. I'm a feminist, I have a wonderful husband, a great job, and wonderful friends. I am not bitter, I am not lonely, and I am not angry. I'm not even angry at you, surprised as I am at that, because you, my friend, are a dying breed. Your kind will disappear some day, and all the reasonable men and women will be glad. You poor thing - I actually feel sorry for you. I wish you well as you head into the psychologist's office, and hope that someday you can cure all your mommy-issues and maybe learn that men are simply women with a different chromosome, and vice versa.
    You have no right to call Sue Hickey a slag. She is obviously an intelligent woman, and one who does not deserve your mommy-issue backdraft.
  34. Valkyrie 23 from Guelph, Canada writes: Warren Reinhart... about your last paragraph - very true! That's all I will say about that. ;)
  35. Bob M from Canada writes: I don't see any evidence that the problem is chemical. Rather, it seems an educational problem from the evidence presented (which is skimpy). Best wishes to women, though.
  36. W.A. Darnell from Canada writes: The makers of Scentuelle have understood the issue of female sexual desire and this product works on the emotional factors, not the chemical inducer that Big Pharma plays with. Their approach makes sense.
  37. Vancouver Viaduct from Canada writes:
    all women can attain the big O

    if your man is not up to it

    rub a little 'down there'

    it works, try it
  38. Political Solutions from Kitchener, Canada writes: 'The pink Viagra appears as elusive as its desired goal: the female orgasm. '

    The female orgasm is 'elusive'?!?
    Not when I'm in bed with them.
  39. Mike S. from London, Canada writes: The comments by FeminismIs A_Sickness reflect angry hate inspired prejudice, and should be removed. In fact, this person's rage is such that it could be the precursor for doing someone actual physical harm. If there is any way to track down who this person is, it should be done. They are in need of some serious help.
  40. Sue Hickey from Grand Falls-Windsor, Canada writes: Tee-hee. I'm a slag. I have arrived! Won't even justify a response to the gentleman, the 'Feminism Is A Sickness' fellow who is obviously too cowardly to use his name. As for the Big O, two things here. If a woman (or a man, actually) is not in the mood, it's not low sexual drive. It's just being tired after the end of the day. And second, read your Homer or Hesiod, or Wiki 'Tireisas,' the man who was also a female for seven years. (I believe the gods were responsible for the transformation). When he was changed back into being a man, the goddess Hera asked him to share his experiences and answer who derives the most pleasure from sexual activity - the man or the woman. He said 'the woman' and Hera, angry that he would disclose one of the women's sacred mysteries, struck him blind. She realized the wrong she had committed, but could not change that. So she then gave Tireisas the gift of prophecy! (There a book, too, called 'Nine Parts of Desire,' based on the Islamic tale that when Allah created man and woman and the gift of sexual desire and awakening, women got nine parts and man only one - a tale that once again alludes to the physical complexity of female sexuality. We're all wonderful, women, and so are the men (or lesbian partners) who love us and appreciate the true equality of a loving sexual relationship. (I'm married, BTW!)
  41. Li Chi Ho from Saskatoon, Canada writes: The pursuit of the female orgasm -- as elusive a goal as clean fusion energy or interstellar space travel.
  42. kat i from Whitby, Canada writes: We don't need a pill; we need a partner we are attracted to. It all starts in the head. Most women will allow themselves to reach ecstasy with a partner with whom trust has been established.
  43. J Lee from Canada writes: If you want a fabulous sex life all you need to do is follow the TV ads. Listen up. Great shiny hair, shaved legs, weight loss programs, more new shoes, tight jeans, boob jobs, hair conditioning, hair colouring, sexy for women deodorants, tight tank tops, hair cleansers and conditioners and a new flexy leg shaver. It's your Venus power! Plus watch the talk show where women talk about all their nasty bf's or how to catch a man at the super-market. Or maybe you need to think that biologically males are different from females and that it isn't a god given right to have an orgasm a day. And that's supposed to be your man's problem too!
  44. Whitney Dodman from Waterloo, Canada writes: Wouldn't she have to be in the mood to take the pill? Unless you are going to slip her a mickey, you might as well do it the old fashioned way!

