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Patriot Act haunts Google service

From Monday's Globe and Mail

Initiative to reinvent way people use software runs headlong into the unprecedented powers of U.S. security officials to conduct surveillance on communications ...Read the full article

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  1. Bert Russell Paradox, BC from Canada writes:
    America has China like censor to ensure American Freedoms and Democracy.
  2. old Curmudgeon From Ottawa from Canada writes: Bert, you are being sarcastic, right? I surely hope so!
  3. Rusty Waters from Canada writes: Bid Laden has ruined the america economy and forced the government to bring big brother into the society. War in the new age is a bit more complex than shooting bullets. The irony of it all is the fight for so called freedom is setting democracy and the economy back into the dark ages.
  4. John Ishmael from Brampton ON, Canada writes: <<>> <<>>

    By acquiesing we are selecting "Our Chosen World - our war on Islam and our own freedoms" where corporations and political fanatic organizations are granted even more control of our personal lives.

    I wonder too, if Rusty Waters believes that Osama Bin Laden attacked the WTC because "Muslims hate our freedoms and values" [al la Rick Hillier and his US allies]?

    I suspect that Bert Russel was being sarcastic about the current China like symptoms of America.

    The most hateful advocates of this Chosen World are the untra national NeoCons who not control information flow in the USA. One of their lightweight spokesmen from the AEI has, in Feb 2008, suggested that journalists, especially, are "combatants" who deserve the fate of those 'combatants' so designated by the USA. [National Post opinion by David Frum].

    Let us hope that our Supreme Court now rules on the American and CSIS activities at one of the American Gulags, Guantanamo Military Base, and rules for adherence to the Geneva Conventions and to our Canadian Constitution. The Liberals and the Conservatives are allied with the American war on Islam and our freedoms and are of the same pro-Gitmo bent, despite the Liberal mouthings in Parliament. When push came to shove on voting they were as one with the Harperites. Michael Ignatieff the torture and war advocate that came from the Pentagon affiliated Carr Institute [for Human Rights!!!] who claims political repentance, and Bob Rae who has not protested the Israeli Occupation are Harperites.

  5. Tony Burson from The centre of the Canadian universe, Canada writes: Who would have thought that Big Brother would be alive and well in the land of the free? To quote a US resident, `the times they are a changing
  6. Stude Ham from Outremont, Canada writes: Was it bill shakespeare who once phrased... 'he who steals my purseonals steals trash'?

    what prophetic insight... obviously he read a lot.
  7. Supa Dupa from toronto, Canada writes: Soo... What does that mean when I send email via my gmail account!?
  8. barney miller from ulaan-bataar, Canada writes: I for one welcome our alien overlords with open arms. Soon we will have a utopian society on earth with space babes and free beer. And no government at all. Life, Liberty, and Libations, here we come.
  9. Chris S. from Kitchener, Canada writes: "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
    -- Benjamin Franklin
  10. C. Edwards from Canada writes: Time for Google to relocate to Canada?
  11. Ted Harrison from Canada writes: C. Edwards from Canada writes: "Time for Google to relocate to Canada?"

    They should seriously consider it.
  12. Flinton Rice from Toronto, Canada writes: Supa Dupa - you're right - whot does it mean when we send email through our gmail? But then again, it would be the same for hotmail, yahoo, facebook, linked in ..... This does get pretty scary.

    This would mean that if they have the computing horsepower then they would know all of my personal info - age, sex, education etc. But then add that to relationships and personal communication and wow - that's a lot of information. And, I'm pretty sure that the CIA or FBI completely shares information with CSIS - on tracking individuals.
  13. Mark Tilley from Brampton, Canada writes:

    We have always been at war with the Taliban ...
  14. h w from the 51st state, Canada writes: Just don't transport radioactive cats in the US of A! Their detectors are so sensitive now, that even passing gas could get you investigated by the Department of Homeland Insecurity. As for Google, they hide behind their "do no evil" motto, but the optical fiber that snoops on millions of emails per second still goes back to Langley's underground server farms quietly searching, scanning, storing... I bet the NSA even uses Google's search appliances to find "homeland terrorists"! Don't worry, you have nothing to fear if you've done nothing wrong!
    War is Peace! Freedom is Slavery! Ignorance is Strength! Black is White!
  15. Mr Right from Toronto, Canada writes: David Bingham, if you really believe that stuff I feel sorry for you...
  16. andy c from Canada writes: Flinton Rice: with sympatico using microsoft's hotmail for there email you can add them to the list as well. as well as every instant messenger service google would save a ton of money if they relocated on of there server farms here. stick it up north somewhere and they would saving millions on cooling costs.
  17. Greg Ohio from Cleveland, United States writes: The problem isn't as much laws like the Patriot Act, its a government that routinely breaks the law (FISA, for example). If your data passes through the US, you can bet that the US government is monitoring it, legally or otherwise.

