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Cool, Calm, Carey

From Saturday's Globe and Mail

Thrown into the hockey-mad pressure cooker that is Montreal, Carey Price has not only survived but thrived, Sean Gordon writes ...Read the full article

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  1. steve allan from Canada writes: Price gets a lot of good press but the fact is Halak is the better goalie. If the Canadiens are to entertain the thought of going far into the playoffs this year, they will have to do it with Halak. Price is not a money goalie.
  2. R Miller from Halifax, Canada writes: steve allan from Canada :

    Your comments about Carey Price are always quite puzzling to me as they never seem to reflect the reality of the situation...

    I agree that the Montreal Canadiens are fortunate to have two outstanding young goaltenders tending their crease this season, but how do you figure that a recent MVP of a WJC Gold Medal winning team who holds a 13-4-5 record, a better GAA, and a better save percentage is a worse goaltender than the guy with a 5-5-1 record ?

    Your posts regarding Carey Price rarely seem to make any sense.

  3. Andrew Perry from Canada writes: Halak is as good as he is going to get, and Price and the present roster aren't necessarily about "This Year ! ". If you are a Hab's fan the you understand this, if you are an un-fan then enjoy your delusions.
    Goaltenders tend to mature around 25, some like Tim Thomas take longer or just get given up on too early. Price is the answer, though it might take a year or two more, and the Hab's themselves are actually a better 5 on 5 team with a better record than they were last year. With the injured beginning to return, and the performance of some of call-ups pushing the old guard, the Habs have only upside in the new year.

    The Canadiens are not " HERE", but soon, I think, soon.
  4. Mia Thorpe from Canada writes: Come on. Why didn't they interview Stan Fischler, the hockey maven of yesteryear who went on the Islanders broadcast in November and called Price a flop, cocky and a waste of a draft pick, a view he repeated on Sportsnet.
  5. Mike Chamberlain from Canada writes: Steve Allan, have you ever watched these guys play?
  6. Shiyam Pillai from Mississauga, Canada writes: "Halak is as good as he is going to get, and Price and the present roster aren't necessarily about "This Year ! ". "

    I thought it was all about "This Year ! " for the Habs it being the 100th anniversary and all. Maybe I was mistaken.
  7. Dave The Rave from Ottawa, Canada writes: Price is to Halak as Plante was to Hodge, as Hodge was to Worsley, and Worsley was to Vachon.

    Different, and complimentary.

    If you saw all of them play, you know why. And why the debate is a non-debate. Having two goaltenders who can win for you is a must in the new NHL. Look at the teams--San Jose and Boston--who are leading the league right now.

  8. Paul I from Rochester NY, United States writes: Interesting that the three burnouts mentioned in the opening paragraph all had short careers after some initial success. Price will be around for at least 15 years.
  9. Dave The Rave from Ottawa, Canada writes: Paul I, how can you possibly classify Ron Hextall as a 'burnout' with a 'short career'?

    He played thirteen years in the NHL, and was recognized as one of the toughest players ever at his position. Returning to the Flyers after stints with the Nordiques and Isles, Hextall posted a 2.53 GAA in his last season. He and Jacques Plante are mentioned as being goalies who revolutionized the art of puck handling by a goaltender.
    More hockey homework for you, sir.
  10. Peter Vanderhaden from Leominster, MA, United States writes: Good article on Price, Sean Gordon, but who are you trying to impress using obscure terms like 'totemic', and 'admixture'? Do you sit around trying to find terms that most of your readers will have to look up to understand? You should look up the KISS method of writing and give it a try.
  11. D Worsley from kitchener, Canada writes: I thought Sean Gordon did an outstanding job on the Price article. As for the "obscure" terms used, what is so wrong with a writer using a vocabulary once in awhile?
    Three pages and not once the hoary old chestnut "stand-up guy."
    It was a pleasure to read a longish sports article that was for the most part free of cliché.
  12. Paul I from Rochester NY, United States writes: DTR- I used too broad a brush. In my defense, he was a certifiable loon who probably could have had a longer career with a tad less histrionics on his part. I like the fact that todays prototypical goaltender is calm, cool, collected and a technical expert.

    In further hockey news, Jason I (The Future of North American Goaltending), continued his stellar play in nets for the Rochester Hawks. Today TFONAG backstopped his team to a 3-1 win over the previously unbeaten Monroe County Lightning. Jason I came up with several key stops including stoning the Lightning's top scorer on a second period breakaway.
  13. Ed Flynn from Corner Brook, Canada writes: Read the article the old fashioned way - with the paper, my fingers turning black, Old Sam and coke on the table.

    As for the writing - I thought it was excellent. Better than any Shoalts/Wharnsby Leaves bit.

    As for what was written - informative and interesting for this Habs fan who's somewhere south of fanatical and north of casual.

    Comparing Price and Halak to other goalie combos (especially Habs tandems) could prove quite amusing and nostalgic. However given Price's resume (WJHC, Calder Cup, etc.) I'd take him over Halak in a heartbeat and especially in crunch time and even moreso in a shootout. His movement is sublime and his confidence is second to not many.
  14. R Miller from Halifax, Canada writes: Ed Flynn from Corner Brook, Canada :

    Agree completely.

    I also thought that the quality of Mr. Gordon's writing and vocabulary surpassed several other G&M sports journalists...

    I also got a kick out of the fact that Price was choosing to eat more rice and fish instead of burgers and fries this season...

    This Price kid is definitely a winner in the making if you ask me.

    Should be strongly considered for third goalie of Team Canada 2010.

    Slainte Mhath
  15. J M from Canada writes: I enjoyed the article.
    Don't mind the use of articulate eloquence, although certainly a diminutive would suffice here and there.
    I suggest if the writer wants to display his skillful way words, this should be secondary to getting all the facts straight.
    Indicating that it was Long Island as the scene of the now infamous sacrificial hockey stick is simply wrong, as it was Raleigh, NC where this event took place - the RBC Center having the shards of carbon scattered about its foundation.
  16. J M from Canada writes: As an aside, re: how well Halak compares with Price. As soon as i stop hearing "big rebound off Halak" on every other shot and as soon as Halak can minimize his needless movement in the crease (excess movement similar to Peter Budaj in Colorado), and also when Jaro improves his puck handling ability, then would it be prudent to start to evaluate their respective numbers and begin a comparison. As for now, based on ability and skill set, Halak does not compare to Price at all.
  17. bilbo baggins from Canada writes: Price certainly has a good resume and done some good work. I cant help but think if he was the goalie for the Minnesota Wild, anyone would pay half the notice. His current stats are pretty middle of the pack - 12th in GAA, save % so not sure he is the saviour people are trying to paint him as.

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