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Bell undercuts iPhone plans with unlimited Instinct

Globe and Mail Update

While Rogers Wireless faces public backlash over their data plans, Bell steps in with Samsung's handset and affordable rate plans ...Read the full article

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  1. SusieQ 321 from NoWhereVille, Canada writes: I smell unlimited data coming on rogers sooner rather than later for a similar cost... pricing and competition... hmmm
  2. andy c from Canada writes: unlimited data arrives in canada, at a half decent price as well........ next move is yours rogers
  3. Andrew Ion from Toronto, Canada writes: Unlimited data for $10 on Bell, 300MB for $30 on Rogers... Something doesn't add up...
  4. jim in London from London, Canada writes: I will keep my unlocked iphone and use the wifi for data and the very cheap Fido service until Rogers gets it right
  5. Raffi D from Canada writes: Guys before we get too excited here, can we all just make sure that this isn't like the $7 'unlimited' plan under Rogers that only allows you unlimited access to their 'approved' websites?

    Is this true unlimited Internet, or is this unlimited 'Internet'?
  6. h w from Waterlogged, Canada writes: Too bad the iPhone doesn't come in a CDMA or 'world phone' variant - this will take at least a year more for Apple to cobble up. In the meantime, due to Rogers' stupidity, Samsung and RIM will be eating the lion's share of the hardware churn for what's left of this year. Rogers may be bragging about winning the iPhone, but only because they (including Fido owned by Rogers) are the only GSM game in town. Visionaries my posterior! More like thieving monopolists! Rogers has already been trumped by Bell's superior service coverage on CDMA, and their smartphone plan with unlimited data, just announced today. I don't like Bell, but I love to see Rogers eat crow!
  7. Bagpipe Fan from Toronto, Canada writes: Way to go Bell, keep up the pressure on Rogers. For now though it looks like Bell has a very attractive offering.

    Cheers from Toronto.
  8. J Ross from Cochrane, Canada writes: Good for Bell! I'm an iPhone fanatic, a Canuck currently living in the US, and having owned my Gen 1 iPhone for about a year now. Best phone ever. Were I back in Canada though, I would definitely be going with Bell and the Instinct. Rogers burned me several years back with not 1, but 2 monthly bills for over $2000!! When I signed up for their data plans at the time, I had no idea how much data I'd use. A few media heavy websites and a few emails with big attachments are enough to put you over the top with Rogers, and into their domain of obscene data rates. The data consumption of the iPhone is huge, especially with applications like Google Maps when it is constantly talking to the server. Word to the wise - DON'T GET AN IPHONE WITHOUT AN UNLIMITED DATA PLAN!
  9. Edward Jones from Toronto, Canada writes: From the developer's perspective this phone sounds pretty good. Not only does it support Java but it supports it really well (based on the specs).

    This makes it much easier for us to create good applications for the phone. Also, Samsung isn't taking a piece of every sale.
  10. Iain MacLeod from Halifax, Canada writes: 'The only feature the Instinct does not support is the use of the Instinct as a 'tethered' device offering roaming wireless data access for laptops.'

    I have a feeling the Instinct also doesn't support, iTunes, the iTunes apps store, Safari web browsing, etc
  11. Stude Ham from Outremont, Canada writes:

    Will this plan survive the eventual breakup of Bell by the buyers of the BCE carcass?
  12. chris ohenry from Toronto, Canada writes: Brilliant move by Bell. I hope this causes Rogers to get very very nervous and rethink their strategy of taking the Canadian consumer for a major ride.
    If they don't bring out a similar unlimited package, I think I will be moving to Bell. They've had a bad rep for long enough...maybe things are being shaken up over there for the benefit of us consumers.
  13. andy c from Canada writes: Iain MacLeod: have you tried opera mobile browser? believe it or not it's quicker then safari.....
  14. John K from Canada writes: Iain, it's a shame that the Safari web-browser is potentially capped by the Rogers plans.... oh, and the apps from the App Store? The ones that use data too are all going to contribute that cap Rogers felt was necessary.
    I say this as an iPhone owner, in Canada, who will not buy this phone for the reasons you listed - among others - but I think the unlimited data plan is the trump card in this new battle of 3G smartphones. Some people will undoubtedly buy the iPhone because its an iPhone... but others who are on the fence and disappointed with the data plans from Rogers will probably just get this. Also, all of those potential customers that were going to buy out of their Bell contract or even switch when the contract was up, now have a reason not to go to Rogers.
  15. David K from Guelph, Canada writes: I suspect this move by Bell will shift Rogers much faster than any petition will.
  16. IT Manager from Toronto, Canada writes: Just made up my mind. When my current contract with Rogers is up in September I will be switching to Bell.