    You should probably also note that a lot of Canada-Canada data flows through US backbones. If you want privacy, make your communications impossible to monitor by using strong encryption and anonymizing techniques. Which will thwart Big Brother wherever he lurks.
  18. David Bingham from Mississauga, Canada writes: Dear Mr Right,

    Have you taken any time to watch even one 9/11 truth DVD? Have you read even one 9/11 truth web site. I know it's hard to find them since there's only about 1,000. The Americans killed about 100,000 Japanese civilians with atomic bombs. It's estimated more than 1,000,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed since 2003. Is it really that far a stretch to think they would kill 3,000 of their own people to achieve financial and political ends? Please don't feel sorry for me. I live in reality. If you get a chance, watch one David Ray Griffin DVD online. You can find him on google and youtube. Then ask yourself, who do I believe more, this man or George Bush.
  19. Cowtown boy from Calgary, Canada writes: George Bush and his Republican cronies will eventually be viewed in history like we now view McCarthyism.

    It's too bad that the american people don't learn from history.
  20. Wealthy CEO of a Canada Retailer from Canada writes: If you use web services to host your customers data and corporate emails you got what you paid for. I will never send sensitive data to another computer over internet. Is it really difficult to set up servers in your own office? The software suite provided by google also sucks big time.
    For those who dream that US companies will move south, get real. That will never happen. Canadian tax law requires that companies running web services to collect GST on every sale - regardless where the the client is located (except web hosting service). For that reason, a company I invested keeps their serves in the states.
  21. Not right or left from Canada writes: Cowtown boy from Calgary, Canada writes: "George Bush and his Republican cronies will eventually be viewed in history like we now view McCarthyism.

    It's too bad that the american people don't learn from history."

    Instead of McCarthyism, it will be known as Bushism. George W. Bush has damaged American freedoms more than any other person in American history. I don't even know if the USA would be in the top 10 for the freedom anymore. George Bush calls himself the "leader of the free world" yet the country he rules is losing a lot of their freedoms.
  22. wet dog from Pemberton, Canada writes: So, if every student and faculty add the words terrorist, nuclear, bomb, Islam, kill Bush etc... just a thought.
  23. mountain guy who seeks a good view from Kooroocookoo, BC, Canada writes: Sounds interesting, Greg Ohio from Cleveland, but it's one thing to keep communications secure versus quite another controlling any inflexible content. If anyone out there has a major credit card, .com domain, eBay account, and so on, they already have a fair bit of data floating around.
  24. Mr Right from Toronto, Canada writes: Please Mr Bingham - you're embarrassing yourself.

    All you truthers show is your inability to demarcate criticism of spin from occurrence of actual events. Assertions made by your sources are spurious at best and shameful at worst.

    For example, in trotting out a quote like "It's estimated more than 1,000,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed since 2003", you neglect to say by whom. Obviously most these 1,000,000 people were not killed by Americans, although that is exactly what you are trying to infer. I only say this to point out the type of shoddy logic used in things like Loose Change.

    There are conspiracy theories for everything - heck, even for O.J.

    Should I be out searching for "the real killers" like he is?
  25. Joe Calgarian from Canada writes: Screw American paranoia, and screw their wussy president and the horse he rode in on!
  26. Lorraine Singer from Anytown, Canada writes: Rusty Waters from Canada writes: Bid Laden has ruined the america economy and forced the government to bring big brother into the society. 1. In Bin Laden's REAL speech, undoctored, although he applauds the actions of the hijackers, he DENIES planning or having anything to do with the hijacking. 2. Bhutto, in her interview of last year, just before she died, identified the man who KILLED Bin laden. That man has been in jail for another murder since 2001. Bin Laden is dead in spite of the two tapes which have since been "authenticated" by the CIA. It is interesting that there was only one showing of the Bhutto comments and further airings that day had the comment cut out. The video is still available on YouTube in a back to back (cut/uncut) format. 3. BUSH is responsible for the falling American economy. He is using the terrorist threat to remain in Iraq for oil and not terrorism. Bin Laden is stated to have said " When the Russians invaded and we fought them, we were heroes. Now, when the Americans invade, we are terrorists - what is the difference?" Their motives are nationalistic. They simply want invaders out and off their soil. 4. BUSH has brought "big brother" in the form of the Patriot Act to quell any internal unrest and any large organized opposition to his purposes. In the event of another 9/11-like incident, he is now in the position of being propel himself into a dictatorship. It is interesting that one of Bush's "buddies", Pentecostal leader, Chuck Pierce, while on a nighttime bathroom excursion, had a vision in which " God" told him that " the next two months will be the most rearranging, realigning months that we have ever known in the history of this generation". I wonder what he knows that we don't know. Is the Patriot Act the first for which the last is being "manufactured"?
  27. Rick C from Canada writes: Mr. Right,....Leave Mr. Bingham alone!

