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Microsoft posts profit gain


Software giant's quarterly earnings rise 2 per cent, but company lowers full-year outlook; shares rise after hours ...Read the full article

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  1. Honey Ryder from Canada writes: I love it when G and M throws this photo up every month or so

    reminds me of that opening scene in Monty Python's Meaning of Life - when the merchant bankers do battle!
  2. Mister Fartleberry from Toronto, Canada writes: People will buy anything.
  3. Ed Long from Canada writes: Here is my take on personal tech. stocks, ie. Microsoft and Apple and RIM.

    We now live in a totally connected world.

    A cell phone is becoming a fundamental possession. A computer, laptop, PC, handheld, whatever, is fundamental to doing business whether it be White Rock or Shipwrecked Rock.

    The personal tech. business has replaced the automobile business because of its universality.

    Therefore it will always grow. You and I are sitting in front of a computer.
    It is probably the most used piece of consumer spending in our homes.

    Personal tech. is the now and the future and the market doesn't get it.
  4. Double Money from Canada writes: Mr Softy was not so soft in last quarter.
  5. Joseph Whistle from Canada writes: Microsoft profits - yeah no wonder with their government tolerated illegal monopoly. Every computer you, just about, has Windows on it. You can't even buy a laptop in the store without Windows on it, except for a few odd ball mini netbooks.
    Their little cheat game, when it was crucial in the early years in 1995, went completely unchecked. Instead, we should have seen Windows being sold separately off of a shelf. That way competitors would have had a chance. Instead, deals were signed where Microsoft became the exclusive pre-installed distributor of OS's. Without regulation (now there's a concept), manufacturers had no choice.
    The government failed, again.

    And puhlease, don't give me any stories about how I'm against a company making a profit and being anti capitalist or anything. That's complete bogus. What I'm talking about is a fair play ground so MORE companies could compete.
    And yes, there is a the Mac. And I'm happy they're playing a bigger role now. But the playground was and still is not fair or level at all. It keeps being slanted waaayyy towards Microsoft and their dirty little spiel lives on.

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