    Good luck Rogers. Hope your happy losing business to Bell because of your greed.
  17. Steven Patterson from Canada writes: They almost had me, but the 'no tethering' killed it for me. I've been looking for a sane data plan (and USB or Bluetooth driven interface) for my ultramobile notebook for two years now, and still haven't found one... this came so close.

    -- Steve
  18. C C from Canada writes: There are dozens of up and coming touchscreen smartphones coming out of Asia. (I've been following the Meizu M8 miniOne for sometime) I want a pay-as-you-go data plan for the phone of my choice.... not the limited selections currently offered by the Big Three, let alone selections with a 3 year contract. Bell is giving mobile consumers a glimmer of hope with their more reasonable data plans.
  19. Bruce Bartlett from Toronto, Canada writes: 'h w from Waterlogged, Canada writes: Too bad the iPhone doesn't come in a CDMA or 'world phone' variant -'

    The iPhone is quad-band GSM, which is about as 'world phone' as you can get. The problem is that most North American carriers chose to go with a proprietary standard owned and controlled by Qualcomm instead of the much-more open GSM. Actually, CDMA is barely a standard at all, as handset manufacturers must customize the firmware to each carrier, whereas the same GSM handset can be used on any GSM network, provided they support the right regional frequencies. Given this and other factors, like the small slice of the global market and there being no possible market for CDMA phones without carrier support, it's no wonder that so many of the major manufacturers are neglecting CDMA (Nokia) or have abandoned it altogether (Sony Ericsson). One cannot fault Apple for not bothering with it at all.

    The lack of a standard wasn't an issue in the early days of mobile communications, when phones were used just for voice, and having the choice of specific handsets wasn't a big deal to anyone but a few phone geeks. Now that handsets can do much more and have become the focus of the service, the CDMA providers are being left in the dust.
  20. Joe Calgarian from Calgary, Canada writes: Looks like my next provider will be Bell...
  21. Tyler Phillips from writes: I strongly doubt Bell Mobility will be lowering their smartphone monthly plans from $30 to $10/month.

    They have proven themselves very uncompetitive in other aspects of wireless and I see no reason why they would take such a drastic measure now. It took them months just to MATCH the Telus Mobility pricing of $30/month for unlimited BlackBerry data.
  22. John H from Canada writes: After the last 10 articles on the iPhone, doesn't this make you feel like we have all just given Rogers the finger?

    I am sure Rogers will reply with a real plan now but this will show their spokeswoman Ms. Hamilton that no, they didn't have the plan just right for the majority of users.

    As my Bell agreement was over a few months ago and I was waiting for the iPhone, now I am thinking I will just stay with Bell. And with Rogers being famous for their lousy service, it makes it just that much easier.
  23. Spencer Coulthard from Halifax, Canada writes: In Wimbledon terminology:

    Advantage Bell
  24. David H from calgary, Canada writes: Take that Uncle Ted! The end is near! You had the golden egg and you blew it. Looks good on you.
  25. Kitty Burgers from Hamilton, Canada writes: CDMA is very much a standard. Nevertheless, it doesn't really matter what standard it is, GSM, CDMA or whatever... who really cares? The Samsung is here now, and it will most certainly do what many expect of a smart phone. That's what matters most. If Samsung can do it, other manufactures will be able to as well. In the years to come, it won't be hard to imagine that there will be many handsets available operating under any* standard ... it's just a matter of developing the chipsets for them, and it *will happen. There are already handset out there that will do CDMA and all flavors of GSM (with multiple SIM cards in the phone as well).
  26. Canadian MP from Aboriginal reserve, Canada writes: Great. It works to punch the number of how much penalty I will get for canceling the contract with Rogers and how much will I save on my data plan for the move to Bell. good thing the number stays with me.
  27. Marcus Mares from Canada writes: We have seen 'unlimited' plans from Bell before... Let's hope this time they get it right, although it sounds too good to be true.

