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Suck it up, Fuzion foes

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

No more sneers from wine snobs: The people have spoken and they love the little Argentine wine that could ...Read the full article

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  1. Max Canuck from Gatineau, Canada writes: Bravo Mr. Crosariol! I'm always on the lookout for good, reasonably-priced wine, regardless of the economic climate. As you point out, those of us who live in "La Belle Province" have had the pleasure of Fuzion for the past couple of years. Plus, living in the Ottawa/Gatineau area, one has the opportunity to do some inter-provincial shopping for wine!

    Keep up the good work.
  2. Anthony Stewart from Canada writes: I'm one of the many seekers of $10 and under bottles these days. However I know there are better bargains to be had than Fuzion (even at the LCBO).

    Actually I think it's sad that we are so inured to bad wine that we find 13.5% alcohol acceptable. Fuzion is yet another 'vin de pute', one that leaves you with regret as soon as it's been paid for and downed. Better to splurge another couple of loonies and get a mediocre red that you can live with the morning after.
  3. Bob Duvan from Toronto, Ont, Canada writes: Another article written in a style more suitable to the SUN than the Globe as we used to know and treasure. No wonder Ontarians who sop up this drivel also tolerate the slovenly condescension from our government run alcohol outlets.
  4. Libra - from Burlington, Canada writes: Take a crowd of like minded souls with a unified purpose and you get predictable results. Recently in politics this brought Stephane as a Liberal leader. And before that Day as Reform leader... not to dwell on politics BBB has a following with predictable results - cheap but drinkable plonk. In keeping with Billy's wine philosphy the main idea was to have a fun evening with a fun wine. Perhaps Fuzion red and white will replace Yellow Tail as the next cash cow for the LCBO. this will put it in the $15 range with a new label. Sour grapes maybe?
  5. Reality Cheque from Canada writes: Fuzion is fine for what it is, and I'm not surprised that it won an under-$10 event. (And the white is simply remarkable for the price.)

    However, there are people out there who think it stands up to significantly more expensive wine, and that's where I disagree.

    I'd be curious to see what would happen if Fuzion were used as a ringer in blind tastings of more expensive wines.

    I suspect it would hold its own vs much of the competition at around $15, start to trail at $20, and be routinely outclassed at anything over $25. (Though occasionally coming out ahead of the inevitable overpriced mediocrities.)

    However, the hitch is that there are also value stars at all those price levels, so if you're willing to spend $15 instead $8, there are options that are markedly better than Fuzion.

    Libra: say what you will, this wine is hugely better than Yellowtail. If it displaces that stuff, I'm all for it, though inevitably that does mean a higher price. They're obviously making enormous quantities of it for next to nothing thanks to cheap Argentine land and labour, but even those resources are finite.
  6. rod clifton from writes: Please stop writing about wines under $15! The 3 nearby (if driving 5kms is nearby...) LCBO stores are always cleaned out by 11am Saturday of the wines mentioned in Mr Crosaroil's musings. I have only been able to try this Fuzion once in the weeks since it was first mentioned when I found 2 bottles standing like lonely soldiers awaiting their orders to march! It was certainly drinkable and far better value than that annoying Yellow Tail mouthwash.
  7. Libra - from Burlington, Canada writes: Reality Cheque: Didn't mean to compare Fuzion with Yellow Snail. Just trying to say in a convoluted way that putting Fuzion 'Reserva' on the same stuff and pricing it higher then adding a bubbly Fuzion along with the White Fuzion plus another Reserva White will expand the options for Fuzion buyers. I can see shelves of Familia Zuccardi labels in LCBO's future.
    You made some excellent points in your comment btw. Cheers,
  8. NotASpoiledAthelete - from Canada writes: This wine reminds me a lot of the DaVinci Code and those who read it..

    People who mention it believe they know a heck of a lot more on the subject than they actually do...

    It's more, no less.
  9. John Wiernikowski from Hamilton, Canada writes: Although it wouldn't make the $10 cut, another old world favourite of mine is Da Lucca, Primitivo/Merlot, at 10.95 @ the LCBO this is a rich and intense wine that is light enough for pasta, but has enough oomph for something more hearty like osso bucco. The primitivo (Zinfandel) predominates, with the Merlot added to soften things up and enrich the fruitiness.

  10. Mark Spitz from Why Wine?, Canada writes:
    I disagree about this fuzion wine. I bought and drank a few bottles of this fuzion and I admit it was a decent tasting wine for the price, but nothing special. It didnt inspire me to go buy more bottles and certainly not a case. I think there are much better tasting wines available and countless choices so I would not spend effort drinking this wine again. There are plenty of other outstanding wines that deserve my attention and affection.
  11. G T from Toronto, Canada writes: Fuzion is a fantastic wine for the price. It easily holds its own against many $15 bottles, many of which we have been disappointed with. We are neither wine experts or noobs, we are just looking for a good wine for a good price and Fuzion rocks. We in fact were introduced to it by friends whom we would regard as knowledgeable about wine. As an aside, try Argento as well. Excellent value for $9.95.
  12. t khyungpo from Canada writes: An 'Old World' wine, Candidato tempranillo at $7.95 is the best value in the LCBO, and those Billybottle people missed it.
  13. joe garcia from Canada writes:
    Re: LCBO’s #1 Selling wine...

