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Flaherty's got deficit religion – but can he attain fiscal salvation?

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

A balanced budget by 2014? Don't bet on it ...Read the full article

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  1. bob gervitz from United States writes: This is one Canadian that definitely isn't betting on it. What a colossal waste of money. Not only is it unnecessary, but this (and any) government is so awful at spending money efficiently that their is no hope that even a fraction of this money will result in anything tangible and long-lasting...except for the deficit, and debt.

    The ONLY hope for ending the deficit (again) and paying down the debt (again) is to dramatically cut the size of government and reduce the over-generous pay and pension packages of civil servants.

    But given the extraordinary track record of this government in spending so much more than is wise (i.e. every penny and then some they took in), I wouldn't hold out much hope for that sort of action. But it really is the only way. Raising taxes certainly won't work because this (and any) gov't will only spend (inefficiently) every new penny they take in.
  2. Michele K from Ottawa, Canada writes: I agree, Bob - too bad the Globe has buried this thread under so many layers that others who may want to, don't join us in this conversation.

    The count on comments always seems to be a bit off, but in this case it reads as if there are no comments at all.

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