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Text of Finance Minister Flaherty's budget speech


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  1. Dave Jansen - The Progressive Centrist from Canada writes: .

    Is there any particular reason why Flaherty didn't announce his resignation today?
  2. garlick toast from Canada writes: Yup, no integrity
  3. michael Menezes from Toront, Canada writes: More of the same-a budget to fool Canadians.Little or nothing for seniors and students-the worst hit in our country.The seniors have literally lost 75% of the value of their savings,the banks are in trouble,the surplus squandered away through inaction,the youngsters given no training-except to be salesman.
    .He did not even address the royalty trust tax issue-given that Alberta oil jobs will be impacted-to save jobs and investments!.
    More importantly-this gentleman should go back to practising Divorce law in his constituency and should take Harper as his chief clerk-they are totally incompetent to govern and will ruin the country.
    My plea to the liberals is to bring this totally inept,incompetent, dishonest govt.down.
  4. Rollo 8>) from Belgium writes:

    Not an orator. Sorry, I couldn't read further than a couple pages before I started skimming. I know, the whole idea of this speech was to obfuscate, much like the estimates that form the budget in the first place, but yuck. This speech insults and defies intelligence.

    Iggy, propose a balanced budget and run on it!
  5. Yury K from Scarborough, Canada writes: I am appaled: if our Government truly wants Canadian jobs not to slip away to India, China and Russia, why the Conservatives do not offer businesses tax breaks for keeping jobs withing Canada?
    It's SO simple ...
  6. Kenneth Arl from toronto, Canada writes: I wonder in what jobs people are are going to be retrained. Shovels in the Ground is the latest expression, so are we going to retrain skilled auto workers and related employees on how to shovel?
    One hopes that subways might play some part in the greater Toronto area but that seems too much to hope. London first started its underground system in 1855, over 150 years ago, most of the lines were electrified at the start of the 20th century. Then London is a world class city and Toronto is a second class North American city.

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