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Transcript of the Throne Speech

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  1. Jim Rudack from Fountain Hills, United States writes: what a crock!
  2. michael moore from toronto, Canada writes: It is impossible not to compare this speech with Mr. Obama's last week, which spoke eloquently of the need for all Americans to shoulder their responsibility for making a better America and a better world.

    Perhaps it is not fair to expect eloquence from a Throne Speech. They tend to be exercises in the Government patting itself on the back. This one was no exception. If we face the severity of problems that the speech suggests -- and I believe we do -- it is sad that the speech could not rise above rather mundane self-congratulation.
  3. Mooney Pilot from Smartville, Canada writes: It may have been cold outside the House of Commons, but there was a snow job inside!
  4. Phineas freekinstone from who knows ,who cares, Canada writes: 6 minutes has rolled by and not a word from the regular Harper haters, maybe they are slow readers?
  5. Island Man from Victoria from Canada writes: Harper must have been grinding his teeth through this speech. It's so 'NOT' Harper. The man is a Machiavellian Liar and Manipulator.
  6. Saskatchewan Free and Strong from Mongolia writes: Jim Rudack from Fountain Hills, United States writes: what a crock!

    Yankee............GO HOME.
  7. Just a pimento from inside the olive, Canada writes: Phineas, I think you mean "6 minutes HAVE rolled by".

    I suppose there's something to be said for not rushing in as fast as you can just so that you can get your piece in first, eh?
  8. Sil T from Mississauga, Canada writes: I guess I qualify as a Harper hater, although I feel that he has earned my scorn. I think if the budget's contents live up to the rhetoric of the throne speech and is absent of partisan poison pills, it should (and I expect it will) be passed.

    I give Harper deserved credit for a well-crafted throne speech and what, so far, looks like a reality-based budget. I'll have to see if he has really changed his tune since November based on what he does going forward.
  9. John Hinkley from Canada writes: Short and to the point. It even referred to the Lieberals three (3) main requirements almost word-for-word.

    I guess this what Iggy and Stephen came up with during their 30 minute meeting last week.

    The rest of the Lieberals, idiots Brison and McCallum included, will be told to support the budget.
  10. Pete Sake from Vancouver, Canada writes: Long Live Stephen Harper and the Conservative Gov't.
  11. michael moore from toronto, Canada writes: Saskatchewan Free etc: We are free to comment on things that happen in the United States and they are free to comment on things that happen here. Even if "crock" is not particularly parliamentary language, it's a lot more civil than lots of things people on this site regularly say about U. S. leaders.

    Your rejoinder, however, was 24-carat rude.
  12. MBguy s from Canada writes: I think due to the difficult times, no matter how much we complain or point fingers at who is responsible. We all must pull together and work together as Canadians and do our part also. If at all possible, buy Canadian products where possible to keep our people working! Support our own economy and shy away from some of the others when possible. Think Canadian, when shopping!!! Don't bypass the Canadian companies unless you have to.

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