    I am hoping he can drum up enough support to give Alcan shares a good pop via the tin foil chapeau route.
  28. 1 i from northish gta, Canada writes: It's my understanding that any non-US citizen originated digital data stored or routed through the US can be read,copied,stored,mined by the government law enforcement security complex without any judicial or other oversight. Rogers uses Yahoo, Bell uses Microsoft, most cross Canada routing goes through the states at some point. Sure gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Anybody read "Disaster Capitalism"? Watch out for those strident ideologiical economists seeking to make big changes, "you won't recognize x when I'm through with it", substitute x with Chile, Argentina, Indonesia, Brazil, Great Britain, ...series still in production, stay tuned.
  29. David Bingham from Mississauga, Canada writes: Dear Mr Right with the wrong information,

    I am not embarrased to point out facts. The 9/11 Commission Report did not even attempt to explain why World Trade Tower 7 fell into its own foundation in 7 seconds in perfect symmetry. We're talking about a 47-storey building which was NOT hit by an airplane. Check this out on youtube and google.

    Since you don't appreciate my comment about 1,000,000 Iraqi civilian deaths, maybe you'll like this one. Perhaps you could do some reseach on depleted uranium. Please call me a conspiracy theorist for knowing the American government is so immoral they are using radiological weaponry in Iraq. More than 1,820 tons of radioactive nuclear waste uranium has been exploded in Iraq. Check YOUR facts.

    So if the United States is capable of using these weapons which have caused birth defects to rise by 600% in Iraq since 1991, the psychopaths running America are capable of anything.

  30. My Humble Opinion from Canada writes: The americans are absolutely wacked. They think they live in a free society when all they really have is the right to choose from 400 different types of shampoo ( which are all really the same but in different bottles). They don't even have the right to travel where they want to (see Cuba). What a joke of a free country....which our really smart embarrassment of a prime minister refers to as a "beacon to the world". More like a bad train wreck.
  31. Gordon Murray from Canada writes: "Faculty Internal email circulation of grades can be spooky enough already. Get a load uh some uh those transcripts, hUh?"
    "Shhhh...I read somebody coming."
  32. Phil M from Toronto, Canada writes: What the heck does the Google "software suite" actually provide? When I hear "suite", I think of dozens of free, open-source software packages readily available for use by a university. Why would they pick Google after being warned of the hazards to private data?
  33. Jeff Kelly from Kitchener, Canada writes: David Bingham - Your 1,000,000 Iraqi casualty claim... You still haven't provided a source for this claim... Does that mean you made it up? Please provide a source for this claim or retract it.

    There are ongoing investigations into the collapse of 7 World Trade Centre. Check out the 'collapse' section of to see what investigations have been going on. Damage to the building was severe, and there is no evidence that any demolitions were involved. There were firefighters in that building before they were withdrawn due to deterioration of the building, it's not like some intact building just fell down. The gash into the side of the building went a quarter of the way in, and it was designed so that much of its weight was supported at the exterior. Do the math.

    Finally, you make a "Non sequitur" argument... Yes, the US government has done many terrible things. That in no way leads to the conclusion that it blew up its own trade centre. China engages in regular human rights violations... Does that mean it is responsible for the extinction of the Dodo bird? Your argument is spurious and not based upon fact.
  34. No Name Economist With Different Ideas from Investor, Canada writes: Want to let out some real information about yourself? Join an on-line dating service, sign up for MSN messenger or put up a facebook page.
    As far as I know Google already has Canadian offices and one would think secure servers.
  35. Sober Second Thought from Toronto, Canada writes: I wonder where the Globe and Mail keeps it's server? I suppose it is possible to track down each of our IP addresses/service provider account/etc... from each post if it is located in the US. Just a thought.....
  36. Mr Right from Toronto, Canada writes: Mr. Bingham,

    I grow weary of banging my head against the wall - it's like arguing religion with someone. People will believe what they want to believe.

    Regarding building 7: I can't profess to know exactly what happened, but every possible outcome has a probability of occurring (however small), and until you can eliminate all other factors that contribute to those probabilities, any conclusion such as those presented by you are completely baseless.

    There's a reason that gravity is still called a theory. Do you doubt that, too?