    'The little man in the boat ... he's right here!'
    ~Hank Moody
  45. Sebastian Cobe from Calgary, Canada writes: Not possible. I have to drastically change all my techniques every time I have sex with someone new.
  46. kat i from Whitby, Canada writes: Sebastian, that tells me you don't know where a woman's sweet spot is.... ha ha ha.
  47. Robin Smythe from TO, Canada writes: It annoys me when people say this is just big pharmaceutical companies trying to invent diseases to make money. Of course most women don't need this, but there are actually women out there who have legitimate sexual dysfunctions. A couple of my girlfriends just can't orgasm, by themselves or otherwise, even when they're incredibly aroused. It makes sex feel frustrating for them, and they would love it if there was an orgasm pill.

    [Also, kat i, Sebastian is right that not all women respond to the same techniques :)]
  48. kat i from Whitby, Canada writes: Robin, last time I checked, women couldn't reach an orgasm through a foot massage. If your girlfriends haven't figured it out yet, how can you expect a man to take them there?
  49. PC Montreal from Canada writes: Geez FeminismIs A_Sickness, when was the last ime you got laid? Somebody find this man a girlfriend, quick!
  50. Sue City from Canada writes: Hey 'Feminism-is-a-sickness' - I hope I never run into you in the street.

    Please tell me you are eff-ing joking.
  51. Sue City from Canada writes: Hey Mike Hunt - Mi Kehunt disagrees.
  52. Simon Fogel from Toronto, Canada writes: Don't they already have ecstacy and cocaine for this?
  53. M. Simpson from Canada writes: Young people usually don't have any 'sexual dysfunction' problems. The problem is, that old guys just don't want to lay down and 'die', (heck, they even got the little blue pill to keep them keeping on), so now they have to work on the pink pill for the old ladies, because there are all these old geezers running around with erections and nowhere to go.
    Sex is for the young. Old people (should) drink.
  54. Hee Hoo Sai from Canada writes: Think diaper changing, early morning trips to the baby sitter and paying for the privilege. Need more than a pill to make that feel good. Kid's father around or paying support, gee, it keeps getting better and better.
  55. globefan Eh from Canada writes: Women have brains, and big pharma does not..Women engage brains before orgasm, big pharma is woefully ignorant.
  56. M E from Canada writes: Does 'Big Pharma' live in a cave somewhere with Bigfoot? It's hilarious how people (the pampered middle class) who have benefited the most from modern medicine and capitalism get off the most on conspiracy theories about them.

    Globefan, your post is none too coherent, but I suspect you mean that for women mental stimulation is what leads to orgasms. This does play a role, but as with men, sometimes the problem is physiological. In this case, I see no problem with a woman taking a pill to get more enjoyment out of sex.
  57. Candice Bond from Toronto, Canada writes: The idea of "Pink Viagra" has been around since, well, Viagra. Every couple of years, Big Pharma gets bored, and announces some new R&D "breakthrough". It's just a publicity stunt, a free reminder about their existing lifestyle products. This free advertising is aimed at the men, not at us.

    They probably already know that a female viagra is unlikely to ever be profitable, because there's just not enough demand. Besides, we've had our own "sex drug" (tested safely on feminists) for fifty years. We call it "The Pill".
  58. Been There Done It from Canada writes: Try the tongue. Works every time.
  59. Rana Sahib from Canada writes:
    "Been There Done It from Canada writes: Try the tongue. Works every time."

