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Telus targets youth with Koodo


New cellphone brand hopes to capture share of market most likely to pay for ring tones, music, text messages ...Read the full article

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  1. E J Doran from London, ON Canada, Canada writes: Err, Isn't Virgin Mobile a totally separate company from Bell - albeit operating as a MVNO using Bell's facilities? Does the author intend to refer to Solo as Bell's alternate mobile brand?

    This is a rather shocking error from the Glove's designated "Telecom Reporter".
  2. Gordon Murray from Canada writes: "Koodo" looks like it sounds like a singular esteem bestowing from "".
    With all the articles about couples that break up via text message and cell phone call, with the story of the $85,000 bill for the forgetful internet enthusiast using cell phone as full time modem, maybe the singular rabid Saint Bernard movie "Cujo" will end up closer to the truth.
    Any word on whether Anchorage Alaskan radio station "Kudo" will have patently absurd run ?
  3. Wilson Fontana from Hamilton, Canada writes: E J, no it isn't a totally separate company - you are correct that Solo is Bell as well, but Virgin Mobile is I owned at least 50% by Bell in order to comply with CRTC Foreign Ownership Restrictions for telcos. Virgin UK (or the parent Virgin brand wherever it's based) owns the rest but it is majority owned by Bell.

    Anyone who thinks foreign carriers will be rushing in with the wireless spectrum auction should check the CRTC rules - ownership restrictions will ensure that even if it carries foreign branding it won't have all the cut-rate pricing that we would see in the US or Europe. Will prices drop? Probably. Drastically to be in line with the US or Europe? No chance.
  4. doctor business from vancouver, Canada writes: They'll try anything but improve their services, eh!? I want the features European and US cell phones have! I want to run a phone with linux. I want people with too much money to be able to buy an iphone.... I don't want so much false language confusing me about what is actually possible to do. (file sharing on the cell phone, ferinstance) Telus isn't the only one, it's just the company I happen to be stuck with at the moment.
  5. A. Nonymous from Code Monkey Ville, United States writes: Yep, targetting youth is an excellent idea. They have massive ammounts of 'disposable' income to waste on stupid service such as ring tones, text, SMS, picture phones, etc.

    Just wait until the economy gets a little worse, and these little revenue generating units get cut off from their source of income [the bank of mom & pop].

    When they have to work to earn that 4.99 ringtone, and 0.15 text message, they might reevaluate their so called 'needs'.

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