    P.S. Making the leap from me being dismissive of conspiracy theories to not kowing about (or supporting) depleted uranium is a bit lame, isn't it? It's about as relevant as your logical leap that because a government spreads these birth-defect-causing poisons, that they've decided to perpetrate a preposterous atrocity on their own soil.

    And especially on a day where there's another article in the Globe on pesticides. How's your lawn looking these days? Can I infer that if one used weed 'n' feed on their lawn that their next move is to throw their own family puppy off a cliff?

    As if.
  37. tom harris from Canada writes: No Name Economist With Different Ideas from Investor, Canada writes:

    As far as I know Google already has Canadian offices and one would think secure servers.

    HA! HA! HA! HA! You're kidding right? It's the internet! There is no such thing as secure. Every email and phone call in the world passes through massive server farms and exchanges located in the US, Australia, Canada and another country or two that escape me right now. The only "secure" and I use the term loosely, way of communication and or storing data is internal systems. Keep it in house with only one controlled access point to the internet if you need it. The most insecure place on earth is the internet.
  38. Paul Wallnutz from Ontario, Canada writes: Ok. Everyone who thinks that the US government can't already get this information, take off your tin-foil hat and wave it in the air.

    Remember, they theoretically have limitations on what they can find out about their own citizens...but we are foreigners! (That is why they can use the Brits or the CSE (Communications Security Establishment Canada) to collect signals on their own people...because to us, they are the foreigners). Don't you see how it works?
  39. Lowen Wrainger from Canada writes: Time to put duct tape on our emails & remember to keep your stick on the ice - the Red/Green show forever
  40. D Brown from Canada writes: Even the HISTORY CHANNEL is admitting the WTC Building #7 fell at Free Fall Speed, only possible by controlled demolition. They omitted the last part, that was mine.
  41. David Bingham from Mississauga, Canada writes: Dear Mr Kelly/Mr Right,

    I find it interesting you both enjoy using the word "spurious" so much ... humm.

    Over 6 years since 9/11 and the American government still has an ongoing investigation into the collapse of WTC Tower 7. I guess they're pretty stupid. Or maybe, they can't defend a lie.

    For the people who are reading this, go to youtube and google and watch World Trade Tower 7 fall. Perfect symmetry into its own foundation. A controlled demolition brought that building down.
  42. Lorraine Singer from Anytown, Canada writes: David Bingham writes" It's estimated more than 1,000,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed since 2003."

    Alternet, a non-MSM news organization, reports as many as 1,300,000 deaths, if one counts the secondary causes of war, i.e. starvation, disease, lack of sanitation, etc.
  43. Jeff Kelly from Kitchener, Canada writes: Mr David Bingham - Again, you have failed to cite sources for your 1,000,000 Iraqi casualty claim. Are you retracting your earlier claim?

    So let's see... If there was no investigation into the collapse of WTC Tower 7, it would be a cover up. If they actually investigate it multiple times, extraordinarily thoroughly, they're covering up. Your argument is a logical fallacy. There have been investigations, and there are more investigations ongoing. They've all found no trace of explosives. Period.

    Again... To quote from wikipedia... "Unlike the Twin Towers, the collapse of WTC 7 had been anticipated for several hours and the building had been evacuated. A transit (or theodolite) was used to measure the extent of a visible bulge.[29]"

    HOURS. They pulled firefighters out of this building because it was self evidently getting ready to collapse. For HOURS.
  44. Peter Cromerovich from Erehwon, Canada writes: Jeff Kelly from Kitchener regarding Paul Bingham's assertion of a million Iraq deaths:

    There are various surveys and descriptions of the methodolgies used to estimate Iraqi deaths summarized in this Wiki page:

    The Opinion Research Business Survey quotes over 1 million deaths between March 2003 and August 2007 and Lancet quotes over 600,000 till June 2006.
    Simple extrapolation of the latter number to 2008 would give just over 900,000 deaths.

    Here are a couple of quotes describing Lancet in case you are unfamiliar with this prestigious doctor's journal:
    "The Lancet is one of the oldest peer-reviewed medical journals in the world, published weekly by Elsevier, part of Reed Elsevier. It was founded in 1823 by Thomas Wakley, who named it after the surgical instrument called a lancet, as well as an arched window ("to let in light")."
    "The Lancet is the world's leading independent general medical journal. The journal's coverage is international in focus and extends to all aspects of human health".

    While I can't comment on his theories surrounding WTC7 there is no compelling need for him to retract his statement of a million Iraqi dead, since secondary deaths would expand these estimates.

