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Hemming asks for release from Toronto FC

Globe and Mail Update

Midfielder deals another blow to team already depleted by nine international call-ups ...Read the full article

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  1. WorldCup 2010Soccer from Nauru writes: Why can't they stop the league for the FIFA dates is beyond me.
  2. steven cooke from Toronto, Canada writes: Bush league behaviour by the MLS. This arrogance may threaten the league's health one day.
  3. B Z from Toronto, Canada writes: Eh MK ... we need some Czech players to play this weekend !!!
  4. Cruthin Clan from Brampton, Canada writes: MLS is a moronic league. I've stated before that until they start postponing games for internationals they will never be taken seriously. Who wants to watch the 'C' team play when your paying 'A' team prices? Especially when battling for playoffs (another gay concept).
  5. B Z from Toronto, Canada writes: Sell your tickets for this Saturday's game to the losers who just want to enter BMO field for the party.

    You're better off enjoying a beer this Saturday night at a party somewhere else than watch TFC's Academy team play on the field.
  6. John Smith from Toronto, Canada writes: How about instead of watching the TFC Reserves play this Saturday night, everyone watches Canada play Honduras in a World Cup Qualifier, live from Montreal?
    Do people even know about the Canada-Honduras game? God bless the CSA.
  7. Cruthin Clan from Canada writes: I'll be watching Scotland, Northern Ireland and Canada. God bless PVR's.
  8. WorldCup 2010Soccer from Nauru writes: Northern Ireland or the Czechs?
  9. WorldCup 2010Soccer from Nauru writes: Czech players wouldn't come here,because of the artificial turf and low paychecks...
  10. Cruthin Clan from Canada writes: Slovakia v. Northern Ireland and I will be cheering the boys from Ulster. We're no Brazil, we're Northern Ireland....
    Healy will sink the Slovaks
  11. WorldCup 2010Soccer from Nauru writes: I meant the next game next week in NI...of course the Czechs have a "bye" for the first date...
  12. B Z from Toronto, Canada writes: I guess you came here for a low paycheque?
  13. Cruthin Clan from Canada writes: The next week in Fortress Windsor? Northern Ireland wins 3-2

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