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Ontario may increase deficit to match federal projects

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

Premier says federal measures will call for new spending on the part of the province ...Read the full article

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  1. Tony . from Waterloo, Canada writes:
    How many decades is it going to take to pay for McGuinty's out-of-control spending?

    Sadly I suspect we'll end up with another Mike Harris. After Bob Rae our finances were in such bad shape we voted Harris in to hack and slash away. He got out finances under control alright, but at the expense of massive cuts to services. To counter act that we then voted in McGuinty who has fixed a lot of our services but driven spending completely through the roof in the process.

    What we NEED is a politician that can make INTELLIGENT cuts to government spending, keep our taxes down (and SIMPLIFY the tax system, too much waste in it right now) and get our finances in line in a reasonable and well thought out manner. Sadly I don't see any such politician on the horizon in Ontario. None of the Liberals, NDP or PCs seem to have anyone remotely qualified.
  2. Brian B from Canada writes: McGuinty has also raised many taxes (sorry, introduced many levys) such as a tire dispposal levy, ecofee if you buy a litre of engine oil, a $50 million charge to paint manufacturers to go towards the disposal of used paint cans (naturally this will be absorbed by the manufacturers and not passed on the concsumer) and gooness know how many other fees (sorry, levys) and On't forget we are still paying that infamous health levy.
  3. Dave T from Toronto, Canada writes: Meh. McGuinty can't win in some people's eyes. If he spends more money, he'll be criticized for spending too much. If he doesn't spend more money, he'll be criticized for not cooperating with the federal government (which just asked the provinces to spend more to match the feds' infrastructure plans).
  4. J Law from Canada writes: If the taxpayer yells, "We want, we want, we want!" then the government had better give. If the opposition screams at a mionority, "We'll form a coalition," then the government had better give or we're in trouble. You can't have it both ways.

    McGuinty is in a bit better position in that he has a majority government, but this is a chance to get some major stuff done that the people are demanding and be able to blame somebody else. Go for it!
  5. Crazy Canuck from Canada writes: During the Depression FDS's New Deal made matters worse. Deficit spending will only make future generations pay dearly for past mistakes.

  6. Crazy Canuck from Canada writes: Sorry...typo.. FDR's New Deal
  7. Sober Second Thought from Toronto, Canada writes: Not a good situation for Dalton. I think this deficit spending is out of control and our politicians are over-reacting.

    Honestly, this feels nothing like the slow downs in 80's and 90s.
  8. Nestor C from Canada writes: Looks like Daltoid is being forced from navel gazing into actually doing something....about time....maybe then we'll have a way to judge him properly in the next election (good or bad).....but clearly Tory or hahaHampton are no better for their various reasons......

    In any case, it's high time for spending on things that contribute to our standard of living.....efficient government is one thing and an important one, but we need better mass transit, and update infrastructure in general for us to be able to maintain (at a minimum) and set the stage for future greatness......I'm actually happy we've had a downturn since it gives all levels of government the excuse they need to sell this to the it or not people, we need to pay up for the decades of neglect and ignorance, better now than later in my view.....just make damn sure Daltoid extend a transit line (subway or light rail) out west through to Hamilton......the GO or QEW aren't viable options....just look to Europe on what transit is actually supposed to be.....
  9. bob london from Canada writes: Dalton has overspent and slowed down Canada. Any business in Ontario is trying to ship its remaining funds elsewhere or batten the hatches for survival. Ontario treats business like family trust funds, take, take, take.
  10. Durward Saar from Canada writes: Why would Dalton have to go into deficit to pick-up part of the cost of infrastructure projects when it is the Provinces job to keep the infrastructure up-dated and in good service?
    There should already be money for this unless Dalton has never had any thought of doing what he is paid to do, run the Province.
    No mention of tax cuts I see, Ontario will be in recession long after the rest of Canada is long out of it.
    What does this guy spend Ontario taxpayers tax dollars on?
  11. b l from Toronto, Canada writes: "How many decades is it going to take to pay for McGuinty's out-of-control spending?"

    Actually I'm always wondering how he keeps giving teachers/ttc employees raises and NOT raising our taxes where the heck does the money come from? Anyone ever wonder, unless the Liquor, Tobacco and sales taxes are paying for everything that means we'll either all have liver failure or lung cancer.
  12. Dwayne Allan from Canada writes: Bob London, McGuinty doesn't treat business in a negative fashion. The biggest thing he doesn't do for them is give corporate tax breaks that only seemed to make their way to the pockets of a few at the very top. Unlike the PC's before him, he does tend to look out for the PEOPLE who need the help more than the bloated fat cats who help keep low income earners just that that. Low income, in order that the brass gets it's 10% annual raises and the bonuses on top.

    If Ontario didn't agree to put money into this Fed program, they'd be ostracized for missing the boat and opportunity. The only bad thing is, in order for the infrastructure funds to flow, it will take 3 levels of government. Unlike what Harper wants people to believe, this won't help everybody. Only the areas who can afford to spend.
  13. Mickey Hickey from Toronto, Canada writes: It is of the utmost importance that McGuinty make haste and roll out the infrastructure projects before Harper/Flaherty start looking for excuses to delay or cut back the promised payouts. Remember that what the two gentlemen are now embracing is causing a burning sensation in their craws and they will be looking for any excuse to back out.
  14. NL Patriot from Republic of Newfoundland, Canada writes: It never amazes me when Dalton McGinty opens his mouth. Most times I disagree with him but this time I have to agree.

