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Hockey star lends his name to campaign

Globe and Mail Update

Daniel Alfredsson was inspired to challenge the stigma around mental illness, attaching his high-profile name to a public awareness campaign ...Read the full article

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  1. Harold A. Maio from Ft Myers FL, United States Outlying writes: "Daniel Alfredsson was inspired to challenge the 'stigma' around mental illness," is poorly edited. Intended is "Daniel Alfredsson was inspired to challenge the 'stigma' -some people teach- around mental illness." No we do not all do so, nor do we all abet those who do, instead we educate them. The public accepts many taught ignorances about mental illnesses, many prejudices, and the many resulting acts of discrimination that result. We hide most of them behind the pretense of "stigma." The day the US Supreme Court declared Rosa Parks a person under the Constitution, the pretense of a "stigma" that forced her to the back of the bus disappeared, and her rights appeared. When the Globe and Mail disappears that word and replaces it with accurate references, prejudice, ignorance, discrimination, the seats on the bus will again open. Harold A. Maio Advisory Board American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Board Member Partners in Crisis Former Consulting Editor Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal Boston University Language Consultant UPENN Collaborative on Community Integration of Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities Home: 8955 Forest St Ft Myers FL 33907 239-275-5798
  2. Shidaba Todar from Toronto, Canada writes: You one point I didn't like you. Yes, that is because I'm from Toronto. (insert joke here) But this is very cool and I commend you for it. It brings insight into the need to educate those not directly affected with these disorders. Second, to also bring to light how close to us, and how frequent these disorders occur
  3. Joe Blow from Canada writes: Thanks for a great story and a great interview. Kudos to Daniel Alfredsson for having the courage to talk about his own family situation. I hope that some day everyone will understand that people with mental/emotional illnesses deserve the same respect that those with obvious physical illnesses get.
  4. Jenny Biggar from toronto, Canada writes: does his sister look like a big bunny?

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