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Grand Theft Auto 4 steals limelight


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  1. Trevor Ouellette from Canada writes: Umm... it's better than the Godfather movies.
  2. Michael Tan from vancity, Canada writes: the article talks about how much sex and violence there is in the game, but does not talk about how it is the player's choice to get into that situation in the first place.

    its a sandbox game, meaning its a giant world in a box, albeit a big box, and you can do anything you want. just like real life. you dont HAVE to find a gun and shoot cops and drive over old ladies til you have the army after you. you dont HAVE to pick up street hos to increase your health, pay them, and then kill them to get your money back; its YOUR Choice in the game. just cause you CAN doesnt mean you have to.

    its just alot more fun when you do all the crazy stuff you cant do in real life.

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