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Top 10 Videos this week

Top 10 Videos this week

Globe and Mail Update

Earlier this week, four students from Humber College accomplished what their teachers are calling a technological first: They called outer space with a home-build radio.
Their call to the International Space Station was received by astronaut Sandra Magnus.

One student asked how well the International Space Station is protected from debris, while another wanted to know how it feels to see Earth from space.

"Up here I've seen the world from a different viewpoint," Ms. Magnus replied. "I see it as a whole system, I don't see it as a group of individual people or individual countries.

"We are one huge group of people and we're all in it together."

The story itself attracted tens of thousands of page views, while the video was watched 16,940 times, making it our most viewed this week.

2. Oz 'stinking hot' (Associated Press) 13,830 page views

After six days of 40-degree weather, heat was the possible cause of a number of deaths across Australia. Dozens of homes were destroyed by wildfire, while Adelaide was expected to match its worst heat wave in a century.

3. Bale goes ballistic (Associated Press) 13,239 page views

The Dark Knight star is caught on tape ripping into the Director of Photography on the set of Terminator: Salvation. His minutes-long tirade contained a healty dose of profanity. Unfortunately, as a family publication, we'll have to refrain from publishing the unedited version.

4. Portraits of a market meltdown (Globe video) 6,253 page views

Globe photographer Sami Silva and reporter Bert Archer head to downtown Toronto to see how people are coping with the economic meltdown.

5. Phelps's bong show (Associated Press) 5,887 page views

Michael Phelps was caught on camera inhailing from a water pipe, often used to smoke marijuana. Kellogg Co. has since pulled its sponsorship of the Olympic athlete, but the real question we'd like answered is whether Phelps's lung capacity is a boon outside of the pool as well.

6. E-Trade's vulgar baby (CTV) 5,637 page views

It's not often that outtake overshadow a company's actual advertisement, but E-Trade may have done just that with it's Super Bowl spot. Nothin quite like a baby declaring: "I want to punch the economy in the face," to help us stop worrying about our RRSPs. 

7. Get the most from your grapes (Globe video) 5,238 page views

In his weekly Decanter video, Life columnist Beppi Crosariol discusses how to pair wine with the right glass, in order to get the most out of a grape's aroma and flavour.

8. Blagojevich on Letterman (Associated Press) 5,080 page views

Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich made his way around the talk-show circuit, defending himself against charges of corruption and alledgedy attempting to sell Barack Obama's vacated Senate seat. Here, he faces the fire on CBS's Late Show with David Letterman

9. St. Pierre prevails in UFC 94 (Associated Press) 4,799 page views

UFC welterweight champion scored a convincing win over lightweight title-holder B.J. Penn, recording a TKO after four rounds in the main event of UFC 94 at Las Vegas

10. Skydive instructor dies during jump (Associated Press) 4,763 page views

A soldier made his first skydive on Saturday, strapped to an instructor. The free fall seemed to be going well, then things got too quiet. According to an initial coroner's report, the instructor was having a fatal heart attack.

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