    Here's to hoping competitive forces in the Canadian wireless industry are finally here to lower the excessive power these engorged oligopolists have enjoyed in the past. Not sure why Canadian regulators and governing bodies have allowed such abusive pricing policies to exist for so long... indicative of broken or corrupt lobbying??

    I think that especially in Canada, a more socialist state than our brethren to the south, we will need an emerging group to fight for consumer rights a bit better than what we have now. The prices we see here are ridiculous, in wireless and grocery stores alike.
  28. f e from Canada writes: Where does Bell offer unlimted data on smartphones for $30 now? Certainly not advertised on the web site. $40 gets you 8mb with a Windows/Palm device or a Blackberry.
  29. Home E. D'Clown from Canada writes: Great. Yet another device for megalomaniacal self-importance-junkies to get charged up about. You people and your Blackberry culture...infatuated with the sound of your own voices. Nobody is THAT important that you need to be in contact all the time...on the GO train, in the men's room, at your kid's soccer game. 'Did you see my goal, Daddy?' 'No son, I didn't. I was too busy crafting this brilliant email reply that no one is going to read until morning.....unless they have a Blackberry too! I'd better craft my reply to their reply in advance! Was that a vibration? Did you hear that? Don't bother Daddy when he's trying to work! Maybe you should get a Big Brother.'

    Like I said, no one is THAT important. As for me, I'm only that important to the people who I like to spend time with; time that I would never interrupt for some mockable yuppie affectation.

    Get a life. All of you.
  30. mmtennis now from Canada writes: Bell does offer a $30 'unlimited' (read= unlimited if you stay under 5 or 6 gigs) data as an add-on service that can be added to any account that is at least $25/month (I think, not sure exact monthly figure) already before the add-on. But you need to call their customer service or visit a store.

  31. John Hamilton from Canada writes: Hey check out this page for a comparison of the 2 phones.
  32. Tyler Phillips from Seattle, writes: f e from Canada writes: 'Where does Bell offer unlimted data on smartphones for $30 now? Certainly not advertised on the web site. $40 gets you 8mb with a Windows/Palm device or a Blackberry.'

    You need to call in and ask for it. It's available. I have it.
  33. Maple Leaf from Canada writes: Where is Telus in all this???

    Choosing not to be competitive???
  34. Blaque Jacque Shallaque from Canada writes: Bell and the Instinct are irrelevant.

    Telus has snagged the HTC Touch Diamond, which is far superior to the Instinct, and probably better than the iPhone (though that is aruable).

    They, not Bell, will be Rogers' real competitor in the sexy phone category.
  35. Glenn F from Winnipeg, Canada writes: Bell just got my business!
  36. A D from North Bay, Canada writes: Even though I dont trust Bell or any of the others...the fact remains that Bell is the only one pushing the data plan issue in the right direction. Bell has delivered for me with the $7 unlimited 'mobile browser plan' that somehow gets attached to the HTC Touch (the only wm device that is eligible). The HTC touch is the best bang for the buck (if you like wm) for managing costs.

    I have no doubt that for most people the data plan being offered with the instinct will work just fine - so you cant seek with itunes - people figure this out with no problem.

    I would have switched to the iphone if the plans had been even close to reasonable.

    Just wait...patience is your will give in at some point.
  37. Daniel Lajeunesse from writes: @ Raffi D

    If the reporter correctly used the term 'data' and not 'browser then we are good. Unlimited 'browser' allows you to visit site on the internal browser, however many apps connect directly to get their data (email, games, stocks, weather...). What we want is unlimited 'data'. That way it doesn't matter what you do, it's covered!

    I really hope the days of reasonable/affordable cellphones have arrived to Canada.
  38. Power Glide from Canada writes:

    I have found the cheapest deal anywhere; it's a well-kept secret.

    For $100, Seven-Eleven will provide a nice Nokia phone and enough minutes to do me for a whole year. Check it out, folks!

    I use my phone only to notify my mate of my whereabouts, or to meet her somewhere, or to schedule something. Oh, and for emergencies. That's all you really need. It's a lot more than anyone had just 20 years ago!

    Anyone spending more than $100 a year on mobility phone service is, well, foolish!
  39. CallofDuty . from Toronto, Canada writes: Way to go Bell!
  40. Paul who is from Vancouver, Canada writes: .
    $149.95 with a three-year contract, $249.95 on a two-year contract, or $399.95 with a one-year contract.

