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The week's top videos

Globe and Mail Update

Surprizing exactly no one, it looks like Globe readers are a big fan of Obama. Just like last week, his Canadian visit tops the most-viewed list, this time with a clip from Byward Market that garnered 14,873 views.

At the end of a long day of meetings, the U.S. President and his 50-car motorcade took an unscheduled detour to buy souvenirs and talk to local residents. Mr. Obama picked up cookies and a keychain for his daughters.

2. How to care for wine glasses (Globe video) 10,937 views

In his weekly Decanter video, the Globe's wine columnist Beppi Crosariol tells you how to get glasses to sparkle every time.

3. Stewart pokes fun at Obamawa (The Canadian Press) 10,523 views

The American comedian devoted about two minutes of his opening bit to Obama's wildly successful visit to Ottawa last Thursday

4. The red carpet wrap (The Associated Press) 9,962 views

Raw footage from red carpet: stars shine before Hollywood's big night.

5. Chen hopes sex picture scandal will fade (The Canadian Press) 6,963

Chinese-Canadian celebrity whose private sex pictures with several Hong Kong starlets set off an Internet firestorm says he hopes the women involved will soon put this behind them

6. Fish pedicure banned (The Associated Press) 6,870 views

A trendy pedicure with fish that nibble dead skin from the feet has been nipped in the bud. The Florida Board of Cosmetology has banned the procedure, even before it was known to be offered anywhere in the state.

7. Levy case solved? (The Associated Press) 6,557 views

Investigators in the 2001 slaying of Chandra Levy in Washington, DC have prepared an arrest warrant in the case, a person close to the investigation said Saturday

8. Here's what a sucker's rally looks like (Globe video) 6,251 views

David Berman, the Globe's market blogger, discusses why Tuesday's rally wasn't really sustainable

9. RRSPs: the conservative approach (Globe video) 6,198 views

Effective retirement planning requires careful thinking about needs, goals and investments. For some perspective on how to best tackle these issues, Rob Carrick recently sat down with Malcolm Hamilton from Mercer Human Resource Consulting.

10. Seven hours of Obama (The Canadian Press) 5,298 views

U.S. President Barack Obama sprinted through Ottawa for seven hours Thursday. The President managed to cram a lot into his tight schedule


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