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‘GTA IV' delivers more than mayhem

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Protests are inevitable, because any game that puts the player in the shoes of a criminal is bound to be seen as perverse. But it's very entertaining. ...Read the full article

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  1. Mike Mazza from Barrie, Canada writes: Last time I played GTA was GTA number one. I wish I had a system to play this one but gaming doesn't fit into my lifestyle now. I have seen GTA 3 and it was pretty radical.
  2. The Wight from Canada writes: Mike Mazza:

    "I have seen GTA 3 and it was pretty radical"

    GTA III is considered pretty old school at this point, even though it was the first to be 3D instead of the old top-down perspective. Vice City and San Andreas, the two that followed GTA III were really quite fun, so I'm hoping that GTA IV keeps up the standards and then some.
  3. uncle rukus from Mississauga, Canada writes: It seems GTA IV is a bit grittier than the first 3 which i all have in my collection I enjoyed the humour in the previous versions espically Vice City. Would love to hear another Laslow talk show in the new GTA IV. I have the PC verisons and i think since the hot coffee mod incident that cost Rockstar alot of bad publicity will force them not go down the PC road again as the consoles make all the money and the PC version does not sell as well.
  4. Spencer C from Canada writes: Funny how no one is ever outraged when a movie or TV show glorifies criminal life, even to the point of making you root for the bad guy, but do the same thing in a video game and suddenly you are a morally reprehensible person.

    If a kid under 17 gets their hands on this game the blame shouldn't fall on the game developer it should fall on the parents.
  5. K Ordos from Canada writes: What I like is how religious groups are usually the ones who scream the loudest against games like this. They also often try and encourage people to play wholesome games like "Left Behind". The trouble with most wholesome games is that they suck.

    Now if someone would create a game where you have to nail subversives to crosses or feed the same to a pack of lions in a coliseum, THAT would be entertainment!
  6. Mark P from Saint John, NB, Canada writes: @ unkle ruckus: agreed, Laslow is classic!

    I may pick up one of these systems just for this game.

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