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Somalia's pirates are hometown heroes

Associated Press

Increasingly brazen pirates are building sprawling stone houses, cruising in luxury cars ...Read the full article

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  1. Neandercon The Barbarian from Canada writes: Perhaps parliament could send a delegation to negotiate with them, surely we have progressed to the point that say... Mr. Layton and Mr. Suzuki could convince them that the future is in "green" business. Alternatly, a naval cannon could turn a stately mansion to gravel, relieving the convicted pirates of having to serve their well deserved sentences breaking rocks.
  2. Gizella Oehm from toronto, Canada writes: I certainly never thought of pirates as 'heroic'. They want money and are greedy. These Somalian pirates - at least up until now - aren't taking human life and are merrily thumbing their noses at the 1st world and its shipping cargo. They're not 'giving' money to other poor Somalis, this is true, but it sounds like they've created an economic engine in their home towns, which amounts to much the same thing. It's wrong of me, but at some level, I'm getting a bit of a kick out of these guys. But I suspect the whole thing will get ugly once the world turns its collective focus on them, and hires military types to fight on the high seas. The pirates got cocky, stole a giant oil tanker. Big mistatke - they will not be forgiven for that.
  3. Alex ALEX from St.Petersburg, Russian Federation writes: Why to go there to protect ships from pirats? Why to go to Somalia and to try to bring some order at least to the coastal ports which are the pirat's bases? - its not interesting - much more interesting things to do is to make enemy of Russia and to involve each other in mutual threatening. And my message is for both sides...Wait a bit more... and you'll one day wake up and hear on TV news that the Halifat is now the state systems of your countries - what a surprise - you (both in the West and in Russia) were so busy to hate each other that even had no time to figure out where real danger was.
  4. Brenton E. from Canada writes: they are thugs and the moment their activities cost more than a solution they will be destroyed.
  5. Dragline 62 from GTA, Canada writes: Well it seems as if it wouldn't take too much intel to figure out which of these properties are obtained from illegal ransoms. By allowing these lavish homes to stand we are only encouraging them to continue their lawlessness.
    Bomb their homes to rubble, and blockade their harbours. And sink every boat in sight and bingo! Problem solved.
    All we need to do is grow a set of ball$ and get the job done. They are criminal vermin and will not be missed by humanity.
  6. dj mk from vancouver, Canada writes: if i lived in the hell hole of somalia where my house was a box and my child has a 25% chance of dying before the age of 5, and i had a chance to change that, i would.

    this is really a modern version of the classic robin hood story

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