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Web 2.0 boot camp

Globe and Mail Update

Like it or not, it's time for your company to embrace blogs, wikis and social networking ...Read the full article

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  1. Lowen Wrainger from Canada writes: I hope my boss doesn't read my comment because I told him about this 2.0 & blog stuff many moons (years) ago and he and the rest of the staff dismissed it as juvenile. Now, lo & behold, what has come to pass is what our former clients have implemented and now we are playing catch-up.
    Please don't tell him I posted this. He's just like Harper!
  2. Geof Wyght from Cincinnati, United States writes:

    is up for grabs, so the url on page 3 can't be right.
  3. Bradley Strider from Canada writes: Resist the buzzwords.
  4. Mike Kujawski from Ottawa, Canada writes: I stumbled upon my name in this article thanks to Google Alerts (goes to show the important power of social media tools in terms of environmental scanning). For more info on what exactly we do at the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing you can go to or you can visit my blog at The world of marketing and communications in both private sector businesses and public sector organizations is being turned upside down right now thanks to Social Media. Lots of promising new policies are being developed in the Canadian Federal Government right now as part of Government 2.0 and PS Renewal.

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