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Breakdown: Canada's mental-health crisis

When mental illness tarnishes your golden years

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

Members of an older generation struggle to overcome not only their own biases against seeking care for mental disorders, but the lack of services ...Read the full article

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  1. Neon Cab from Canada writes: Maybe this generation's bias against seeking care is also behind their bias in not funding care. Funny how that bias was not challenged by them until they needed us to do the funding.
  2. Brenda Dunn from Canada writes: When our Aunt had a breakdown 13 years ago at 77 her Dr put her in a nursing home with no anti-depressants.They told the family just to leave her there,she'll get used to it.It took me months to get her proper treatment.She has been at home with her daughter now for 12 years.She has had a few relapses,again they want to put her in a nursing home.She lives with her developmentally delayed daughter and as long as they can manage she will stay home.We have to fight to keep her on her anti-depressants,they figure at her age she doesn't need them.How many more people are in nursing homes because people think Dr's know best?
  3. Edward Eh from Bathurst, Canada writes: Neon cab, you have some growing to do. What are you proactively funding that the rest of us do not see over the horizon?
  4. Runaway 08 from Canada writes: I hesitate to point out the obvious, Neon Cab, but the people you are complaining about funding spent upwards of 30-40 years, funding your education and health care, not to mention all the other benefits the various governments of Canada provide you with. Some of 'those people' sacrificed their lives, and years of their lives, in Europe and Korea, ensuring the freedom to mouth off that you now enjoy. Many of 'those people' voted for health care for everyone, CPP, supported the arts, and on and on.
  5. Neon Cab from Canada writes: Points taken but let me clarify. The older generation did a lot of great things but when dealing with biases it's not unfair to question how much self-interest is involved. Baby boomers in particular seem to push one cause over another only when they are personally affected.

    Yes, seniors precede the boomers (since the latter are only now getting to that stage in life) but what they built, maintained and promoted -- even if it lasts to benefit a later generation -- was built, maintained and promoted to suit them. What the next generation(s) build, maintain and support, will also be done to suit the self-interest of these generation(s).

    As such, if these seniors never considered mental health care for their elders and peers back in 1969 or before, maybe that is why there are few services now. If there were good reasons for overlooking it when they wanted to save society, or the children, or the whales, are there good resons to look elsewhere now? Should I fail to finance my kids' education (after my parents financed mine) so that I can finance my parents' healthcare (which I hope my kids would be willing to do for me)?

    A mental-health network cannot be bought so quickly. We can't just fund it and hope that it'll automatically work. It takes time. Decades, even. Decades that were previously spent looking elsewhere.

    To inject a ray of hope, though, since the bias against care is dwindling, maybe there will be adequate services in the future. Unfortunately, though, this ray of hope, may arrive too late for those who need it now.

  6. Betty L from to, Canada writes: you are not fooling anyone. stop luring people into your problems. if you want to get rid of a family member there are plenty of public housing projects around. and if your spouse can't reel in enough money anymore then kill him.

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