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Beware the pain-for-no-gain scenario

From Monday's Globe and Mail

Bailouts of the doomed, ill-conceived spending herald trouble ...Read the full article

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  1. Kublah Khan from Canada writes: "But for savers and pensioners, high inflation is a crippling plague. The cruel irony of high inflation for savers and pensioners is pain when the markets collapse, while being little no better off when they recover."

    In addition savers and pensioners were slaughtered by those who supported Flaherty's famous income trust fiasco. In addition to personal losses, it is now becoming clear that tax revenue will also suffer as a result of this policy. Those that supported Harper and Flaherty on this issue must now realize their error!
  2. Gramt Deyenberg from New Westmister, Canada writes: Gwynn, get your head out of the sand and try to remember what your grandmother told you about the last great depression. We don't want one of those again. Then go read Keynes and a bit of economic history in the 1929 - 1945 time span.

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