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Lost in admiration for this woman who takes punch after punch after punch

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

I'm lost in admiration for this woman ...Read the full article

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  1. see see writer from Canada writes: What a sexist article.
  2. Frau Canuck from Switzerland writes: Clinton is tenacious, tough and appalling all at the same time. She is a female Zamboni sliding over the ice at the end of the second period scavenging up whatever detritus the other team has failed to shove to the side. She leaves half truths all over the ice, while defiantly attempting to prove to us she's a real beer guzzling, wearing the pants(uit), kind of tough but tender woman of the people.

    Real feminists cringe at her carpetbagging antics, yet admire her ability to rise up again and again and again.

    Over and over, I wonder where her shame is? Or how low is she willing to stoop to fuel her unabated ambition?

    She has an ego that knows no bounds.
  3. Jane Nielson from Huntington, United States writes: Why is it that women who belittle other women and decry the accomplishments of other women always do so in the name of "real feminists?"

    Real feminists acknowledge competence regardless of gender. Real feminists understand that calling a pro-Clinton article "sexist" is akin to yelling "Iron my shirt, b***h" at a rally.

    Real feminists are proud to support a woman who has battled against extreme media bias, against the snarky comments of her opponent who claims to be "above politics as usual," against the machiavellian machinations of the leaders of her party, against the spiteful declarations of self-declared feminists like Frau Canuck, and who still strives, who still fights, and who will prevail.

    And real feminists know what "carpetbagging" means.
  4. Sheila Scroggins from Colusa, United States writes: Elizabeth, you took the words right out of my soul. You have spoken for so many with so few words. Thank you!
  5. Frau Canuck from Zurich, Switzerland writes: Sorry, I'm no feminist by the defacto definition of the term. I regard myself as a humanist, and while I admire certain personal characteristics of Ms. Clinton, there is much about her to abhore. For me this is not a new opinion, but garnered after many years of Clinton watching.

    I would feel as strongly about her activities if she were male. Obama is an unknown quantity. I can surmise very little about him, but I like his manners.
  6. Tiffany Brown from United States writes: I wholeheartedly agree with the message and spirit of your article!

    I would like to point out one error in fact, however.

    You said, "That's counting Florida -- where both she and Obama were on the ballot and did not campaign (or in her case, not much) --"

    I'm not sure where you got the impression that Hillary campaigned even a little in Florida. She didn't.

    Barack Obama,on the other hand, according to Craig Crawford of Congressional Quarterly, "made a public appearance in Florida in September 2007, talking to reporters after a fundraiser. His campaign also bought television ads on cable news outlets that ran throughout Florida before its renegade primary."
  7. see see writer from Canada writes: I didn't say the article is sexist merely because it is pro-Clinton. That is an unwarranted conclusion ie you are not thinking straight.

    I said the article is sexist because the LANGUAGE is sexist. You can always spot sexism (or racism or any other ism) by switching the subject to the 'other.' Try switching genders in the sentences in this article and it sounds like the worst kind of male pig thinking.

    This kind of thing doesn't do Clinton any good either, because a president needs to represent ALL the people. Clinton probably would never speak in those terms -- she is a profoundly gallant human being and bigger than that.
  8. Paul Thompson from Canada writes: "Champagne socialists of the Democratic left." What a dumb cliche of a comment.
  9. Emma Hawthorne from Canada writes: U.S. voters wanted to know that she was tough enough. She is. They all agree on that now.
  10. pierre lefebvre from Brossard, Canada writes: Hillary makes Bush look like a dove in her propensity to use war if it assures her of additional funding for her campaign. This stuff must stop. Do we need a Hillary Bush, a McCain bush or a decent Obama to lead this country out of self inflicted war zones? Peace has its merit and we have had to wait a very long time to take this risk. Give Peace A Chance said John, and then he was shot downtown Manhattan.

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