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Budget 2009: What he should say

Globe and Mail Update

The budget speech we'd like to hear ...Read the full article

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  1. Gord McFaull from Milton, Canada writes: Derek DeCloet for finance minister!! This is much more sensible than the speech we're likely to get.
  2. LOU Padula from montreal, Canada writes: Today the Conservative government will announce the delayed Santa Claus budget.
    Gifts for everyone and anyone, courtesy of the governments ability to borrow from future tax payers.
    Perhaps the Conservatives should have stuck to their guns and cut individual and corporate taxes, while cutting back on unnecessary services and political hand outs.
    That might have been sensible, but too hard to sell.
    A lot simpler to let some future government increase taxes and or cut services.
  3. Fiat Currency from Canada writes:
    Derek - well said!!

    I disagree with the GST point. The Government should have cut the number of employees and programs to make up for the lost GST revenue.

    We are taxed heavily enough. Cutting taxes for businesses would be the right move here, as would letting the markets take their natural course.

    Unfortunately - with a Coalition noose around their neck - Keynesian spending will rule - and it will make things worse & take a lot longer to get back on track.
  4. Sober Second Thought from Toronto, Canada writes: Great article. Too bad common sense is not prevailing in Ottawa these days.

    Fiat - I do not have a problem with current tax levels. I am in a high bracket and I still think that myself, my family and my community recieve great services for it. Go to a third world nation to see what low taxes get you.
  5. bob london from Canada writes: Derek, you are learning but take a sabattical for a year and create some jobs, you will then understand taxes. Right now every 2 weeks you see a deduction on your payroll slip and the rest is fiction and stories. This is the fundamental problem with Ontario, that few take the risk to create the jobs because of the million of leaches.
  6. Cynical Optimist from Canmore, Canada writes: I agree that most of what we will hear today will be political rather than rational. Fact is these measures will have little effect and be delayed in any effect they do have. Things will get better on their own, eventually.
  7. Mr. Pink from the wet coast, Canada writes: Fiat Currency from Canada writes:

    Unfortunately - with a Coalition noose around their neck - Keynesian spending will rule - and it will make things worse & take a lot longer to get back on track.


    I agree. That said, if the Conservatives can survive, while only giving away part of the store, it will be better than having a coalition that would give away all of it.
  8. Bob McDougall from ottawa, Canada writes: Derek DeCloet is about as in touch as the finance minister. I doubt you will find many retail workers making $45K which on a 40 hour week is $21.63/hr. Cutting tax for corporations does little unless it is tied to job creation. I would be for tax incentives for companies that hire. Companies that increase profits by offshoring work should be taxed at a higher rate.

    GST/PST cuts on Canadian goods and services would be OK as they would promote a buy Canadian strategy which is really what we need.

    The simple fact is that in order to get the economy moving people need jobs that pay sufficiently to qualify for credit and/or make them able to afford goods. Buying Canadian helps us do that. Offshoring work or buying foreign goods that are not fairly traded hurts us as a society.

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