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Cowboy Couture

These boots are made for rockin'

From Saturday's Globe and Mail

Liberty Boot Co. founder Tony Benattar designs hand-tooled boots that are covered in pin-up girls, skulls and "satanic stitching. He has a novel way of getting celebrities to notice his premium footwear. ...Read the full article

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  1. Hopelessly Hoping from Toledo, Canada writes: Smart guy...gets to do something he loves and charge an arm and a leg (and perhaps a foot?) for it.

    Editor: The city of "Leon", the Mexican industrial city with a large leather-working industry, is spelled without an "e", and with an accent on the "o".
  2. Casa Canadiana from Canada writes: The first time I saw some Liberty Boots up close, I thought they should be in a museum. They are really works of art. I look forward to the Cameron show every year. I'd never spend that much money on a pair of Manolos, but if I had a spare thousand or two kicking around, some of these babies would be on my shopping list. Glad to see Mr. Benattar getting some coverage!
  3. Robert Bland from Calgary, Canada writes:
    Cowboy boots designed in the east and marketed to the Hollywood crowd?

  4. Walter K from Victoria, Canada writes: Actually, I will put my money on the Alberta Boot Co. Canadian made in Calgary. These boots are constructed from the best materials available that will last a wearer for years of use maintaining good appearance. I own several pairs from a light weight Kangaroo to a brushed soft Bull hide. You can get them off the shelf or customized.
    Hollywood is nice but we have got some of the best boots in the world right here in Canada.

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