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Seven Wonders of the World (Wide Web)

Globe and Mail Update

There's no shortage of IT news on the Web. In fact, it can be hard to tell one tech site from the next. Here are seven that stand out ...Read the full article

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  1. Hornsworth Portswiler from adanac, Canada writes: This explains a lot about mainstream tech reporting. It is all about hype, nothing about undercurrents.
  2. Mark M from Toronto, Canada writes: You missed One of the best sources of web 2.0 information.
  3. Rob Swanson from Still believe in better, continue to be disappointed by the evidence..., Canada writes: Slashdot

    that is all...
  4. John Dallas from Ottawa, Canada writes: google news? Slashdot? ARS Technica?

    I read OM from time to time, but certainly do not consider his page to be every day reading, nor a 'wonder'.

    There are better feeds than what you have posted. I think an aggregate of the comments will produce a good bookmark list. I will be checking back for sure.
  5. Gwen Harris from Canada writes: is excellent for web 2.0 products - largely consumer related. Webware is a CNet site.
  6. I B from Canada writes: I'm missing Tom's Hardware from the list ( My favourite for new gear reviews

  7. John Dallas from Ottawa, Canada writes: Agree with IB. Tom's Hardware is a must.
  8. brian bishop from Brantford, Canada writes: Hardware for sure has to be xbitlabs, the Russians are way ahead of anything tom's been offering for the past 5 or 6 years. Tom's was a good read back in the day but that day has long since faded away.

    Slashdot, arstechnica, extremetech, freshmeat & hexus would be my choices over the one's mentioned in the article.
  9. Ivan Canarus from Toronto, Canada writes: Thanks. This is the great list. I have prepared the presentation of National Service Network concept, network which would substitute the Internet. Open for your comments.
  10. Jimmy VanDino from Eastern Canada, writes: needs to be on this list. Although it has slipped a bit in recent years it is still one of the best tech news and discussions sites on the web.

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