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Stimulus falls short for many women


Recessions hit mothers hard, but they benefit less from income-tax cuts and infrastructure spending ...Read the full article

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  1. Kitty Burgers from Ancaster, Canada writes: Here we go with the old BS thing about women earning less. They make different choices, and have children, which will often put them in a different line of the workforce that typically earns less income. It's only true for a certain segment of society. That's the difference. I can't can't stand the same old crap we read about women earning less. It's not worded correctly and is not accurate. If women have children, they often are not able to pursue the same careers or are unable to head down the same career path as men. That's the difference, and that distinction has to be made.
  2. Mrs. Whiggins from Canada writes: Stephen Harper sand-bagged his own wife who was Chair of a ritzy artzy gala. Made her stay home. Trashed her own gown for the occasion. All for his own narrow political views.

    Still, she rides a Harley, is a divorcee, and should have the gumption to stand up for herself.

    But it seems for Stephen Harper she played the little woman subject to his whims and whiles.

    Sad. Very sad.

    Human rights include women.

    Mrs. Harper is NOT a good example of the average Canadian woman who recognizes she has human rights and will not countenance negotiations over what she's got in her pants versus what the job description is.

    Canadian women will take that job, earn the same pay and kick your butt if you stand in her earned way. Period.

    No wonder Harper would be quaking in Flaherty's steel-toed boots that were too small!

    Why are Canadians having discussions today over rights that were won decisively three decades or more ago?

    Time to send the dinosaurs back to the Badlands or put them in a museum.
  3. Roop Misir from Toronto, Canada writes: Economic stimulus?
  4. V Patterson from Freddy, Canada writes: Maybe in the future a government will force dead beat Dads to pay child support to help women in this sad situations. Seems to me that there should be gov't subsidized courses available for these ladies to upgrade their skills to gain a better paying job.

    That being said, I am a single Mum, this budget helps me; I am looking forward to my tax cuts , maybe even a renovation credit , and I am grateful the EI is extended so my recently unemployed friends have a little more cushion than they had yesterday.
  5. rick from river city from Canada writes: Mrs. Whiggins ... a disgrace to her apparent gender.
  6. CHP My vote from Whoville, Canada writes: WAIT A SECOND!!! The woman in the article complains that she can't fix her teeth so that she can put money in an RESP? What about people or families like me? I'm a single income earner supporting a wife and 3 kids. I can't afford ANYTHING, beyond the daily needs. No RESP, no RRSP, no GICs.... I'm living for today. If a single mother thinks she's got it bad, she's not the only one.

    Now, I'm not complaining... As long as I don't lose my job, we'll do okay. How about upping the CTB? That's been too low for too long. The government needs to encourage families to have more kids anyways, and that would be a help. Like the BC woman who now 'makes' just as much on EI without daycare as she used to with a job... How does that make sense? How many other women are working, doing the same thing, while other single women with no kids could easlily fill that job space?
  7. Keating Gun from Canada writes: Government needs to show how 52 cents of every dollar spent will assist women. No excuses. Women disproportionately raise more children and have a moral claim to even more.

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