    A quote attributed to Joseph Stalin may however give you some comfort: "The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is just a statistic."
  45. Jeff Kelly from Kitchener, Canada writes: Lorraine Singer - Thank you for providing the source of this claim. I have just finished reading the article on Alternet, and the data supporting this claim is... Interesting. It seems this was based on polling... Like... They asked some Iraqi citizens how many relatives they'd lost, and multiplied it by the population of the country? That would give you such a vast margin of error...

    I've no doubt the casualty figure is higher than the official estimate, but... Come on. We must be able to do better than this guesswork.
  46. Jeff Kelly from Kitchener, Canada writes: Thank you for those additional details, Peter C -- However, I think it's worth checking out the details of that study.

    So they polled about 1800 Iraqi households, asked them how many family members had died, somehow compared this to how many were dying before the invasion, and multiplied this by the country's population.

    Just me but it seems unreliable. (And I'm not even a supporter of the insane Iraqi invasion, so this argument is not much fun)
  47. j.r ewing from vancouver, Canada writes: David Bingham, the reason the u.s government did not plan it and carry it out themselves is because it would be too risky. Who would carry out the order? Why would they trust them with that information? Why would the individuals who took over the planes do it, and why would they be trusted with that information? It is because they didn't need to do it themselves. There is a long line of groups that would love to attack America, why do a dirty job when someone is begging to do it? Besides the truthers have little substantial evidence, particularly the dubious evidence regarding the integrity of the steel in the towers. If a governor can not even solicit a prostitute without it being on CNN, how would an administration, in power for mere months, carry out such a complex arrangement?
  48. Rick C from Canada writes: Nice try j.r. But I suspect your logic will be lost on Mr. Bingham.

    He suspects conspiracy based on two posters using the same word (spurious) to describe the same post!? Go figure!
  49. tom harris from Canada writes: how did we get from "Patriot Act haunts Google service" to a debate on 911? GM get threads crossed?
  50. harry carnie from Northern, B.C., Canada writes: Bert Russel..............U "got it"..have a pleasant week.
  51. Ziad Fazel from Calgary, Canada writes: Simon Avery, thank you. Would appreciate if you followed up on this story further on Lakehead's decision process, and how they balanced privacy v functionality for the various options.

    Hopefully they considered other options between Windows Server/Office and Google, like Linux, OpenOffice, Mac Server, Citrix. It becomes more than a pure IT story when you bring in privacy and surveillance by foreign governments, which I think is the point of your article. Would appreciate if you get a chance to get into this deeper.
  52. Mr Right from Toronto, Canada writes: Sorry, tom harris, but when I saw the Truther drivel polluting the thread I just had to respond.

    I should have just ignored it.

    As for the article itself? I think it's very sad.
  53. Emma Hawthorne from Canada writes: An Iraqi cab driver told me that the US government is actively severing links and shut down web sites in foreign countries all the time. Maybe he was right.
  54. SN Dream from Canada writes: Eighteen months ago, Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ont., had an outdated computer system that was crashing daily and in desperate need of an overhaul. A new installation would have cost more than $1-million and taken months to implement.
    Sound so much like my university. Guess, it's a Canadian thing.
    We have an army or bright computer professors and student. But as soon as it come down to the implementation phase and the staff get involved, everything fall apart, the union insist the student stay away, saying it's best to it to the professional, LOL. Took them a weeks just to switch 60 terminal's monitor to LCD and have to close the lab down while they doing it.
  55. Peter Cromerovich from Erehwon, Canada writes:*iraq2006.html
    Replace all 3 asterisks with underscores to reach this site.

    Jeff Kelly from Kitchener: "Just me but it seems unreliable."

    That is why it is an estimate rather than an accurate number. Note that you can't cherry pick an estimate so the final number could be lower but it could equally be higher. You can only discredit the numbers in one direction if you can prove the methodology or statistical sample size is erroneous. Note also that this is a John Hopkins study that corroborates the findings of other studies and the opening line states "As many as 654,965 more Iraqis may have died since hostilities began in Iraq in March 2003 than would have been expected under pre-war conditions".

    Note also that another study used a 92% return of death certificates -in other words, fairly good data and one last note on the Hopkins survey:
    "the findings closely reflect the increased mortality trends reported by other organizations that utilized passive methods of counting mortality, such as counting bodies in morgues or deaths reported by the news media."