    Of course, Canadians with deeper pockets and a more significant aversion to contracts can get their Samsung Instinct free and clear for the retail price of $449.95
  41. Paul who is from Vancouver, Canada writes: .
    From American website

    Bell bringing Samsung Instinct to Canada August 8

    It's no surprise that the hottest-selling smartphone would eventually make it to the Great White North.

    The Samsung Instinct's GPS, WiFi, and Mobile TV-laden feature-set is a sure-fire hit that's not going to be satisfied with just blowing the doors off the US CDMA market.

    The full-body touchscreen and full HTML web browser, not to mention he integrated GPS and WiFi hardware, are likely to be key selling points.

    It sure is good to see at least one Canadian wireless carrier offering decent data rates on a handset thats meant to surf the web with abandon.

    Bell Mobility is offering a $10 Unlimited Mobile Browser add-on to any qualifying plan.

    While Rogers' customers will be forking over upwards of $115 for a combined voice and data plan with unjust data transfer caps, Bell subscribers will no doubt be surfing those intertubes without a care for data limits at a price-point similar to what we see in the States.
  42. William Latanville from toronto, Canada writes: that's an interesting ad disguised as reportage...
  43. Howard Young from Canada writes: William, this is a worthwhile article as there are lots of readers/consumers who are not that happy with the iPhone subscription plans being offered by Rogers.

    Any type of consumer news reporting that will help increase awareness of alternatives and possibly increase competitive pressure in a less than competitive industry is welcomed.
  44. Tiberius Oderint dum probent from Canada writes: Great move by BELL. I wouldn't buy the iPHONE even with an unlimited data plan as the ROGERS Network is sub par.
  45. Howard Young from Canada writes: Say what you want about Rogers network, but the GSM standard is the way to go if you travel outside of Canada and the U.S. often. If you don't go beyond these borders, sticking with CDMA is a non-issue.
  46. Bob Jones from Toronto, Canada writes: Checkmate. Bell wins.
  47. William Latanville from toronto, Canada writes: Howard,
    there's quite a distinction between pointing out that Bell's got Plan X, with Product Y (that's news), but printing what amounts to a rate card in the newspaper disguised as objective reportage crosses a line.
    The other current article about iPhones in the G&M is bashing Rogers for their prices compared to US mobile/data prices.
    I'm sure it's just a coincidence that Bell used to OWN the Globe & Mail, right?
    I'm no fan of Rogers, but truly, I expected better of the Globe...
  48. Derek Lambert from Edmonton, Canada writes: Power Glide: That's a great package for someone who uses their cell on a limited basis. I don't have a home phone and don't mind paying up to $50/month including long distance for my entire monthly phone bill.

    Glenn F from Winnipeg, Canada writes: Bell just got my business!
    Glenn, last time I checked (a few years ago), Bell wasn't available in Manitoba. If it is I'd think about switching too.
  49. Joe Liberali from Canada writes: h w from Waterlogged, Canada writes: Too bad the iPhone doesn't come in a CDMA or 'world phone' variant

    actually "world phones" are just CDMA phones with GSM hacked in. GSM is the de facto international standard, not CDMA.
  50. Howard Young from Canada writes: William, you are entitled to your opinion. I myself felt this information was worthwhile reporting on. Alot of the other posters comments would seem to agree. Also, the number of recommended article "clicks" would seem to support this as well. I myself clicked on it because I want more consumers who are somewhat interested in the iPhone but are unhappy with the rates to know about an alternative.

    This article has pointed out plan x and product y and they've compared its plan x against the cheapest plan available for Rogers' iPhone.

    It has given me food for thought.
  51. William Latanville from toronto, Canada writes: Howard Young: so this is the function of newspapers now? to help you do comparison shopping? THAT is new to me...good day.
  52. Joe Liberali from Canada writes: Digging a little, this "unlimited" plan is limited to just a couple functions, browsing and email ... there are ALOT of other interesting things that the iPhone can do (and possibly this Samsung knock-off) that falls outside of these two..
  53. Howard Young from Canada writes: William, actually it is for me and it is for a lot of other readers. This article actually appears in the the Globe's Technology section. You ever been in the market for a car and read The Globe's Auto section? I always read their reviews and car comparisons. This is partially due to the fact that I'm a car enthusiast, but I also read it to always know what it is out there so my knowledge is current when I'm in the market for a new car.

