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Seven Wonders of the World (Wide Web)

There's no shortage of IT news on the Web. In fact, it can be hard to tell one tech site from the next. Here are seven that stand out

Globe and Mail Update

Who Former Business 2.0 journalist Om Malik
Strong suit Broadband
An authoritative source on the business end of the Web, ranging from
Web 2.0 start-ups to developments in the wireless and broadband spheres. Also see GigaOM's sister site, Web Worker Daily, geared toward inhabitants of virtual cubicles.

The Register
Who A collection of ornery U.K.-based journalists
Strong suit Hardware
"El Reg" is a raucous yet revered roundup of IT news and culture. Lots of server and cellphone news, a slight military fetish, and occasional use of the word "wanker." Also home of the "Bastard Operator From Hell" series, the long-running story of an IT man who won't be crossed.

Who The venerable trade mag, now exclusively online
Strong suit Enterprise IT
Having made the leap online, InfoWorld boasts a full slate of bloggers focused on enterprise IT. It's diligently corporate—perhaps even to a fault. Let's talk virtualization!

Rough Type
Who Bestselling author Nick Carr
Strong suit Futurism
Carr famously predicts the end of corporate IT as we know it and the rise of centralized "utility computing." In the meantime, he provides a reality check on those who see the Web as a utopia in the making. A cautious voice in a world of Web boosters.

Who One very attentive robot
Strong suit Web 2.0
Automatically generated, Techmeme watches the tech blogosphere and media circuit, and continuously reports on what everyone's talking about. It's the technology punditocracy at a glance, and a gateway to the boisterous community that blogs the emerging Web each day.

Who New-media guru Pete Cashmore
Strong suit Social networks
It's not just Facebook. Now that social networks are appearing in every environment, the most popular blog to cover them is more relevant than ever.

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