    To get this thread back on track, I think this makes a compelling case for open source software; that is software free of any licence costs, free of corporate or government control, completely transparent source code reviewed and supported and improved by thousands of iindividuals under the constant glare of peer review. This is a perfect Darwinian system -only the fit code survives and it's free.
  56. J S from Toronto, Canada writes: Here's a pretty simple answer - legislate that Google must operate a server in Canada which is not subject to the intrusive, paranoid, communist Patriot Act which reminds me of Stalin's KGB and repealed hundreds of years of civil liberties.
  57. crime of the century from This is not America, Canada writes: the USA is a secret police state and has been for decades, now in the super fast computer age it doesnt take much to compile large amounts of data. Sophisticated programs search for key words and can record info from emails, text messages etc. Perhaps some subversives may not be too smart and send emails indicating bomb plots and such but real terrorists probably use codes that may not be so easy to track. What this means is that the US electronic spooks are spending alot of money and time mostly tracking and recording electronic communications from ordinary citizens. All this money mostly being payed out to "private contractors". The bottom line is americans are not really any more secure then they were before but certainly paying out lots of cash to make some private firms much richer. What else is new?
  58. Peter Cromerovich from Erehwon, Canada writes: The Globe not only strips underscores randomly but also asterisks from URL's. There are 3 underscores: There is an underscore between press and releases, between burnham and iraq and between iraq and 2006.
  59. Lemmy Nothor from Exiled in Barcelona, Spain writes: This was done way before septemeber 11....
    In 1999 I had to contact people in Cuba via internet, and winded up on the US secret service sh*t list. And everything was done between Montreal and Cuba.

    So imagine what they can do today, now that all of this is legal.
  60. Lemmy Nothor from Exiled in Barcelona, Spain writes: I ment September........
  61. tom harris from Canada writes: "J S from Toronto, Canada writes: Here's a pretty simple answer - legislate that Google must operate a server in Canada which is not subject to the intrusive, paranoid, communist Patriot Act which reminds me of Stalin's KGB and repealed hundreds of years of civil liberties."

    You can't simply say this server is for Canada. You could, but then you would only be able to connect to Canada. WWW. becomes WWCanada.. Miss the whole point of the internet. Free flow of information. The fact that companies want to use the internet to connect their corporations internals and expect privacy is just stupid. As for online apps and storage... You ain't seen nothin' yet for hacking reports.
  62. harry carnie from Northern, B.C., Canada writes: Mr Right......enjoy your posts.

    Do NOT become frustrated though. Stupidity IS forever(basic human nature)..and must be accepted..
    as "natural as " the law of gravity.
  63. No Name Economist With Different Ideas from Investor, Canada writes: tom harris from Canada writes:HA! HA! HA! HA! You're kidding right? It's the internet! There is no such thing as secure.
    I've been told that IBM's AS400 has never been hacked... I own IBM and Google Stock... They seem pretty secure... LOL
  64. tom harris from Canada writes: No Name Economist With Different Ideas from Investor, Canada

    UR a funny guy! right on
  65. No Name Economist With Different Ideas from Investor, Canada writes: I can't wait for the next release of Google Earth. I've read it will have real time satellite images. I’ll be able to know what my neighbor is cooking for dinner and maybe see if he has a few extra beers in his garage. Maybe even watch baseball for free when the dome is open. Hang on to your Google stock!
  66. Christopher Knightly from Vancouver, Canada writes: All this talk of whether or not the US govt./intelligence agencies would consider conspiring to commit a terrorist act on its own soil is amusing to say the least. Look up "Operation Northwoods" on Wikipedia. Declassified documents proving that it had been seriously considered in the past exist. Also, can we get beyond the stupid label "conspiracy theory"? It is one of those terms that contains such a strongly biasing negative before its contents have even been considered that is useless. "Alternate opinion" might be better, since it then acknowledges that any sides are opinion, and thus subject to degrees of error and accuracy. Currently anything that goes against a government's official position is considered to be a conspiracy theory: if conspiracy theories are automatically rejected purely on the basis of their being called such, the dogmatic rejectors are implying that nobody in the government ever conspires to break the law (haha, sure! What about the Liberals' advertising scandal?). All sides need to be considered, and gaps in any official story (e.g. Building 7, or the strange lack of photographs of the -supposed- plane hitting what is probably one of the most secure buildings on the planet, the Pentagon - "Oops, we forgot to install cameras in the area") need to be viewed with skepticism. By the way, about 3000 people tragically died on 911, and the country went to war. Look up how many people die from 2nd hand smoke (setting aside first hand!) in the US each year [the California EPA says, "Secondhand smoke causes approximately 3,400 lung cancer deaths and 46,000 heart disease deaths in adult nonsmokers in the United States each year." And the US government permits this to occur, and gladly collects taxes for doing so. So, in all truth, it has no problem with the death of over 49,000 people (not including 1st hand) by other people, by tobacco companies. So killing 3000 to meet political ends? Negligible.
  67. wawa dave from The other side of the road!, Canada writes: Christopher Knightly well put!!!
  68. J S from Toronto, Canada writes: "tom harris from Canada writes: "...You can't simply say this server is for Canada. You could, but then you would only be able to connect to Canada. WWW. becomes WWCanada.. Miss the whole point of the internet. Free flow of information."