    The Globe has Arts, Opinion and Life sections, I'm sure if I tried hard enough I could poke holes in those articles and question their validity as news reporting.
  54. ron dugal from Toronto, Canada writes: Ladies & Gents!
    Rev up your Rate Plans...The Race Has Begun!

    Brilliant Move Bell Mobility...Brilliant.
  55. John Warwick from Canada writes: AT&T's iPhone unlimited data plan has a soft cap of 5GB as well - obviously a carrier needs some kind of reasonable limitation on usage. The difference is that a soft cap might result in a letter to the user, not a doubling of their monthly cost.
  56. Randal Oulton from Toronto, Canada writes: >> h w from Waterlogged, Canada writes: Too bad the iPhone doesn't come in a CDMA or 'world phone' variant -'

    CDMA? World phone??? No one else in the world has it outside North America????
  57. Howard Young from Canada writes: William Latanville, the Globe has an article in the Sports sectin titled "Just how close 'friends' are Madonna and A-Rod?" Go nuts and have a field day with this one! :)
  58. bill iam from Canada writes: Wired reports that Samsung and LG are readying G-Phones with the Android OS for this fall.

    Android's open, wifi friendly applications make it truly appealing, and an affordable, enduring, portable value rather than a locked-in ripoff. So if wondering is this Samsung / Bell instinct offering is a G-Phone or if it can be upgraded to one?

    If not - I'll pass until the upgrade.
  59. Tim Cares from Canada writes: How fast is Bell's highspeed?
  60. Tim Cares from Canada writes: If you are only getting emails and looking at some webpages, unlimited is irrelevant because you just won't use that much.
  61. H B from Canada writes: Great news! I'm an avowed apple fanboi. No matter what features you offer me on a non-Apple product, I know in my heart of hearts it won't be an apple. i've completely swallowed the kook-aid, and can't wait to get my own iPhone. I just know that it's going to hook up with our mac computers, the apple tv, etc., happily and seamlessly. That said, with the exception of a small but significant number of idiots like me who probably pay way too much to live in apple world, a phone like this one is going to be perfectly substitutable for people looking for a cool form-factor, touch screen, wi-fi, browser, etc. Rogers might have been able to ream me out for their insane data rates, but this announcement will put significant pressure on Rogers to match Bell's plan if they hope to capture any portion of the more reasonable and mainstream Canadian market. If enough of we brain-addled Steve Jobs worshippers can hold off buying the iPhone for a while, hopefully we'll see an unlimited plan from Rogers sooner rather than later.
  62. Alexander Slimnich from Canada writes: As much as I applaud this move, I will never be a Bell customer. Not after the way they screwed me over the last time I had a cell phone with them. Not now, not ever..
  63. gordon foster from Canada writes: Can I purchase my Instinct here in Korea then hook myself up with a plan in Canada? That would be way cool.
  64. 5and man from Toronto, Canada writes: DO NOT BUY AN iPHONE JULY 11!!!


    Be patient.

    If there are no line-ups, hoarding, hoopla and people screaming demands to purchase an iphone -- Rogers will have their tail between their legs.

    Just wait a couple of weeks.

    The media will pick up on the less than steller demands, as well as business analysists & critics.

    Rogers will be totally embarassed. Their stock will drop. The media pressure will be un-bearable.
  65. Ziad Fazel from Calgary, Canada writes: Wish I could invent a GSM-CDMA adapter.
  66. brian bishop from Brantford, Canada writes: Darn I only pay $20 a month for my cell with Virgin Mobile, when I could be paying double that without the add ons through Bell.

    If I want to check email or surf the web I do that on my PC's at home for no additional cost. Surely you can wait till your home to see how many Viagra ads you have.

    I paid no activation fee & there's no access fees with Virgin Mobile. Why are you paying access fees anyway, your already paying them a monthly fee for the service, why this additional charge, Virgin mobile doesn't charge you access fees!

    Bell offers access to 2 million songs for $15 a month, I have access to over 300GB of music anytime I want free of charge. That equals about 75,000 songs, most of which I actually like.

    Why would I want an iPhone or Samsung Instinct that's going to cost 2 to 5 times more each month, nothing like flushing your hard earned money down the toilet!

    But hey you got a iPhone or Instinct, I'm so proud of you!
  67. Tom W from Vancouver, Taiwan writes: Fantastic! Now I have some talking points when chatting up my Fido service cancellation expert!

