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Economic storm sweeps through Cup press box

From Friday's Globe and Mail

Several Canadian newspapers will rely on coverage from their companies' Montreal and Calgary chains for the event ...Read the full article

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  1. Jim Labidio from Fonthill, Canada writes: I love how in a piece about cost cutting we've got B-Dub flying around 15 times to do his features. If he were still at the public broadcaster the knives would be out. But since its private now we're supposed to say 'that's their business' even though it's probably the equivalent of a couple of jobs. Be interesting to see where TSN's at in three years after all this wild overspending for sports properties.
  2. Clear Thinker from Canada writes: So a tv audience of 3 million for the Grey Cup outweighs a TV audience of 4 million for the World Junior hockey finals? Nice math there.
  3. Radio Guy from Toronto, Canada writes: He said important. Not most watched.

    The Grey Cup is the end of an entire season. The World Juniors are only a couple of weeks long.
  4. John Smith from Toronto, Canada writes: Hey Jim Labidio, the big difference now in whether or not Brian Williams flies around 15 times is that you and I are no longer on the hook for it. So yes, "that's their business". I kind of like it that way.
  5. Hap Stokes from Canada writes: Why doesn't somebody in the C of U GET IT? The CFL is much older than the NFL, Hockey, Baseball, B-Ball or for that matter any pro sports league in N.America. Since WWII it grows bigger each year-- with or without the g/d yappy Toronto media.

    The CFL is deep in the HEARTS of most Canadians from C/Coast.
    Maybe not in Toronto but you aren't REAL Canadians anymore anyway!
    So I'll bet my last $3 Billion Dollars that the Grey Cup game Sunday.
    Draws more viewers than the Ruffalo Wills game next month in T.O.

    No get lost you suck'en knee bending pack of 3rd Class American wannabes.
    Heres to Montreal a REAL classy Canadian city!

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