    Very true. I didn't think of it that way. Perhaps Google should move it's entire operation out of the US in order to offer this service. If the servers aren't in the US, they wouldn't be subject to the Patriot Act.
  69. C J from Canada writes: Patriot Act my a**!! Incurring trillions of debt $$ for future Americans is so effing patriotic!!
  70. THX 1169 from Cowtown, Canada writes:
    Its getting easier and easier to read the paper these days. For instance, any article that makes reference to the "terrorist threat" or "actions protecting our (your) freedoms" is just simply BS. From the airports to the internet to the borders to "enhanced" identification: Pure BS.

    What we're witnessing is a nothing short of a revolution designed with guile and cunning to make sure that future revolutions are impossible, and all the false flag operations in the world won't convince me otherwise.
  71. Winston Churchill from London, Canada writes: Sooner or later, as a poster noted, we can overwhelm oversight. The machine can scan, but all it can do, in the end, is invite human oversight. The computer won't put you on a watch-list; an agent will, alerted by a computer to problematic computer usage. Here's what to do: everytime you send an email, include the phrase 'kill George Bush'. Titling the thing 'Jihad Now'! would help. Also, make a daily practice of accessing, daily, the anarchist cookbook or doing google searches for 'wash tub anthrax'. Kooks did in the firearm registry, this way (I know one kook who personally collected thousands of form, on the grounds that if they cost $25 to produce, he was doing his little, kookiest bit to bankrupt the program). I don't know why libertarians couldn't overwhelm surveillance by overwhelming the surveyors.
  72. Winston Churchill from London, Canada writes: Pardon. Firearms forms cost 25 cents, not $25.
  73. al rain from Calgary, writes: Regarding the 9/11 conspiracy theories, the essential question is not whether one issue or another can be explained better or worse by one theory (conspiracy or coincidence), but which theory best describes everything that happened on that day. It doesn't help anything to throw around Building 7 or 1,000,000 dead or anything else. The only course for the reasonable person to follow is to look at all (or as much as you can take) of the evidence dispassionately and ask which theory best explains what we all saw. Personally, I don't want to believe that elements of the US gov planned and carried it out - my world is much more pleasant and worth living in if that is not the case - but the evidence, although difficult to find, is difficult to dismiss. If you believe the official story, you will be making excuses for a thousand years. If you check your ego and pre-conceived beliefs and look at the evidence (not the Pentagon cruise missile, not the pods on the planes - those are all professional "poisoning of the well"; I mean the real evidence) everything falls into place, absolutely everything makes sense. It's not happy, it's not Wonderful World of Disney, but there it is.
  74. THX 1169 from Cowtown, Canada writes:
    Thanks Al. I couldn't have said it better.
  75. tom harris from Canada writes: J S from Toronto, Canada writes:Perhaps Google should move it's entire operation out of the US in order to offer this service. If the servers aren't in the US, they wouldn't be subject to the Patriot Act.

    could do but you still could not go anywhere outside of Canada without crossing some gov't server farm. They would have just an ip address but could be linked to another site you signed up to or whatever still not patriot act proof.
  76. michael hoepfner from Canada writes: David Bingham from Mississauga, another good doc on 9/11 is
    which may be easier for deniers to process. (Of course, there is no real remedy for chronic denial.) Also check out Barrie Zwicker's "The Great Deception."
  77. Mr. Justice from Canada writes: "Rights" are so sissy-leftwing and "20th century". Ask any right-wingnut.
  78. Gavin Neil from Canada writes: Mr Right from Toronto, Canada writes: "All you truthers show is your inability to demarcate criticism of spin from occurrence of actual events. Assertions made by your sources are spurious at best and shameful at worst.

    "For example, in trotting out a quote like "It's estimated more than 1,000,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed since 2003", you neglect to say by whom. Obviously most these 1,000,000 people were not killed by Americans, although that is exactly what you are trying to infer. I only say this to point out the type of shoddy logic used in things like Loose Change."

    It's not exactly shoddy logic; it does require you to draw inferences and you drew the incorrect inference: not "killed by Americans" but "Killed by America," or perhaps more accurately "killed as a foreseeable result of American actions that were advocated and carried out by the American government."