    Great news .... imagine if the CRTC hadn't approved the sale of Fido to Rogers ? Competition is a beautiful thing.
  68. R Rrr from Canada writes: cell phones are too expensive, smart phone or iphone. there is no real competition for cell phones. Rogers will drop their prices to compete with bell but more competition is needed to bring prices down. The one ,two, and three contracts are designed to limit competition not give good deal to consumers. Stick with home phone ditch the cell phones.
  69. m meleskie from Canada writes: This is good news. The more competition the merrier. Not being an Mac user or a Bell hater (mostly) this will lead to lower prices and more choices. Now if we can only get Telus, Fido, Virgin......
  70. Bob Fox from Calgary, Canada writes: no wifi=no good
  71. The Wight from Canada writes: k-BAM - that sound you heard was the first shot across the bow of the HMS Rogers. Let the fracas commence!
  72. John K from Canada writes: Bob Fox,
    But with 3G speeds (or whatever the CDMA equivalent is) and unlimited data makes the exclusion of wifi a lot less of an issue.
  73. Evil Conservative with Hidden Agenda from Canmore, Canada writes: I have been a Rogers customer since 2002, and have been operating contract-less since 2005. Last year I got Nokia 6120 Classic 3G smartphones for me and my wife (in Europe of course, Robbers doesn't bring decent handsets to Canada) and have been complaining to Rogers from time to time about the ridiculous data rates I have to pay (to no effect; all I get is the usual shoulder-shrugs from customer service and account cancellations/retentions). This is great news from Bell: August = good bye Rogers; hello Bell.
  74. John K from Canada writes: Never in my life have I felt compelled to e-mail Bell to thank them for something... but if Rogers responds with unlimited data I might have to send Bell a present... it won't be my monthly business or anything, but maybe a fruit basket.
  75. Stephen Drahos from Wolfville, NS., Canada writes: Does the iPhone have tether capability?
  76. ah sails from Canada writes: hopefully enough Canadians have the discipline to wait Rogers another writer said, let the media get a sniff of iphones sitting on the shelves..we should really be tired of getting ripped off, let's act that way
  77. Matthew Willis from Toronto, Canada writes: I smell something fishy with h w from waterlogged's comments. I would argue that the iPhone isn't "world phone". Arguably most of the world is GSM. Try using a bell phone in Europe, it doesn't work since they use GSM over there.

    I think competition is great. I am going to wait this one out.

    Incidentally I have a personal GSM phone and a work EVDO/CDMA phone.
  78. Don B. from Canada writes: A) Kudos to Bell for great plans and great price on the Instinct, a very good iPhone competitor. Kudos to Telus for $30 unlimited data AND Samsung Instinct AND HTC Touch Diamond (the clear winner in the touchscreen phone showdown...).

    I really hope this puts pressure on Rogers to offer something much better than the $30/300mb starter plan for the iPhone (and all phones for that matter...)

    B) The $7 Rogers unlimited surfing isn't restricted to "approved" websites. You can visit ANY website you want. HTML, whatever. The approved website plan is Bell and Telus' dumbphone WAP plan. The $7 surfing is only problematic because it doesn't allow streaming, push email or use of third party apps, which a catch-all data plan (ie. unlimited, 300mbs, or other) would. Other than that, it's actually great (and I use it to its fullest extent on my N95)

    C) To the one comment about paying more than $100 a year on cell service. While you think that's crazy, I think having a home phone PERIOD is insane!
  79. Mark Holoubek from Ottawa, writes: I am no fan of Rogers, but the headline (I believe) on the Samsung Instinct may be inaccurate at best, and a terrible piece of corporate propaganda at worst (BELL Globemedia??)...As mentioned later, the "unlimited" is web or email only, yet in the lead, it reads "unlimited data"...very deceptive. Also, there is no mention of the lack of WiFi capabilities on the Instinct!
  80. Ivan Canarus from Toronto, Canada writes: Is any doubts that the Roger`s management has to be fired, because they have not forecasted the competition turns ?

    But any way, this is the dead end for both operators. Why ? Because they choose the “pipe model” and involved in the price competition. Finally they will meet the revenue declining and not be able to provide any services in long term. Customers can find any service in the Internet for free or more cheaper !

