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From Friday's Globe and Mail

Designer Elaine Cecconi usually has to work to the whims of developers. Freed to design her own home, she used the space to 'experiment with ideas and materials.' Deirdre Kelly reports ...Read the full article

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  1. Antonio San from Canada writes: Woaw, this is certainly one of the best modern homes this newspaper has showcased. One would like to see how it fits into the neighborhood more. But the interior is stunning, simple, yet warm. congratulations!
  2. scott thomas from Canada writes: I nominate it for a pugly award.
  3. Joe InOntario from Canada writes: Very cool - well done.
  4. Ballin Munson from toronto, Canada writes: ironic, that a poster would nominate it for a pugly... what's wrong? doesn't look like it would impress Toronto's elite from the 1880's, does it?
  5. Lauren H from Canada writes: eeee, in the eye of the beholder isn't it...

    I like the concept and it's nice to look at (mostly), but I wouldn't want to live there....

    interesting idea about the lighting in the bathroom though.
  6. Just Browsing from Canada writes: Beam me up Scottie.
  7. Sarah Bee from Canada writes: It's modern, but I find it very cold and uninviting. I hope that the modern trend starts lending soon to a more relaxed and homey feeling. Everything I see that labels itself as modern looks to me like it belongs in the lounge of an overpriced chi-chi hair salon.
  8. S W from Canada, Canada writes: A white boot box. Simple. More 'white room' imitative rambling attempting to create a celestial thought or two. I thought that the derivitive was supposed to be scorned upon as lacking creativity?????

    Beam me down, Scotty!
  9. E B from Canada writes: Cold. Very cold.
  10. Woman of Reason from London, UK, Canada writes: I love modern design but I am not impressed with this interior at all. It so cold and uncomfortable looking. It reminds me of my aunt's suburban kitchen -- all white tiles and anti-septic surfaces, horrible! This home would work well as an operating theatre or science lab.
  11. D K from Canada writes: Pretty cold. Liked the room divider and fireplace but the kitchen looks horrible. Looks like someone forgot to paint.
  12. jammin t from vancouver, Canada writes: i have died and gone to beautiful, minimalist heaven! this is easily one of the best minimalist homes i've seen...and i've seen a lot - including my own!
    bravo! thank god that G&M finally featured a current home...i was beginning to think we'd traveled back in time!
  13. CharmedOnes deVille from Benevento-Aberdeen, Canada writes:
    what was your inspiration, Sicily meets L.A. ?
  14. K B from toronto, Canada writes: Oh god, do they ever. These things are bigger eye sores than trampolines.
  15. K B from toronto, Canada writes: Why do designer's always build their homes to look like as if they are their offices? I would be curious as to what a designer's home looks like when they retire or change careers.

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