    If you use my inference, instead of yours, then the conclusion is essentially correct. Most of us who believe in human rights believe there are many ways to kill people, aside from the big market leaders of American munitions and bullets. For example, if you lay siege to a place and destroy its infrastructure, and as a direct result of that people who would otherwise have lived either starve to death, die of treatable injuries or diseases, or of disease they would not have contracted had their homes and communities not be destroyed, then you are responsible for those deaths. This outcome was obvious from the beginning and started with the siege of Iraq (conducted between the two wars): while most countries in the region were growing at a fair clip, Iraq's population declined by about 3 million (more than 10%) in the time period.

    The simple statement you quoted does not tell the whole story, but it tells enough: America is responsible for more than one million deaths in Iraq - deaths that were foreseeable and foreseen, and for which America is culpable.
  79. Gavin Neil from Canada writes: THX 1169 - nice post, nice name.
  80. larry hallatt from Canada writes: It is strategicly important that Canadian Universities and Governments develop an independent brower for data protection. European nations have developed Linux Operation systems to avoid being held hostage by Microsoft technology. We need competition and public domain systems that are not copy write protected obligopolies.
  81. larry hallatt from Canada writes: The student council at Laurentian should be filing a civil suit against the university for putting student information on a google data bank. Canada also needs an independent search engine, an independent browser and an independent or public domain operating system based on Linux. Come on Universities and Colleges ACU or ACCC build a Canadian have the faculties and students!! Set up a competition for a Canadian browser,a search engine and an operating system!!!
  82. David Simon from Canada writes: Forget Iraq, Iran, and North Korea-I'm sure that the evil Bushites top priority is to find out everything that is happening at Lakehead University.

    It will amaze future historians to see how paranoid so many people are today about the Patriot Act.
  83. doctor business from vancouver, Canada writes: I agree with several previous posters: this would be an excellent time for Google to relocate servers to Canada. I would reallymake sense on a number of levels including the cooling expenses. And the tax issue, well like many big corporations I'm sure they would get a special pass. Google is so high profile and the jobs, etc, corporate welfare is stronger than it has ever been in canada. What they lost in GST they would regain in no having to pay employee healthcare. The biggest hurdle would be infrastructure. We need more big internet pipelines to make it worthwhile. Also, the universal internet does in fact go faster based on geography so it would be hard to justify the distance with so many of their customers in the USA. But it would make sense for them to relocate out of places like Washington and other border states. They could just use those servers for the .ca domain and would get a lot of positive press. Other companies such as isohunt have relocated to canada due to bad USA laws.
  84. Greg Atkin from Canada writes: David Simon: No need to wait for historians to weigh in on the Patriot Act. The Bushies aren't doing anything not already foretold by Huxley and Orwell particularly redefining language.
  85. Marc Twane from Canada writes: ..........and the 'culture of fear' continues....
  86. Cynthia C from Toronto, Canada writes: I guess they can look at me and say "this young lady seems like she's well-raised (bred?) and proper. Not like them other immigrant children out there. Why, she could be a debutante!" hehehe
  87. jack doober from brantford, Canada writes: Just a note...Have you noticed that the White House has lost all their Emails and their are no copies..
  88. alex march from Edmonton, Canada writes: Does the Blackberry push email system on servers in Canada make it harder for the US covert authorities to look at? Would this inability to check be one reason why the Blackberry system is so popular with the US government in Washington to keep unwanted opposition eyes from scanning their email? Like they do passport records.
  89. Radio Guy from Toronto, Canada writes: Let's stop saying that Bush planned 9/11.

    His government didn't know there were 15 thousand people stranded in a football stadium without water in New Orleans even thought it had been on every newscast in the country for a week.

    The vice-president tried to shoot a bird that was walking on the ground, unable to fly, and got his friend in the face. Do you think those two boneheads are capable of planning anything that elaborate?
  90. Lou Bix from Van, Canada writes: Google can't comment because, they could get 5 years in jail for talking about it under The Pat act 2.
    When you read this type of thing. I think Bin L has won a round.
    The Telcos are on the hook for handing out information over to the US Gov without a warrant. The laywers are rubbing their greedy hands.
  91. David Stevens from Montreal, Canada writes: Indeed it is precisely the reason for Blackberry's popularity! It is also why Congress fought so hard for Blackberry when it was threatened by a few years back.
  92. Greg Ohio from Cleveland, United States writes:
    Note that the Lancet study of casualties in Iraq (650,000) was done by Johns Hopkins and sponsored by MIT.

    Three extremely credible sources.
  93. City Dweller Toronto from Toronto, Canada writes: There's another angle to this story worth noting: academics still pretend as if they have some radical to say that would be of interest to the FBI (or more broadly, impact on society). They don't. Not for many years.

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