    I don't agree with this huge spending spree by the federal government BUT if it is going to happen the provinces are going to have to match some of this funding.

    I know there is only 1 tax payer but I don't see why provinces should have to bear a larger burden of this Federal spending especially if they are not going to get much out of it.

    Any province that receives funds better be ready to fork out those extra dollars.
  15. R. M. from Regina, Canada writes: I am glad there is an article like this because people (esp. the left ) are having anxiety attacks about a federal deficit and they forget that they live in provinces and territories and guess what.....they are going to be tipped deep in to deficit as well with Alberta likely being the only province that will be the least affected,.
  16. Darren in TO from Toronto, Canada writes: Nestor C, why expect light rail when you guys in Hamilton already have GO transit?????????????

    Thats like switching from using the Concord to using the plane used by the Wright Brother's during their famous flight.
  17. Darren in TO from Toronto, Canada writes: So no media has mentioned the details of what will be going on in Toronto City Hall today?

    Today and tomorrow council were to vote on the largest subway expansion in a generation. Up on the table is the Yonge line north, which I personally disagree with. But on condition to its approval is the Sheppard west to Downsview as a key link to Wilson Yard for deadhead trains, and the DRL from Pape south to Queen and then west to Yonge.

    Here is the cost assesment report;
  18. Art Vandelai from Burlington, Canada writes: Darren...GO runs to Hamilton something like 4 times a day. It's a metro area of 800K people with no higher order transit within the city at all. Just like Toronto needs more options to travel within the city, so too does Hamilton. Contrary to most Toronto-centric thinking, Hamilton is a real city with a compact downtown (which has seen better days). It is not a suburb, but has suffered through years of civic leadership that was intent on turning it into one.

    The city is really excited about the prospect for LRT on an east-west line and a north-south line up the mountain. About time Hamiltonians had something like this to cheer for. Now if they could only get that NHL team...
  19. Dwayne Allan from Canada writes: R.M. from Regina, it's not the amount the CPC is spending that worries the "left". It's how it's spending it. We'll find this part out later in the day.
  20. Darren in TO from Toronto, Canada writes: Art Vandelai, the guy didnt mention subways and LRT WITHIN Hamilton, he said extend from TO.

    You may want to read his post as well as mine again.
  21. Darren in TO from Toronto, Canada writes: So my sources tell me that council will not be voting on the TTC expansion today. It was a last minute cut from the agenda.
  22. G L from Thunder Bay ON., Canada writes: This is a good budget. The province and municipalities should be expected to fund their share of infrastructure projects within their jurisdictions. Most provinces will be in deficits until the recession eases and perhaps longer as will most of the developed countries of the world. Were in a global recession and stimulus programs for the economy seem to be the norm. Mr Obama has budgeted for 800 BILLION DOLLARS for his stimulus package.and that does not include the 700 Billion dollar bailout of Wall st.and the financial sector The fact remains that until such time as the American economy bounces back.Canada's economy will suffer. We export some 80% of what we export to the American market.
  23. The Great Gazoo from Zatox, Canada writes: Now that all of these "shovel-ready" projects are going to go ahead, just who the heck is going to do all of the work?

    Are we going to retrain laid off auto-parts machine operators and Tim Horton's cashiers (with BA's on Political Science) to be Heavy Equipment Operators, Civil Engineers, and Pressure Pipe Welders?

    Or perhaps we will continue to import our skilled workers from off-shore and then send all of the Ontario unemployed to get degrees in Sociology at York University so that they can sit around holding hands and singing "kumbaya".

    Just asking.
  24. David Simon from Canada writes: Low taxes and high deficits vs high taxes and high deficits.

    Who's better?
  25. george miller from naples fla, United States Outlying writes: Only in canukastan, people losing jobs and the talk is about transit.
    Toronto's mayor taxes everything that's a noun, worries about minories not having positions while the feds bring in another 400 thousand, which will all more than likely work at pearson in security. You have an unelected GG from Haiti calling the shots, clueless. Wait till our queen nancy pelosi finds this out plus that the govt is guaranteeing the big 3 pensions & health care and minorities get the best chance for a job. Where did we get all these idiots, from us idiots.
    I guess we deserve it
  26. an astute commenter from Canada writes: Great, the last thing McGuinty needs is an excuse to spent yet MORE money ...
  27. Darren in TO from Toronto, Canada writes: george miller from naples fla, as a son of an immigrant, and a someone who has worked both here and overseas, I find your comments to be racist at best.

    Im not fan of MIller, but to imply that all immigrants will work at Pearson, and the comment about our GG (a position Im not fan of) is not doing her job right because she happened to be born overseas is equally insulting.

    Guess who will be employed in construction; CONSTRUCTION WORKERS! There are numerous construciton workers who's jobs were beginning to slowdown. Its called housing starts. And the moment those goes down then construction workers are made redundant. And new infrastructure (transit or roads) will involve construction, and thus keep them busy, employed, and spending in our economy.

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