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Experts on fresh solutions

Our readers debated as our reporters blogged from the public forum hosted Tuesday night by The Globe, CTV and UBC at Robson Square campus

Globe and Mail Update

On March 24, The Globe, in partnership with CTV and the University of British Columbia, brought together experts with fresh solutions for the Downtown Eastside at a sold-out public forum.

Live Blog

You can relive the the debate on our live blog below and at


Video of the public forum is now available.

The Experts

Gregory Henriquez Gregory Henriquez: The Architecture Solution

Vancouver architect Gregory Henriquez is the author of Towards an Ethical Architecture. Mr. Henriquez is the architect on the Woodward's building, a mixed-income development in the Downtown Eastside. Woodward's is a bold experiment: When it opens later this year, the development will see wealthy condo dwellers living cheek-by-jowl with the poor living in 200 subsidized units.

Mr. Henriquez answered your questions live on Feb. 18. Click here to see Mr. Henriquez's responses.

Aprodicio LaQuian Aprodicio Laquian: The international development solution

Aprodicio Laquian is an emeritus professor of human settlement at the University of British Columbia and author of Beyond Metropolis, a book exploring ways to improve the lives of slum-dwellers in mega-cities such as Mumbai and Manila. In 1991 he moved to Vancouver from New York.

Prof. Laquian answered your questions live Feb. 24. Click here to see Mr. Laquian's responses.

Jim Green Jim Green: The democratic solution

Jim Green is a former city councillor and co-founder of the Portland Hotel Society. Today, the Portland Hotel Society runs the Downtown Eastside's controversial safe injection site.

Mr. Green answered your questions live Tues., March 3. Click here to see Mr. Green's responses.

Margo Fryer Margo Fryer: The education solution

Margo Fryer is the founding director of the UBC Learning Exchange, a storefront education program based in the Downtown Eastside. The exchange sees volunteer UBC students and faculty teach everything from basic computer skills to English-as-a-second language classes.

Ms. Fryer answered your questions March 9. Read the discussion here.

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Speak your mind

With the 2010 Olympics coming to Vancouver, the eyes of the world will be on the city's Downtown Eastside. The millions poured into the neighbourhood seem to have had little impact on its squalor, its people or their problems with addiction. What should be done? Where would you start? How would you fix Canada's slum?


Public Forum:

On March 24 at 7 p.m. PT, The Globe, in partnership with CTV and the University of British Columbia, will bring together experts with fresh solutions for the Downtown Eastside at a public forum at UBC’s Robson Square campus.


For tickets, call toll-free 1-866-545-0016.
Update (March 6, 2009): Tickets are now SOLD OUT


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