    This would be quite challenging for most women, perhaps even a potential health hazardous for most.
  60. glop male from US, United States writes: Guys, how many lanes did you say you wanted on that bridge from Los Angeles to Australia?
  61. J S from Canada writes: Men, if you want your partner to have multiple orgasms nearly every time you have sex, pay attention to her needs. If you can be in-tune with what your partner enjoys you'll never ever need this pill. Now, what I need are shoulder pads to keep the teeth marks at bay...
  62. Graeme Dempster from Canada writes: Will a generic version will soon be cheaply available to the poor in Sub-Saharan Africa?
  63. Lyn Alg from Canada writes: The hunt for the 'Big O'. Yes, folks, the big 'ORGAN' will always do it. Trust me - size does matter!
  64. Been There Done It from Canada writes: Rana Sahib from Canada writes:
    "Been There Done It from Canada writes: Try the tongue. Works every time."

    This would be quite challenging for most women, perhaps even a potential health hazardous for most.

    I suggest getting a partner.
  65. Tatvam Asi from Saanich, Canada writes: Tiresias was right - most men have orgasm but really don't get that much pleasure - the woman gets most of that, even without the orgasm. Both sexes have a big fraction that's endlessly on the hunt for what they'll never get.

    If you relax and enjoy what there is - you may find - that's as good as it gets.

    Enjoyment is experience of the good - and the good is is being right with reality.
  66. Seasoned Warrior from Been down so long it looks like up to me, Canada writes: M.Simpson from Canada writes: Young people usually don't have any 'sexual dysfunction' problems. The problem is, that old guys just don't want to lay down and 'die', (heck, they even got the little blue pill to keep them keeping on), so now they have to work on the pink pill for the old ladies, because there are all these old geezers running around with erections and nowhere to go.
    Sex is for the young. Old people (should) drink.

    That is hilarious. Obviously you are young, so your ignorance about sex is understandable. For many of us it isn't until you are in your 50's and 60's that you really get great sex. And we don't need alcohol or drugs to enhance it either.
  67. Art Harrison from Canada writes: I think the reality is that every single woman is an individual and is a unique combination of physiological and psychological makeup that essential rules out any kind of blanket solution, assuming that any solution is really required.
    I have never met two women with exactly the same requirements for sexual pleasure or with the exactly same responses to whatever techniques I might employ in trying to assist them with reaching orgasm. Some women reach multiple orgasms relatively easily while others seem to be only capable of one comfortable orgasm and are happy with that.
    To assume that providing a drug will provide all women with the same response is simplistic and misdirected.
  68. My eyes are open, Are yours? from Canada writes: Best time I ever had was with someone I never wanted to see again. He was entertaining, though.

    Warren, what're you doing later? ;-)
  69. kat i from Whitby, Canada writes: My eyes are open, Are yours? from Canada writes: Best time I ever had was with someone I never wanted to see again. He was entertaining, though.


  70. Candice Bond from Canada writes: Has it occurred to anyone that sometimes "I'm just not in the mood" means exactly that?
  71. BC Philosopher from Canada writes: Funny how so much of the greatest wisdom is in stories and lessons we long ago forgot, and doomed we are to repeat those mistakes.

    Women do get substantially more from sexual interaction than men, they also potentially pay a higher price, its a genetic trade off. Men are genetically inclined to seek sex out actively precisely because what we get from it is kind of lackluster. Without the strong genetic pull men would likely only desire sex for procreation, as is the pull is more irritating than helpful much of the time.

    I obviously can't speak for a woman but I can speak for a man and I will say the mental part of it matters even to guys. The mechanics of male sex are just so simplistic that it makes little physical difference. But I can assure you the average man enjoys it substantially more if he feels close/loving/bonded to the woman he is with. If you can't sort out your own head a bit how can you expect your lover to sort it out through your body.
  72. Tinfoil Hatt from Canada writes:
    Susan Rogan from Canada writes: In fact, you can have an orgasm without any touching at all.

    Men can do that, too. But we call it 'premature ejaculation'.

  73. King's Knight from Canada writes: Maybe they should team up with that travelling monologue group, then everyone would be happy!

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