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Sizing up economic stimulus

From Friday's Globe and Mail

What's the best way to stimulate? There's a new consensus that stimulus is needed, but the question is how. Kerry Stirton examines the debate ...Read the full article

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  1. Mike Sharp from Victoria, Canada writes:

    Build the Trans-Canada Subway.

    See Canada as you have never seen it before!
    As in, not at all.

    What a legacy!
  2. Brian Jones from Vancouver,BC, Canada writes: Trillion of dollars cannot be lost by United States Citizens and the party continue as if nothing has happened. As long as housing prices continue to fall there will be no recovery.
  3. inside view from Canada writes: While governments look for the job multiplier factor (ie one industrial job supports five service sector jobs) in private sector investments they should should also consider the "job divider" factor in public sector jobs. My guestimate is that each government jobs eats up at least two private sector jobs that otherwise would exist if those funds were back in the hands of taxpayers who would then spend them to actually improve their lives. Too many public servants weigh us down and damage the economy. A good example is Toronto's bloated fire department which spends nearly a million dollars a day yet doesn't even have one serious fire a month. Cutting the bloated beast and the racket firefighters make playing on our streets to kill time, would save a bundle and create twice as many jobs, also well-paying. Plus, we would have q, as it would cost.
  4. Alastair james Berry from NANAIMO BC, Canada writes: ECONOMIC STIMULUS? Yes Canada needs one and soon........ Reduce Government extravagance...........Quit handing out money with out auditing it, willy nilly, to every constituent or business that whines loud enough!! Look at Deuterium Canada, Automated Postal sorting machines, Ballard Power, Nortel Electric, Bombardier Sea Gull planes, International Kemgas, Miribel airport, Rochdale college and on and on! Taxpayers money poured down the drain. UN LEASH individual initiative by reducing taxes all round. Who likes to work and see more than half of his hard earned cash sucked off to fill the troughs that the Governments wallow in at Municipal, Provincial or Federal level?? Income tax Sales taxes Capital Gains taxes, Provincial Medicare fees. Provincial park fees, Vehicle licence fees, Parking fees, Passport fees, Municipal taxes, Carbon taxes, Fuel surcharges, excise taxes on booze EACH AND ALL SUPPORTING AN ARMY OF CIVIL SERVANTS who are effectively parasitic on the economy! It is time to end this nonsense and set the CANADIAN working man free of all these restraints. Why saddle Canada's # 1 Resource with these financial chains? It makes as much sense as getting our OLYMPIC ATHLETES to perform in lead weighted boots! Study the proliferation of INCOME TAX RULES( 6000 pages?) and you will find worker productivity declines in INVERSE PROPORTION!! It is no wonder that worker productivity is so poor in CANADA...................... THEN LOOK HOW MUCH HIGHER ON THE HOG MP's and MLA's live now-a-days........... See the inverse linkage?

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