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Canadian organizations react to budget

Globe and Mail Update

A survey of press releases as Canada's professional associations weigh in on the budget ...Read the full article

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  1. Hal West from Kelowna, BC, Canada writes: God help us if the Left Wing Pinko Coalition defeats this budget and they go on a Boshevik Spending and Legislation field day.

    Hopefully saner heads will prevail and we can get on with adapting Canada to the new World Economic reality.
  2. Ed Doerksen from Simcoe, Canada writes: If your views are part of a union and a liberal - the budget sucks. If your views are business and conservative - the budget is good.
  3. Bert Russell Paradox, BC from Canada writes:
    We can ultimately thank the USA .. their manipulated unregulated Free Market greed System ... the organized crime of their Banks and Financial Community for this Recession. Ironically the US Government is bailing this greed driven group of shysters out, because it is the only system they have. Sir John A and even Trudeau told us not to become trade dependent on the US....

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