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When's the best time for me to work out?

From Friday's Globe and Mail

Am I better off getting up an hour early to work out, or sleeping for an extra hour? ...Read the full article

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  1. Stew Davidson from Guelph, Canada writes: For those of us who are "average athletes" or not in the competitive athletic world, ANYTIME is the best time to work out...its always better than being in the office!
  2. Bot Mark from Canada writes: The article never answered the question - when is the best time to work out (assuming you get a constant amount of sleep)?
  3. Michael Ervin from Calgary, Canada writes: I'm an early riser in order to fit my fitness routine in. For me, this is the most consistant time to do it.

    I have always wondered though, why I cant' shave that 0.15 seconds off my 45-minute, 1500 metre morning swim. Now I know!
  4. Peter The Not Quite Great from Edmonton, Canada writes: I try to be in bed and asleep by 11 p.m. I don't have a long commute so I can get up at 6 a.m. and get a 5k run in before I have to leave for work. Of course, once winter sets in here in Edmonton it's to dark to run in the morning so I switch to running after work.

    It seems sensible that lots of sleep will help elite athletes - heavy training puts lots of stress on your body and sleep is important to recovery.
  5. Wandering Willy from Kelowna, Canada writes: Lol! I was thinking the same thing Bot Mark! I anticipated reading the article because I am struggling to figure out if its better for me to work out after work or wake up really early. This article absolutely FAILED to deliver.
  6. VERITAS4 VERITAS4 from Canada writes: Morning or evening, is that so difficult to spelt out!
  7. Peter North from van, Canada writes: "One caveat is that exercise in the three hours before bedtime may hinder sleep in adults in their 30s or older if they already struggle with sleep, notes Calgary sleep researcher Dr. Charles Samuels, who was not involved in the study. "If you're a good sleeper," he adds, "nothing matters."

    anybody know the reason for this?

    if i work out after 5pm, i find it hard to get to sleep at my normal time.
    when i practised martial arts in the evenings, i couldnt get to bed until 2 am even though the class finished at 930. the only advice ive gotten is to incorporate a longer cool down period with a target heart rate of 142. it didnt work. any strenuos exercise after 5 leaves me jacked up like a meth spider monkey until the wee hours.
  8. B Fine from Toronto, Canada writes: When to workout to burn most fat?
    In the morning, before eating anything carb-heavy. Why? With your body's sugar stores at their lowest, exercising in the AM depletes the sugar stored in liver/muscles and forces your body to mobilize fat sooner (after say 20 min of aerobic activity). So exercise in the AM, without much carb stored, for more than 20 min.

    May be other times depending on your workout objective.
  9. bryan bolan from Canada writes: the best time to workout is a time that you are comfortable with.
  10. raine turner from Canada writes: The best time for cardio is in the morning- then weights - nothing too strenous 3 hours before sleep as the increase in your metabilism will hamper your sleep-- so there you go.....
    get up early- do your cardio in the morning- if you have time do some weights or do them early in the evening/late afternoon- yoga later in the day to help you sleep. Adjust your sleep time (get off the couch and into bed at a decent time) to profit the most from your workouts.
  11. Chilled One from Canada writes: It amazes me how people actually earn a living stating the obvious. Exercise may make you sleep better? No kidding Sherlock.
  12. Dennis sinneD from Calgary, Canada writes:

    The answer is within you.. woooh-ahhhhaaa..

    When one feels most inclined.. wooha-ahhhthaha ... then hit the gym, hit the road, do your thing.
  13. sam johnson from Canada writes: if you work with weights, lots of rest and sleep are essential. naps are murder, don't! get a good nights sleep (8hours).
    a work out isn't using weights you're comfortable with. you have to work the muscle groups hard. straining is essential ( i know it sounds like a joke, but i mean it).
    best time is early afternoon. twice a week. NOT 3 or 4 times a week.
    and you should be breathing very hard after each set.
    this is for building large muscles.
    if it's just to get excercise, use weights you're comfortable with 3 - 4 times a week, to maintain good health. DON'T nap!
  14. varun xm from toronto, Canada writes: There's a researcher out of Calgary who's invented a vibrating bed, much like that belt from the seventies that jiggled the belly to make it go down. now people can sleep their way to a six pack.

    I keed. I keed. Calgarians dont sleep on beds. They also dig with their bare hands to bring out the oil, and rassle bison for sport in the evening.

    har har. I kill myself.

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