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Top 10 Videos this week

Globe and Mail Update

History was made late last month as the world's second set of live octuplets were born to a Southern Californian woman.

While three of the babies required oxygen initially - a common occurrence with premature babies whose bodies aren't always strong enough to pump ample air into their liquid-filled lungs - and two required ventilators, all six boys and two girls were quickly able to breathe on their own.

Days later, an ethical debate erupted as it was learned that the woman had six children already.

In an interview, the mother says she had six embryos implanted in her fertility procedure, far more than industry guidelines recommend under ordinary circumstances, and was well aware that multiple births could result. The video of that discussion garnered 9,503 views, making it our most-watched video this week

2. Japanese whaling ship confrontation  8,177 views

Footage of conservationists being hit by a water cannon and  hunks of metal and golf balls in a clash Monday in icy Antarctic waters, an anti-whaling group said.

3. Brown-Rihanna no-show 7,759 views

Los Angeles police say Chris Brown has turned himself in to authorities investigating an alleged felony battery involving the singer. Jordin Sparks, Busta Rhymes and Estelle respond to the incident.

4. 'Hell and all its fury': 6,899 views

Entire towns have been seared off the map by wildfires raging through southeastern Australia, burning people in their homes and cars and raising the death toll Sunday to 84, making it the country's deadliest fire disaster

5. Koala rescue 6,676 views

A firefighter finds a koala moving gingerly on her scorched paws after wildfires sweep Australia. 'Sam' accepted a bottle of water and is now recovering at a wildlife shelter.

6. Jericho under investigation 6,555 views

Police are investigating to see if wrestling superstar Chris Jericho was involved in a scuffle with fans following an event in British Columbia

7. Don't stand so close to me 5,966 views

Reporters have been asked to stand five feet back from Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty when posing questions.

8. Ice floe rescue 4,944 views

Reporters have been asked to stand five feet back from Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty when posing questions.

9. The wine guy 4,917 views

Go ahead, call over the sommelier the next time you're dining in style. Beppi Crosariol tells you everything you need to know about the role of the sommelier in your restaurant experience

10. Octuplets' mom says 14 kids are enough 4,712 views

Nadya Suleman says her eight new babies are a sign from God that she has enough children.

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