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Grisly killings expose system's failure


He was hearing voices and cried for help. When no one answered, he butchered them ...Read the full article

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  1. JamRock Meets Icebox from Canada writes: Unfortunately this is a grim result of the failure of the health system for mental patients. It also speaks to the wider society and highlights the problem of dealing with the challenges of mental health.

    I am concerned that despite the admitted negligence on all sides, this patient may be released in the near future as he poses 'no threat'. Who is going to guarantee that and how if it was not possible to prevent a breakdown before, will it be done now?
  2. Michael Peters from Vancity, Canada writes: Sorry - what is the point of this article? This is surely a tragidy, but what is the author suggesting here? That it is now a family doctor's responsibility to ensure that their patients are taking thier medications? And what if they're not? Would they then have the power to force people to take them, or have someone locked up? This suggestion smacks of Big Brother and leads us down a dangerous path, IMHO. It's the big catch-22 with mental illness - that the mental ill must seek treatment or we as a society take on the responsibility of institutionalizing people. I don't know what the answer is. I'm simply aruging that blaming a family doctor or 'the system' in this case is bogus.
  3. inside view from Canada writes: Missing the signs of every kind of mental illness is very common. We need more varied and better quality mental health care than the outmoded silo psychiatryat plagues us now, plus more reassessments, and an educated community who knows to call the police when family members are threatening. Too many young people have their lives marred by toxic psychiatrists who misdiagnose them, often, it seems, on purpose. Those with ADHD should not be labelled as schizophremic or even anxiety-disordered, a common error, and those with paranoid schizophrenia should not be left to wither away in shelters. We need competent and ethical mental health leaders to end so much needless cruelty and waste of human potential. Inept psychiaqtrists should not be practising. All homeless must be helped into housing and all shelters and 'transitional homes' must close. Government should bolster the social entrepreneurs who can build quality attractive affordable housing where delapidated boarding housing stands now and rent them to thoe wanting inexpensive housing, for $400 a month or less, all without government money or subsidies. It is not rocket science, just common sense and capable leadership, minus current corruption and political favours.

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