    What have they to do ? Create new service network which will substitute the Internet. Please, check the concept, following by link:
  81. The Bubble from Canada writes: What's cheap is a cellphone with a phone card, the numbers you have to punch in are a pain, but it's cheap. I call long distance all the time with a card and I don't buy them very often. A phone card and a pay phone are still cheap. I remember when you could click the receiver of the phone like a telegraph machine, all the numbers of a call and you could use a pay phone free, that ended in the seventies I think.
  82. Eddy Bean from Panicville ON, Canada writes: does anyone know if you can use Skype from a cell phone with a data plan?
  83. Howard Young from Canada writes: Mark, didn't BCE sell CTV Globemedia a while back?
  84. K W from Canada writes: I assume Bell's cell phones are CDMA right?
  85. Howard Young from Canada writes: Yes K W, both Bell and Telus.
  86. Casey Woods from Calgary, Canada writes: No wi-fi.
    The email client is LAME.
    The browser is nothing to right home about.

    Read the Instinct reviews on the web (Walt Mossberg for example) and I think you'll find that it is a pretty phone that works well as a touch screen PHONE. It is a nice phone, but it does come close to the iPhone.

    Having said that, way to go bell for stepping up with cheap data!
  87. Bob Fox from Calgary, Canada writes: no third party apps - no sync with macbook or desktop - no wi-fi
  88. D B from Ottawa, Canada writes: The key here is "unlimited data for web browsing and e-mail". Bell, like Rogers, is very concerned about restricting HOW people use the data service they pay for. I wonder how they feel about Google Maps or VOIP? I bet if you look hard enough you'll find exclusions in the fine print. Canada needs net neutrality regulations.
  89. Toys Andme from Canada writes: I'll pass on the Sammy. No Windows Mobile= very limited software. The soft keyboard is nowhere as good as Touchpal which I find better than a real Berry QWERTY keyboard. Also, no possibility to add a foldable hardware keyboard to the Instinct (same prob with the iPhone) means that I have to carry a full-size laptop for serious 60 wpm work. The Bell Touch with the $7 UL browser & email is by far the best bang for the buck and is still available on a family share plan. This is way better then the other $10- to $30 pda plans out there. Eat your heart out Telus & Rogers.
  90. Brad Richert from Vancouver, BC, Canada writes: A nice shameless plug by G&M here (Bell has a 15% stock in CTVGlobemedia). I can't believe some the comments here.
    The fact of the matter is that there is no competition in Canada for decent cellphone prices or usage. One gimmicky cellphone is not going to change this, be it from Rogers, Bell, or Telus. While Rogers is infamous for its high prices, Bell has notoriously horrible customer service. I have been with all three carriers and would much prefer Rogers service over the Bell's "we'll do whatever we want and you can just take it" idea of business. And since their restructuring, Telus, on the other hand, needs to catch up to Rogers with GSM and they could be unstoppable.
  91. A C from Albertario, Canada writes: So now we have an Apple product with a Windows-worthy price plan from Rogers and a Window's worthy product (the Instink) with an Apple worthy price plan.
    Can't we get an Apple with an Apple-worthy price plan? Is that askin' too much?
  92. Smokezz from Southern Ontario from Canada writes: OH BOY! I can surf the internet on a 3 inch screen! They also have phones that you can watch a movie on! OH WOW WOW WOW!!!! A movie on a 2 in screen with a tiny little speaker!! How awesome can it get!
  93. J B from Winnipeg, Canada writes: Boycott Rogers! I just browsed the website for this phone and it is awesome. Looks like I'm going to Bell.
  94. Piltdown Man from Canada writes: funny - when Bell does something like capping download rates etc then it gets slagged and when Rogers does something like this - it gets slagged

    what is the third option for a confused reader?
  95. J. Douglas from Canada writes: My contract with Bell just expired. My Treo has served me well, but I no longer need a Palm platform for synching at work. I will take my time and research my next phone. Here is a cNet review of the Instinct (named "Cream of the Crop")
  96. Jeremy F from Alberta, Canada writes: I would totally go for this deal if I wasn't already a Telus customer. I pretty much have the same plan for $70 a month, but i get voice message and caller I.D for free. $10 value. I also got the phone for free, $400 value.

