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The lost two months

From Monday's Globe and Mail

From the November economic statement to a January budget, by way of crisis ...Read the full article

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  1. Fran Irwin from Medicine Hat, Canada writes: It's really shocking when reviewing this timeline - I may have added the numerous times in the election and months of October and November 2008 when Flaherty and Harper predicetd a surplus and balanced budgets over the next 5 years! After the recent revelation that IN FACT we are sitting at a $13 Billion deficit BEFORE this stimulus budget shows clearly that the Harper government is incompetent and Jim Flaherty has continued his history of deception (well-honed during his years as Conservative Finance Minister in Ontario).
  2. Ban Political Parties from Toronto, Canada writes: Sadly, it's more than two months that were lost. Before November 27th, our government refused to believe the recession or credit troubles would even touch Canada. They spent valuable time in denial, worrying about the spin that an apparent about-face would create.
  3. Rick Brontus from Edmonton, Canada writes: The govt knew back in August that things were not so well with the economy. They called a snap election and gave us the everything is great line. Getting the minority result confused them and while they plotted for one more snap election, the economy hit the skids. And here we are later being given the everything is not so good line.
  4. The Bubble from Canada writes: ... and not a word about 10 dead soldiers while we had no government.
  5. Michael Vance from Oakville, Canada writes: The timeline did not include how appalled Canadians were when the opposition tried to play politics and sink the government with an unelected coalition. The comments by Liberal McGinty who warned that a change of governement would hurt the auto sector assistance package for Ontario/Quebec that was well underway. The fact that the Canadian economy is certainly in a lot better shape than most in the west. The fact that a slow transition of the message from good to bad is much better than causing a stampede on the banks like Iceland (in Canada's case, not required) The point about the consulation with provinces (& cities) with 9/10 premiers in agreement with the package. The repeated calls by BC, Ont & Sask premiers to the liberal leadership not to bring down the parliament. Scott Brysons characterization of the package today, as a 'hodge podge' of programs. The unanimous agreement by a panel of economists on CBC television that the package is a very good one, which does not go too far, and hopefully doesnt put the younger generation and future business in a stranglehold of debt, as the measures are temporary and not institutionalized. Lets face it, the first 'me' generation, the early baby boomers and the pork barrelling liberals have mismanaged the economic future of canada for decades, failing to make canada the greatest nation in the world, a position which it clearly has the capacity to fill. Look, ive voted PC-C, Liberal, NDP and Green, but lets have some balanced reporting; Mr Harper has eaten his humble pie and the stimulus package is a good one! Its not overdone, it has widespread support across the country and its the right plan for the time we are in. Lets hope that it results in widespread assistance for all Canadians by keeping money moving and Mr Ignatief and your new found dislike of your coalition partners, please sit down and get to work. .

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