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Experts take questions on losing weight

Globe and Mail Update

For years, diet and exercise were championed as the twin strategies for weight loss. But as the obesity epidemic spreads, a growing body of research has looked to other explanations for why people become obese, Hayley Mick writes in Life on the scale.

Dr. Arya Sharma, chair of obesity research and management at the University of Alberta, along with Chris Dukarich, who has lost 128 pounds in the past year, will be online Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET to take your questions. Ask Dr. Sharma about the latest in research, why doctors think some people gain weight and others don't, and what options are out there for those who are struggling. Mr. Dukarich will take questions on his own experience with weight loss. Want to know how he did it? Just ask.

Your questions and their answers appear at the bottom of this page.

Dr. Arya Sharma is professor of medicine and Chair of Obesity Research and Management at the University of Alberta. He is also the medical director of the Edmonton Regional Weight Wise Program and the scientific director of the federally-funded Canadian Obesity Network. His research focuses on the environmental and biological causes of obesity and an evidence-based approach to managing obese patients. He is also working on the development of novel interventions for treating obese patients and people with a propensity for obesity. Scientific associations of which he is a member include the Canadian, American and International Societies of Hypertension and the Canadian Association of Bariatric Physicians and Surgeons . Dr. Sharma maintains a widely read blog where he regularly posts his ideas and thoughts on obesity prevention and management:

Chris Dukarich, 27, used to live off Slurpees and fast food. Since attending the Wharton Medical Clinic's Weight Management Centre in Hamilton, Mr. Dukarich lost 128 pounds in less than a year, shaving 15 points off of his BMI and 20 inches off his waist.

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