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The Wrestler: A has-been's life makes for a glorious comeback

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

Mickey Rourke has created a character that is both mythically familiar and original ...Read the full article

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  1. Kim Philby from Canada writes: Hmmm...Requiem for a Heavyweight Redux?
  2. Leigh Fisher from Canada writes: Dear Globe editors,
    This article requires further proof reading. You missed a line where you suggest replacing a word, and then left that comment in...

    The quality is sometimes frustrating. I read it because I feel I should get news from a Canadian source and because I want the Globe to be good.

    Often your paper seems parochial. Often your writers appear to be informed based on watching television. It is maddening. It sends me to other sites immediately afterwards. What about doing one thing well.

    I go to the Globe for insightful analysis about Canadian politics and social questions of the day. Why not put your resources behind doing one thing very well. Instead sometimes it reads like a local paper...written by out of touch, well-meaning boomers.

    I really want you to be a good paper. I will give it another year to improve and if it does not improve I am going to give up.
  3. Francois Hunter from Canada writes: Yes: Change "horrifying" to another word. Now. Do it now.
  4. Eric George from Istanbul, Turkey writes: Ok, that "other word" comment really should have been picked up, guys. Ouch. That said, this is a really positive review, why three stars. Why not more? Nothing was bad? This reads more like promotional material than analysis. I want to see this one, based on better review in other sources. Get it together, Globe.
  5. Auroran Bear from Montreal, Canada writes: Rotten Tomatoes gives this film a whopping 98% rating.

    If you want to read a proper review, look at Roger Ebert's
  6. D. Patrick from Gonzoville, Canada writes: Leigh. Give Canada's other national paper, the Post, a try for all that ails you here.

    Loved the movie though.
  7. S L from Victoria B.C., Canada writes: Loved the film
  8. Matt Drudge from Toronto, Canada writes: Mr. Lacey,

    The plot point about Randy missing the date with his daughter should not have been spoiled in this review. Knowing that absolutely lessened my enjoyment of this excellent film.

    This could very well be the last Globe & Mail movie review that I read.
  9. ginny ! from Canada writes:
    Six movies reviewed on today's page, all given 3 stars. What's the point of giving stars then?
  10. Phyllis Cannon from United States writes: The "other word" comment is more easily forgivable than the spilling of so many important details and plot points. Surely that should have been taught in Reviewing 101. It's sad, because Liam Lacey writes well. But this is not an essay on an exam, it's a review to guide readers who might be interested in seeing this movie. Unfortunately, so much of the suspense in this compelling film has now been leached away.
  11. J Brocha from Toronto, Canada writes: Great great great film! Not often does one walk away with a different outlook on the world. The wrestler did this for me. :)

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