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Globe and Mail Update

The dramatic splashdown of US Airways Flight 1549 into the Hudson River in New York City was an event that caught the eyes of the world. The heroic actions of the flight crew saved hundreds of lives and the pilot was lauded for his smooth and courageous handling of the crisis. The crash landing was caught by the many surveillance cameras dot the New York skyline. Since the crash landing on Thurs. Jan. 15, a steady supply of footage has emerged showing ever new perspectives of the dramatic event.

The most recent video, released by energy company Consolidated Edison, shows in dramatic fashion, how quickly the passengers on the plane made it out of the cabin and onto the wings after landing. The video from the Associated Press topped our top-10 most viewed videos for the week ending Fri. Jan. 30. It garnered more than 20,179 page views.

2. The prince's breakup (Associated Press) 12,089 page views

These are tough times for Prince Harry. When the third-in-line for the British Throne isn't being caught on camera uttering racial slurs, or talking up barmaids in Calgary, he is getting dumped by his girlfriend, Chelsy Davy. The pair split amicably last week after five years of dating, royal sources alleged. It was reported that Ms. Davy grew tired of the Prince's lifestyle and their time apart. She is back at university in Leeds, apparently.

3. Doug Tingley: Job security and EI (Globe and Mail) 10,380 page views

As part of's coverage of the federal budget, the Globe's John Lehmann spoke to forestry worker Doug Tingley about his hopes and fears in the days leading up to Jim Flaherty's budget, which was read in Parliament on Tues. Jan. 27. Mr. Tingley, whose family has worked in the forest industry for generations articulated his genuine fear for the future of his livelihood, in the face of the global recession.

4. What to expect from the budget (Globe and Mail) 9,848 page views

The Globe and Mail's Ottawa bureau has expanded its mandate and is producing regular video features. In the first of these offerings, Ottawa Bureau Chief Brian Laghi sets the stage for the federal budget with this video report. Look for regular political videos in the future, produced by the Globe's Ottawa Political Editor, Stephen Wicary.

5. Kids in the White House (Associated Press) 9,800 page views

This video takes a look children who have lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Some experts discuss whether Sasha and Malia Obama will be able to live normal lives there. This video aired before the Ty toy company raised the ire of Michelle Obama with their plans to market Sasha and Malia dolls, that “weren't” based on the Obama children.

6. Footage of Toronto shooting suspect (Globe and Mail) 8,751 page views

A shooting on the platform of the Toronto subway system shocked commuters and proved a stark reminder that gun violence is a very real issue facing the citizens of Canada's largest city. Police released this surveillance video of a person believed to be the suspect in the attack that left one man injured.

7. Let's talk investing: the case of the bad adviser (Globe and Mail) 7,764 page views

Picking the right adviser is the investment decision of a lifetime. Choose correctly and you put yourself on the road to long-term financial success. Make a wrong choice and you may end up poorer. In this new video feature on, Rob Carrick and Dan Richards walk you through what to do when you're stuck with a bad adviser.

8. Budget hits and misses (The Canadian Press) 7,713 page views

Analysis of the Conservative budget from the team from the Canadian Press. Reporters Rob Russo and Bruce Cheadle produced this report from the lock up in Ottawa, where media were holed up for day before Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's budget was released.

9. Bungled escape (Associated Press) 6,863 page views

A late entry to the week. In this video, two men facing a criminal conviction in Hastings, New Zealand make a run for it, with the authorities in hot pursuit. The trouble here is that they are handcuffed together at the wrist. As they scamper for freedom, they encounter a light pole. Unfortunately for them, they choose opposites sides came to a sudden halt. Think Keystone Cops.

10. Coach fired after 100-0 win (Associated Press) 5,218 page views

A Texas high school girls basketball coach was fired this week after he failed to apologize for his team's 100-0 thrashing of an opponent. The coach argued he took his starters out after the score reached 50-0 early in the first half. He argued he carried himself with class and had respect for the opposition. So why apologize? Parents and students came to his defence, but the coach said it was time for him to move on.

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