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Shipbuilding and transit spending for B.C.

Globe and Mail Update

Vancouver's rail station will also be modernized in preparation for the 2010 Olympic Games ...Read the full article

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  1. aging oldtool from Canada writes: I'm afraid I can't quite get my head around this announcement. They are going to modernize the rail station in Vancouver?

    Wow, and just what trains will be arriving after the modernization?

    I mean, will there be more than the two Via Rail trains weekly or the four times a week Rocky Mountain Rail tour during the summer months?

    I know I'd use train service tomorrow if it were available in BC, but this region has been designated industrial rail territory.

    There are empty and abandoned rail lines across the Lower Mainland that could link to the rail centre and transit millions of people a week fast and efficiently.

    Unfortunately, no one in power since Glen Clark has even whispered about rail use.

    Is there a part of this budget pertaining to the new improved rail centre that will justify the expense?
  2. Jasper the Black Lab from Vancouver, Canada writes: I agree with ageing oldtool, and have never, ever heard that modernization of the train station was on anybody's "wish list." What train stations all across this country lack most of all is trains.
  3. Hee Hoo Sai from Canada writes: The train station will merely be a mausoleum to the legacy of the olympics.
  4. L B from Canada writes: whose bright idea was this to modernize the train station,more waste of money,what next??
  5. John Fedup from Canada writes: I am sure the Coast Guard is thrilled to see new ships built by the "fast ferry" guys".
  6. Steadfast N.L. from Canada writes: WOW Marystown N.L. has one of the largest most modern shipyards in the world and by the by, out bid BC yards in the last go round to build these vessels.Howvere the boats will be built in BC.Certainly goes to show the respect the government of Canada has for the east coast let alon the province of N.L.If you can't honour a bid contract how much honour do you have.Absolutely none.
  7. Kim Morton from Canada writes: Steadfast NL: If these boats are to be used on the west coast then they should be built here. For far too many years the feds have spent our money on the east coast and we have got nothing in return. It would be a waste of money to build a ship in the east and then float it around to B.C. And as long as the NDP keeps their greed little mitts out of it our ship yards can build them on time and on budget.
  8. Real Westerner from British Columbia, Canada writes: What a joke train station!!! First they should maybe think of running trains that are not subsidized. Boat building!! We will be paying Millions for 40ft coast guard boats, why dont these politians get it we cant compete with the ridiculous wage and benefit pgs that are paid to these Union Leaches.
  9. John Fedup from Canada writes: Kim Morton from Canada ...if the NDP keeps their greedy little mitts out of it...not bloody likely, it will be the fast ferries all over again.
  10. Broken Record from Victoria, B.C., Canada writes: Glen Clark might have talked about trains but the B.C. NDP were no friends of passenger rail either. They allowed B.C. Rail's passenger service to die a slow death through the use of outdated, poorly maintained equipment, constantly cutting back on the number of units per train (making it harder to get a reservation and allowing the lie that ridership was declining), forcing travellers to go "Cariboo Class" (First) when all they needed was a comfortable seat in much-cheaper Second with access to reasonably-priced snacks when peckish, etc. etc. What could have been a provincial bragging point (a fast, modern tilt-DMU service to the Interior) leading to more train services for other parts of the Province, like Vancouver Island, atrophied under the NDP and was killed by the Liberals. Once again, Canada remains the "land of missed opportunities."
  11. Broken Record from Victoria, B.C., Canada writes: Oh - and Real Westerner, are you also advocating the removal of subsidies for highways? After all, let's be fair.
  12. Steadfast N.L. from Canada writes: Kim Morton the contract as was released last year called for these boats to be used on the east coast of the country.However again in its infinite wisdom the Harpe gvmt decided that west is best.What a crock of s--t.The vessles are to be used for the east coast , yet get built in B.C. even though Marystown shipyard is a world wide facillity and bid lower when the original tender came out. Talk about the cart before the horse or getting the royal screwing.
  13. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon from Vancouver, Canada writes: aging oldtool from Canada writes: I'm afraid I can't quite get my head around this announcement. They are going to modernize the rail station in Vancouver?

    Obviously you have not been to Vancouver. In addition to Via, Rocky Mountain and Amtrak, the Vancouver train station is also the bus terminal as well with Greyhound, PCL and other bus lines using the facility.
  14. Chester Rockwell from Canada writes: Why do all navy/coast guard boats have to be made in Canada? We would be better off buying from professional ship builders as opposed to funneling money to politically sensitive regions at the expense of the navy/taxpayer. Seriously, this is stupid. No private company buys boats from any part of Canada, why should the government?
  15. Real Westerner from British Columbia, Canada writes: Broken Record Check out gas tax,license plate fee's That is tax my friend.

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