    Rogers needs to get their behinds in shape...because watch out, the potential for wireless technology will hit them like a freight liner. Your typical cell phone user will need more and more data potential as better and better technology comes out...and it happens in a split of a second.
  97. Gordon Murray from Canada writes: What's the Telus response going to be?
    I've read long-winded letters about 'pay per use' rate decreases to 20 cents a minute PLUS $10 bonus if going to "auto-top up" to credit card for "x" days.
    Certainly by Sept 5 there should be something posted somewhere towards keeping/attracting customers.
    Telus stock price expectations absent parallel marketing move will be...? T stock quote
  98. RD Lone from Vancouver, Canada writes: Stop blaming Rogers.. it's Apple that is the cause of the higher priced plans. With the old $400 iphones Apple directly took a cut out of all plans, but with the 3G model they changed it so they get zero from the plan, but more for the phone. That means that they get all their cash up front and the carrier needs to recoup the subsidy through increased monthly plan rates. This is 100% fact and not disputable. Every other phone maker in the world does not have the Apple-ego (nor the legions of Apple fanboys) and do not try to take a cut out of the monthly fees, etc. Thus complain at Apple, not Rogers. That's like blaming BC gas stations for the price hike when it's the government who wants a larger take.
  99. Jay Sherman from Ottawa, Canada writes: RD Lone, you couldn't be more wrong. Why do you think it took a year to get the iphone in Canada? It's because Apple didn't like Rogers' outrageous prices and no unlimited data plans. You must work for Rogers. Sad.
  100. Jimmy K from Toronto, Canada writes: Very nice.

    Now if only we could get a Blackberry bold, with a reasonably priced unlimited data plan, on a CDMA provider (Telus or Bell, ie NOT ROGERS) I'd sign up for the three years in a flash.
  101. biggar thomas from Guelph, Canada writes: Just canceled my iPhone order. It really hurts but it has to be done - it is the only thing that Rogers will understand. I am tempted by the Bell offer what can I say?
  102. Koolest Cat from Vancouver, Canada writes: Sprint info on the instinct including video

    Go here click on Instinct and put in a US postal code
  103. Michael Cranston from Gonwandaland, Canada writes: I still like the iPhone over the Instinct, but I think I'll defer any purchase until I see some sort of improved plan from Rogers.
  104. You're most likely redundant from Canada writes: Yeah right. This, coming from a company with a garbage reputation, whose beaver mascot advertisers DPI'd throttled "always fast" DSL (up to 5mbits!) that craps out at an average of 1.2 mbits. A Laser enema carried out by a blind doctor is preferable to dealing with Bell. You're likely to end up being less gouged in the end as well...
  105. dude toronto31 from Toronto, Canada writes: Monopoly

    Control of the production and distribution of a product or service by one firm or a group of firms acting in concert. In its pure form, monopoly, which is characterized by an absence of competition, leads to high prices and a general lack of responsiveness to the needs and desires of consumers

    Ring any bells? This is what Rogers situation is.. the sad part is most monopolies get broken up or new competition arises that breaks the stranglehold they have over their customers. So sad it had to get his way for Rogers to listen for once to thier customers!

  106. M. Pantouflard from Montreal, Canada writes: I left Bell for reasons of "better support elsewhere" and will be leaving Telus because they, while otherwise excellent, don't have GSM. Rodgers do have GSM and if you want to travel outside NAm it's essential ... can't see any other reason for going to them, but there it is, they have a superior service. The iPhone can wait though - way too expensive.
  107. Duchess O'Blunt from Canada writes: I am not so technically inclined as some of the writers here seem to be. I do know however, that it doesn't really matter which of the big 3 you decide to go with, you will eventually get burned. You see, they don't really care. Customer service and customer satisfaction is not a factor with any of them. Make sure you read the fine print and make sure you check EVERY SINGLE bill. And don't take the sale's persons word for anything. Get it in writing, signed in blood, and you just MIGHT win a battle with one of them.
  108. mitch ma from halifax, Canada writes: it looks as though telus will be offering the instinct as well. no other details on their website, but i would have to presume that it will be competitive with Bell's offer.
  109. RD Lone from Vancouver, Canada writes: @ Jay Sherman: Actually it's the other way around. No other cell phone maker tries the Apple money grab. Basically Apple tries to take their cut and the phone companies laugh at them because it's unprecedented with only sucker companies like ATT going for it. Want proof? Look at many competitive markets that Apple would LOVE to get in (like China and Japan) - they cannot because the carriers there won't agree to Apple's ridiculous terms. Cell phones rates in Asia are extremely competitive if you have never been there.

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