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Downtown Eastside crackdown misguided, groups say

From Thursday's Globe and Mail

Police increase tickets, street checks ...Read the full article

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  1. Popeye Dillon from North Vancouver, Canada writes: Last week the Vancouver Province had a series of articles on the history and the current situation in the DTES called "Phoneix Rising." Although always rough around the edges from the pioneer era this area was at one time the working class "Paris" of the city. The rot began when Japan town residents were interned during World War Two. That's how far back this really goes. Blunder after blunder by city councils and provincial governments over generations have led to this mess. The G&M should run those articles, they really opened my eyes.
  2. John Dixon from Vancouver, Canada writes: I agree that hassling homeless people for jaywalking and other silly offences doesn't solve anything. How about serious arrests for drug dealing and possession? Drugs are the problem. Plain and simple. Harm reduction is fine as long as there's enforcement and most importantly prevention to go along with it. BC's laissez-faire attitude toward pot cultivation leads to a societal tolerance of drug use of all sorts. Too bad the largest contributor to the economy here is drug money.
  3. Lexus Spyder from Toronto, Canada writes: .

    Vancouver man, what a DUMP!
  4. Hannah Smith from Vancouver, Canada writes: Ticketing for minor infractions, like riding without a helmet, in one area of town because their is a drug problem there is ludicrous! Aggressive policing like this is singling out poor people who happen to inhabit a certain area of town. Isn't that a violation of rights and freedoms as well as, perhaps, a bit racist - for lack of a better word at the minute - ?

    What about all the hipsters on their fixies in the SoMa area who almost never wear helmets? Are they getting ticketed for riding without helmets too? I am there all the time and I see police pass through frequently yet I have never ever seen any of these non-helmet riding people ever being spoken to even, let alone ticketed.

    (Sorry, for pointing you hipsters out, because I love you guys, but helmets exist for a reason! I worked with far too many head injuries to ever ride without mine. I really appreciate being able to wipe my own butt! Yes, a head injury can lead to life in a chair, not just spinal injuries!!)

    As a result of never seeing any one of these people ticketed, I thought police were not ticketing for violating the helmet law in Vancouver. I guess you have to down and out to be targeted.

    The Police need to take a step back and look at the evidence that this sort of aggressive policing produces. Focus on the drug dealers, not the addicts, not the poor, not the mentally ill.

    How about helping people cross the road, showing them how they could perhaps get assistance to purchase a helmet (if such a program exists) etc... Guidance is far more useful in the long term than shaking your finger at people and punishing them for not knowing or not being able to attain what is required.
  5. eric kendall from Vancouver, Canada writes: It's all futile because virtually all these people will not pay any tickets, and there will be no repercussions. Remember too that the judiciary refuses to jail anyone no matter how many crimes they commit.
  6. Dan V from N.Vancouver, Canada writes: Dear citizens,

    I would hope that everyone gets treated equally, regardless of their background, beliefs, etc.

    Therefore, like anywhere else, OBEY THE LAW and you won't have a problem.

    It's a pretty simple solution really!!!

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