    Good Wine is like Good Music, where there is absolutely NO correlation between quality and volume.

    Sorry if I offended any Britney Spears or Andrés Baby Duck fans.
  14. Reality Cheque from Canada writes: Libra, go to and type in Zuccardi for a possible glimpse of your future...
  15. Libra - from Burlington, Canada writes: Reality Cheque: Thanks for the insight ( but it's not my future.
    Back to YT: I last tasted Yellow Tail in mid 2007 and most went down the drain. Fuzion is drinkable by comparison but I'll save up the extra toonies for wines with more character. 'You get what you pay for' In the case of the LCBO 'Sometimes you get what you pay for' although lately it's been 'Seldom you get what you pay for'. Cheers,
  16. Reality Cheque from Canada writes: I tend to agree. Although I buy Fuzion occasionally, it's mainly as cooking wine and/or simple weeknight fare. It doesn't leave me with any particular urge to try the maker's other offerings. Still a good value for the price, though.
  17. Pat Bryan from Port Hope, Canada writes: "No label snobbery, or price prejudice" A little difficult to have either, surely, when all 24 entries were priced under $10?

    What a fatuous column!
  18. The Pender Dude from Lotusland BC, Canada writes: Anyone still thinking there is a correlation between the price of a bottle of wine and the quality should read the American Association of Wine Economist, working paper 16. You might be surprised.
  19. T Ronto from Canada writes: Anybody ever tried Misterio Malbec from Finca Flichman? Beats Fuzion to the ground hands down. And, I think David Lawrason, who used to write for this paper, rated it as one of the ten best LCBO listings under $10.00 in Toronto Life.
  20. D T from Canada writes: Beppi finishes his column with a plug for a Riedel glassware. Now there's a product for people with more money than sense. No blind tasting for Riedel .. the tasting will undoubtedly be 'guided' as usual. The 'science' behind this product is laughable.
  21. david scott from philadelphia, United States writes: The URL cited in this article is wrong: events.html

    The correct URL is

    The lack of a forward slash in the URL wasted 15 minutes of my time hunting for the cited discussion on billy's website.
  22. green guy from Canada writes: Sorry Beppi- tried it and could not finish the bottle. Way too much hype
  23. Morris Dancer from Canada writes: I have been drinking Fuzion since the fall. Sure there are others that cost twice as much that are at least half again better...but given my druthers over having 1 glass of a $15 dollar wine or 2 glasses of Fuzion...

    Unless of course someone else is paying...
  24. prose peruse from vancouver, calgary, toronto, Canada writes: yellow tail is crap - people are sheep!~
  25. The Maestro from Canada writes: I like Fuzion. As a non-expert, I find it drinkable and versatile. I did buy a couple of cases, and it makes a great casual gift. Unfortunately, as a non-alcoholic and parent of young ones, I do not have as many opportunities to drink as wines and spirits that Mr. C. can recommend.
  26. Chris Edwards from Canada writes: I'm already getting over it. It's attractive that you can buy two bottles of Fuzion for the price of one good Ontario wine, but honestly, I find it a bit cloying. Great for that "end of the party" nightcap when the wine is being lashed back fairly indiscriminately, or perhaps a regular weeknight if paired with fairly simple fair.

    My concern is that the 2007 came and went, the 2008 is being mass produced but is still hard to find, we'll be drinking the 2009 by Labour Day, and the 2010 will be available for Christmas! :-)
  27. Micha C from Canada writes: There is always some cheap fad wine of the moment, and it always gets absurd over-the-top raves from non-oenologues - best wine I've ever had, knocks Lafite-Rothschild into a cocked hat, etc. etc. And it always gets done to death eventually. The worst of it is that people try it once and immediately rush out to buy six cases of it because it seems such good value, without considering that by about halfway through the second case they will have had just about enough.

    When I was a child and just beginning my wine-drinking career, my family once spent the better part of a year drinking some cheap Californian 'chablis' (this was in the mid-90s when such things were fashionable). No doubt it must seemed classically 'buttery' to begin with, but as time (and our palates) wore on, the comparison with margarine - or possibly axle grease - became irresistible. By the end we were so disgusted with it that it was years before any of us could bring ourselves to touch any kind of chardonnay again, even good Burgundy. So be careful what you buy in bulk, children...
  28. Micha C from Canada writes: As for the Fuzion stuff, it's perfectly decent barbecue wine. I certainly prefer it to the previous fad for Australian merlots that tasted of boiled sweets, though that's not saying much.

    The all-important point is that you have to decant it for an hour or so before drinking, as it is pretty vile straight out of the bottle.

    A vastly superior cheap plonk is the very unprepossessing-souding Black Anvil shiraz from California - $8.95. Needless to say, it has been DISCONTINUED by the LCBO...

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